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    Hi guys,

    I've just gotten the Remote for my Kemper, and it's great! However, when setting up performances this evening, I came across a weird issue:

    For an upcoming theater gig, I'm copying a basic performance to new performance locations and editing those to fit each of the 40 numbers we're doing. However, when I go into the "rig" menu and use the "press STORE to Auto-assign" to get my Stomps and Delay auto-assigned to the remote, I experience the following:

    For all slots in the performance, the stomps and their states are assigned correctly to the Remote buttons I-IV. However, when I for example try to turn off Stomp B from button II, it doesn't react, until I have manually unassigned and re-assigned the same stomp to the same button. Which kind of defeats the whole "Press STORE to auto-assign"-feature.

    Anyone else experienced this, or have a solution?



    Whenever I've tried using it, I zero the High and Low Shift , turn off all EQ & effects and I zero Amp volume and rig volume, so its basically the "untweaked" profile, as it would have been right after profiling. To me thats the way it sounds best, but I must admit for the same type of tone I always default to Mbritts /13 profiles instead.

    My first advice would definitely be to start with just a couple of profiles. With sooo much stuff out there and available, any comparison gets though, once you've listened to a 1000 different profiles in a couple of hours. Find 5, maybe 10 profiles that work for you and YOUR sound, then try out the different setups with these profiles.

    Start with profiles of amps you know, or similar. Testing setups using a Mesa Rectifier profile, or a profile of an old tweed fender won't do you any good, if you've never played through those kinds of amps.

    If you're in to guitar cabs, definitely start by using your powered KPA into your cabs. Just remember to check "monitor cab off" (I think in system settings?)

    However, I firmly believe that the ability to get the mic'ed up sound of a loud amp at any volume (the tones we know and love from recordings) is the Kempers real strength, so do check out the sound of your kemper through your FRFR-monitors. Just remember that FRFR-monitors (like guitar cabs) all sound different! :thumbup:

    Great !

    I will make sure to try those reverb settings as well! I am only just getting to the point where I feel I know the new reverbs well enough to quickly dial in what I hear in my head, without having to spend 5-10 minutes tweaking decay time, mix, high cut, lo cut etc. every time.

    Got em. Bravo! I especially love 5E3 B1 2. It shines both clean and with your combo of boost and dist in all LP positions. Can't wait to try it with a strat! Thanks.

    Glad you like them !

    Funny thing about uploading rigs, I haven't for a moment considered that my stomp and FX slots are uploaded as well! Goes to show how new I am to making my own profiles, I guess!

    Nice to hear how you tweak the profiles so they work for you - FWIW, they are dialed in using my Tele, haven't used any of my other guitars with it yet - these profiles just had to be ready for next weeks gigs, which are all Tele. 8)

    Hi guys,

    Took a stab at profiling my handwired 5e3 clone today. Speaker is a Celestion Blue, mic'ed with a '57.

    Pretty happy with the results. Uploaded two of the profiles to RE (numbers are 0-12 as on the amp):

    - One really clean: "5E3 2" (Bright input, vol.2, tone 8.5)

    - One slightly dirty: "5E3 B1 2" (Bright input, vol. 4, tone 8.5)

    Only had a SM57 at hand today, so they aren't as full sounding as similar profiles with a 57+ribbon blend, but they should work great for live use and in a mix. Might have some new mics available soon, will probably do more profiles then!

    If you're into deluxes, do please check them out - any feedback is much appreciated!

    Profiling is fun (and LOUD) !



    Added rigs (.zip) to post


    Intriguing thought! :-)

    However, even if the Kemper as able to do this, I don't think it would work as described - consider, for example the bass and treble knobs on something like an old ac30. Those knobs are highly interactive, and without sweeping both knobs at the same time, the Kemper would probably learn something "wrong" and not give an accurate result.

    Thanks for the reply. When I showed up for rehearsals at the theatre today, the profiler changes to the “standard” rig screen. IE my clean rig says “MB 67 Lux Verb”, and changing back and forth between rigs doesn’t cause it to change to the stomp A screen anymore.

    Must have been a software glitch last night ! :)

    I'm assuming you are loading what we call Rigs in Browser Mode via MIDI program changes.

    Some MIDI foot controllers automatically send a package of MIDI control changes representing the state of their instant access buttons following each program change. I'm assuming you have an instant access button assigned to Module A (control change 17). It's current status is a value between 0 and 127. So, the foot controller sends the program change followed by control change 17 with a value 0-127. The Profiler executes loading the assigned Rig and either activating/deactivating Module A or reflecting a warning message, that Module A is empty.

    Usually this function can be deactivated in the foot controller configuration.


    I experience some weird behaviour with my Kemper. When I change presets in browse mode with Program Changes from my midi controller, the Kemper automatically shows the parameters for Stomp A. Even though slot A is turned off on 3 out of 4 presets that I currently use.

    Does anyone know how to fix this behaviour?

    Thanks !

