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    Probably showing my age here but... initially my absolute complete life-changing obsession was brought about by listening to my older Brother's early prog-rock records, especially tracks like Dance on a Volcano by Genesis (when they used to be brilliant); he is/was also a massive Thin Lizzy fan. I had absolutely zero understanding/comprehension of how those noises were created. I then heard Iron Maiden's Powerslave album, also some AC/DC and some Rush and realised that simply listening passively wasn't quite good enough. At around that time Master of Puppets was released, I bought the earlier Metallica albums and that was the absolute turning-point for me: I ended up playing 5 hours a day on school nights, and 12-14 hours a day on the weekends; until going to university and playing regularly in local bands. As it turned out, the very very early 1990s wasn't a brilliant time to attempt guitar-based shred music in a wee place like Edinburgh, but it's made me the man I am today :wacko:

    Great post!

    My experience is incredibly similar to yours. My love for boosted JCM800s has been rekindled, also I would never have considered a Fuchs amp before playing the MBritt profiles and now I really want one.

    Okay, the last post I could find on this was back in 2014, hopefully a new thread is warranted. I want to re-amp a bass DI using my Kemper to get an apocalyptic bass sound, Ideally a sound as mental as Doug got on this:

    Unless someone has fully profiled the tech21 Dug amp since I last checked, I'll need to DIY this. Does anyone have any wisdom to share? It would seem to involve dual-re-amping: sending a high-passed signal to a heavily compressed clean(ish) amp; and then separately sending a low-passed signal to a heavily overdriven/distorted amp. So... suggestions very welcome for the following:

    • Low-end clean amp
    • distorted amp
    • what crossover to aim for (or frequencies to set independent lp and hp filters).

    Also: I'm not a bass-player so please feel-free to add 4, 5, 6, etc. :)

    HI all. A few months ago, I mentioned to one of my colleagues that I'd bought a Kemper. Another colleague overheard and told me that he had a rather obscure 60's tube-amp (recently serviced) and I could profile it if I wished. It turns out that it is a 1963 Fenton-Weill Cadet (apparently identical to a Selmer Futurama Corvette) and, as I found out this evening, was the amp used by Ronnie Wood to record the solo on Maggie May. I can't find any existing profiles of this amp.

    As the speaker cable is hard-wired, I won't be able to go for a merged profile and this will probably be a one-off profiling session, so I'd like to get this right - I might even rent a couple of additional mics to get this done (I have a SM57, SM58 and a Rode NT1a kicking around a cupboard somewhere).

    So, my question is... for an old 60's valve amp with an 8" speaker and apparently has a fair bit of break-up; what mics would you use? Go ahead and add suggestions but nothing too expensive please. I'll go with the top 2 mic suggestions.

    REAL ADT includes the second signal occurring sometimes BEFORE the original.
    And that’s obviously impossible in real time (without a time machine) in the Kemper.

    But otherwise the effect is just basically a varying short delay.
    You can easily set that up with the existing delays.

    [zero aggro response]. Doesn't the mimiq rely upon subtle (or not so subtle) variation/randomisation in pitch and the delay timing?

    OK, fairly new to the big green/grey box. It occurred to me this evening that being able to use folders in rig manager is great but why not have these things set up as saved searches on the master rig folder?

    A couple of things I would like to be able to do...

    • perform searches across all folders
    • automatically see all rigs by my favourite authors
    • instantly see my favourites, without sorting - yeah this is kind of weak :)
    • set up a "must try" folder for the next time I connect the laptop to my kemper
    • I'm sure I could think of many more.

    Just a thought! :thumbup:


    My first post - Yay!

    Klipping, I think this is a very valid question, and one which I have been thinking about.

    I'm sure you are very aware that there are a couple of acoustic simulators already profiled.

    Unfortunately my Kemper is in for repair at the moment and barely had a chance to use it but I do wonder what would happen if one were to 'loop' the out and in of the profiling process i.e. create an ultra-clean profile and then refine using mics and Di's, as you suggest above. I'd be interested to hear the results.