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    I just went down this road coming from plexis running 2x12 cabs and currently have had my Kemper for about a month and have already tried many speaker solutions.

    My studio monitors (BX8a's) which are 8 inch woofers are just ok. They make the Kemper sound digital-ish at times and can't get loud enough to play with a drummer but ok for studio play, stereo is kind of fun but it's a totally different feel than a guitar cab. I then realized I could plug my unpowered Kemper into the FX return of a tube amp and then run that into my 2x12 guitar cab. Turn off cab sim and bam, it sounds amazing. The Kemper sounds incredibly tube like, it's a great setup. The issue is... you're really missing out on what the Kemper is so great at, being a chameleon of all these incredibly different sounding rigs. Going through a tube amp for power and a 2x12 guitar cab with greenbacks, all the profiles start to sound very similar and you lose that huge benefit the Kemper provides, playing other people's amazing amp / speaker combos.

    Next I tried a single DXR10. For me, I really liked it. It could get as loud as my JTM45 on full volume through the greenbacks. It's a very nice sound, a shocking amount of bass, it's pretty incredible. On certain profiles at this high volume, it was hard to tell if the sound was coming from the DXR10 or the 2x12 cab. The DXR10 convinced me of the capability of FRFR and how the Kemper could sound awesome at loud volume levels HOWEVER, the DXR10 is a PA speaker and is designed to amplify ANY source, not specifically a guitar tone coming from a Kemper etc. - it's not meant to sound like a guitar cab, the thing is made out of plastic. After playing 20 minutes at a band volume level, this starts to become apparent. The treble starts to get a bit fatiguing and at moderate volume levels, the DXR did start to feel boxy. It just all started to fall a bit short of what I wanted. So I sent it back.

    After a ton more research, I settled on the Xitone Mbritt 1x12 cab. It's specifically designed for the Kemper by Xitone and Michael Britt with the goal of reproducing accurate Kemper profiles AND getting more of that guitar speaker vibe (there are DSP settings on the back to disable the horn so all sound is just playing through the 12 inch speaker like a normal guitar cab etc.). I should receive mine next week so I can't unfortunately comment on the results but I have high hopes. The price isn't cheap, it's roughly $950 new but honestly, when I heard the DXR10 and it's potential, I realized it was worth spending a bit more on a great sounding cab, the cheaper alternatives do show their weaknesses.

    Well I pulled the trigger last night, wait time is 2-4 weeks :( but I'm very excited. I liked the single DXR10 sound... but it left me wanting, just a bit. It sounds like from what I've read, Xitone should get me a bit closer. I'm not chasing an exact cab in a room sound, just a bit more natural cab sounding than the DXR10. Don't get me wrong, the DXR10 sounded great, enough so to convince me that the Kemper was potentially good enough to allow me to sell all my old amps, cabs and pedals... but with the DXR10, it wasn't QUITE there yet. I just felt like it could be a bit better and the particular unit I have makes odd noises with the amp, wining sounds when silent, and the plastic cabinet it's built in doesn't exactly lend itself to warm tones. I know it sounds obvious but I didn't realize the big impact different FRFR options would have as I'm so used to traditional amp heads and cabs - sure a 1x12 vs 2x12 with different speakers will change your tone but perhaps not quite as drastically as say using mid level studio monitors like BX8's, vs PA speakers like the DXR10 vs headphones, all have sounded very different with the Kemper.

    I seriously considered going with the Kemper into power amp to guitar cab - I tried going into the FX return of my JTM45... it sounded very nice... but then it does hit you that, whatever cab you're going through (in my case a 2x12 with greenbacks) will always be the cab sound you hear. A big appeal of the Kemper is having drastically different sounding amps / cabs in one box. Greenbacks will always sound like greenbacks, which are my favorite speaker, but the Kemper makes it so fun to have any cab and speaker sound right on tap. With a Xitone faithfully recreating any sound the Kemper throws at it, it should be a lot of fun.

    Stereo? Ah, who cares. It's a little fun when I hook the Kemper up to my studio monitors but when jamming with friends, it's a bit much to lug out two separate speakers and then spread them apart to create a massive sound stage just for my guitar :)

    Hi all,

    So I've had my Kemper for only about a month, getting it slowly dialed in. It sounded ok through my studio monitors and then I got a DXR10 and it sounded SO much better, truly convinced me that the sound of the Kemper is worth all the hassle. I really dig the DXR10 but before my return window expires, I'm thinking it makes sense to just go the best solution I can here since the speaker makes such a huge difference to the Kemper experience so... to get the most amp in the room sound I can to cover a range from home playing to jamming with friends (I'm older now, don't gig anymore), it seems like the Michael Britt 112 Xitone open/closed back is pretty much the ultimate for this, are there any better options out there?

    Hi all,

    Long time guitar player, only had my non-powered Kemper about 24 hours. It sounds pretty good through my studio monitors but I feel like I've lost that amp in a room vibe I always read about folks missing with FRFR or studio monitors and miss the mid forward and deeper punch of my 212 cab with greenbacks. I'm hoping the Kemper can replace most of my amps for jamming with friends as well as in the studio (maybe I'll always keep a JTM45 just to have). Would the Kemper into Behringer NU1000 into my avatar 212 loaded with Greenbacks wired in 16 ohm work well? I'm not gigging, just want it to be plenty loud to keep up with a drummer when jamming with friends and give me back some of that normal amp in a room vibe I'm missing right now. Thoughts?