    I like 2.1 (the gainy one)..and the cab sounds great with som of my brighter profiles as well..what speakers did you use? good job :thumbup:

    Thanks !

    Yeah, played the profiles against today, and I think I’m going to do some new clean profiles - compared to my usual cleans (MBritt 67 Deluxe & AC30s), they are too middy.

    The speaker is the standard Jensen Stealth 100 they ship with. Would prefer something like a Celestion G12-65, but it works ! :)

    hi...good to hear..I don't think I've seen any mad professor profiles around..would you mind sharing?

    The rigs should be up on the RE now. Search for author Jacob Hansen or "MP51". I've uploaded three rigs, MP51 1.2*, 1.3 and 2.1.

    The 1.2* and 1.3 are clean profiles. I've tweaked the definition and gain slightly, but otherwise they're untouched.
    2.1 is a distorted sound, using the preamps gain boost and running the preamp-gain high.

    I've purposely mic'ed the amp so that the profiles are slightly mid-focused. However, it's easy to compensate by tweaking the definition knob and subtracting some mids in the EQ.

    Hope they're useable. If not, there are plenty of other profiles out there ;)

    hi...good to hear..I don't think I've seen any mad professor profiles around..would you mind sharing?

    Yeah, sure. I'll see if I can figure out how to upload to the Rig Exchange. I was in a hurry today, so I only made two profiles (one clean and one dirty) of the amp - an OS51 RT. I'll post in this thread when I get them uploaded.

    Yes, the procedure is pretty simple, but of course the real issue is the mic and placement. Have you tried using a ribbon mic? I've used a Ribbon (Beyer M160) and an SM57 together with good results. I notice a lot of the commercial profiles are using a ribbon/57 combo too.

    The other thing is that a few OS versions ago you had to go back and "zero" the gain after finishing a profile. I think it was automatically matching the level of whatever profile you had called up. Entirely possible it was operator error or it may be different in the current OS.

    Looking forward to checking out your profiles! :)

    Yeah, I have thought about getting a ribbon mic as well. However, for the time being, I think I'm satisfied with using the '57 and other mics such as MD421s, Sennheiser E906s and others, that I have available. I don't have much experience using multiple mics on amps, so to avoid the hassle of phasing, etc., I prefer sticking to one microphone at a time, and get the best out of that :-)

    So.. just had my experience with profiling an amp with the Kemper.

    My first impressions:
    It’s easier than I expected. I profiled a Mad Professor OS51, and I just threw a 57 on it, as if I was mic’ing the amp for a gig. On-axis, slightly off center (just off the edge of the cap). Dialed up a pleasing sound in the room, shut the door behind me, checked the mic’ed sound in my monitors and hit profile.

    It’s aaaaaaalmost there. I would say like 97%. However, for the clean sound I set up, the refining process actually made it sound less like the reference amp through my monitors. Went through and redid the profile, the Kemper got closer this time.

    I’m sure in my next attempts, I will be able to get the Kemper even closer.

    So far I’m impressed, but I’m curious to hear from others, who have experience doing their own profiles.

    Please chime in !


    Selah Sounds makes really nice profiles, just used one of their Matchless 30/15 profiles on a session yesterday, fit perfect in the mix.

    Also noticed the free blackface Deluxe profiles on the RE, but I must admit, since I recently purchased the Deluxe pack from their website, I feel slightly disappointed that they're apparently available for free ..

    Try locking the 8" cab from the champ profile on the KPA and then auditioning other profiles with that cab. Works very well in many cases.

    Funny you should mention it - just spent the best part of 2 hours trying some of my regular profiles with different cabs. :-)

    However, most of the time, if there's too big a difference between the cabs, the profile ends up sounding worse (to me ears). Which makes sense, since the amp for the original profile was tweaked to sound good with that particular cab. But changing from a 2x12 with G12H30s (I believe they're called) to a 1x12" cab with the same speaker and mics (cabs from the same commercial profiler) yielded some nice results with less bass and a more focused sound.

    And yeah, it's nice to have the option of using that 8" champ speaker on different profiles. Have to check out how it sounds on the MBritt tweeds!

    So, a quick update for anyone interested:

    I finally had time to spend with @KPmole s '55 Tremolux profile as well as the "Champ 4.0" by Olaf Rupp from the RE.

    After some minor tweak to gain and definition to suit my tele, I'm VERY impressed. The Champ 4.0 nails the wimpy 8" speaker sound and feel from old champs, and the '55 Tremolux is classic tweed tone, but the 12" inch speaker makes more versatile when you have to change to other rigs. The 8" champ is a massive change EQ-wise.

    I can only recommend to try these profiles out for yourselves - especially with a nice tele, my strat doesn't like them as much "out of the box"..

    Again, thanks to all for the great suggestions " :)

    This, right there, is why the Kemper is great - we all get the possibility to play profiles of real amps with real history and great stories behind! Thanks for sharing @KPmole !