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    we use TC helicon play electric and play acoustic units for vocals in our band and they have digital amp simulations built on them as well so they serve as back ups for me.

    There are a lot of Kemper profiles that are on the TONEX forum now. In a pinch you could use your phone and the free TONEX version without spending a penny except for a adapter to a connect your guitar to your phone.

    I know there have been some requests about synth sounds. The kemper does have a few presets that do some decent stuff, but I just came across this plug-in on my iPhone and I am blown away by what It can do. It’s not a pitch tracker so there’s no midi conversion. It appears it’s done all with filters and effects which could conceivably be done in the kemper I would guess.

    I’ve have had a guitar with a GR 33 and I’ve used various pitch to mini trackers in software form as well and while they work pretty good this $10 plug-in is absolutely mind blowing in what It can do. It was easy enough to add in my workflow right now as I just take an extra out from the kemper into my phone (with an irig adapter) and the output of my phone into the PA on a separate channel that I mix in with my kemper signal. Getting some massive sounds and arps that I never had dreamed of doing real time on guitar before. I have no affiliation with his company, just bought it a couple of hours ago since it went on sale for Christmas half-price.

    what do you think CK? If this company can do all this just from the guitar signal I bet you could too! Heck, for as cheap as they are selling this thing I bet they would license the code out.

    i’ve got a collection of about 20 various Fender, Gibson, Martin, Taylor, Epi phone, Gretchen etc. i really wasn’t looking for any new guitars but I walked into a guitar center and saw a used Zach Myers PRSSE and picked it up just for giggles and really enjoyed playing it so had to get it. It’s my first PRS and I’m quite surprised how good the quality of the SE models are. Beautiful flame maple blue top as well as matching headstock flame. It seem to have some of the niceties of the US versions. Watched a video about it from Phil McKnight and he did a deep dive and said the pick ups were already wired to be coil split so I think I will drop in a push pull pot to split pick ups and maybe put a treble bleed on it and I think this will be one useful axe.

    honestly I found this to be the case with every Ampsim as well. I have several on my iPad like amplitude ToneStack and Tonebridge etc. and through headphones all sound really good. Plugged into the PA they are nowhere near as pleasing. Especially if any of the patches have a reverb or space effect on them. It’s just a function of having direct sound pumped directly into each year I think as you hear the details of the sound and the nuance more clearly like this without things bouncing off walls that you normally get in a room.

    41 years now. During the first 35 though I really was more about learning a song and parroting it back not really understanding how Musick worked. Developed a lot of good rhythm skills and right hand technique. about seven years ago decided I really wanted to understand how music worked in relation to guitar so I started studying theory as it related to the guitar fingerboard and it really opened up my playing. I wish somebody had showed me about the caged system years ago because it really expanded everything for me.

    I don’t have the ES two system but I do have a Taylor T5 Z custom koa with their proprietary body sensor. I think it sounds better than any acoustic pick up system I’ve ever heard. I have various Fishmans and other piezo systems and dont particular like them on other acoustic only guitars I have.. I’ve never particularly cared for any of the piezo systems. Best luck I’ve ever had getting a good sound out of a piezo of system is running it through my TC helicon acoustic live that has different settings for body resonance. I assume those settings are just filtered IRs.

    it’s hard to do unless you’ve got the whole band playing through the PA and tweaking it at that time. Like the above poster said you’re going to need to cut the bass and the highs usually and get them mids punching through. One thing you can do to some degree before time is you and the other guitarist sit down and try to get your two guitars working together by having differing sounds. That may involve you each using different pick ups/guitars/amp types but especially playing different chord inversions at different places on the neck as well. Then you can figure out some General EQ issues between the two guitars before you go and stick them both in the mix. The real test at that time is to see how it functions in context with the rest of the band.

    you should download day The Tonéx free version to use inside amplitude and check out some of their profiles. It’s really impressive for free particularly. Using inside amplitude being able to use petals and craft the sound a bit more it could be really interesting.

    Number three sounds the best to me. I listened on an iPad though so take that for what it’s worth. It seems to have better body. Interested to see which one is the real acoustic.

    I also have Bert’s pack. I use a Taylor T5 proZ custom koa Electric/acoustic to play acoustic gigs. It’s not a piezo system but a proprietary Taylor specific body sensor system. I found some of Bert presets (especially the strumming presents) really give me a great sound very reminisce to what I get with a real acoustic. Never could get a good enough sound using a electric to mimic an acoustic for more than an occasional song with my full band set up. Never could get an acoustic sound I was happy with with just a piezo Fishman system or the equivalent on my acoustics running through the Kemper or a TC helicon acoustic live with its body Rez algorithms.

    I haven’t tried nut I believe its possible to write a little code routine to do that . There is a guy on YouTube who is the expert on it. I think he has video about it if not try messaging him.

    wow midi guitar plug-in has come along way since I was a beta tester many years ago of the original version. I liked the plug-in so much I sold my hex pick up and Roland unit. Over the years I quit trying to do synth through my guitar since my wife picked up the keyboard but I think I may go back and revisit this and see if there’s a way I can do the bass trick.

    They just came out with the TONEX app last week so I’ve been trying out this free version of it. It’s quite impressive especially for something that’s free. Of course you have to pay to get additional amps and features but it does have some good ones in it for free. At this point I don’t feel like I am quite as inspired when I play through it as when I play through the kemper. I have recently started playing In an acoustic/electric trio and looking to simplify equipment I take. I actually did a gig for the first time ever with just an iPad using Quantiloop Pro app as a looper and a host for VST‘s to process my signal. since my main sound was the acoustic setting on my Taylor T5 pro Z I could get away with a couple of patches with just some basic reverb/delay and clean or acoustic ampemulation that I got from over loud th-u and tone bridge VST‘s. I controlled it through an Irig blue board. I must say it was a refreshing change to just take a guitar in an iPad to a gig. Never thought I’d see that happen as with my full band I have to haul all counts of stuff. Anyhow the ToneX is so inexpensive that if I was just looking at something right now I would probably would be more inclined to get it compared to a Kemper if I didn’t have my Long time relationship with my kemper simply because of the price point and how much the technology has finally caught up with profiling to the kemper level. Just my initial thoughts. Ymmv.

    when my line 6 system broke after many years I switched to the xvive and had a lot of problems with dropouts. Since I went super cheap with the ammoon and getaria wireless ones and they work just fine and I can pick those up for 50 bucks. Played many gigs with them and never drop out. Ymmv

    For transposing songs (not the kemper itself)I often use a browser plug-in. several good ones available out there for free. That way if you’re on any site you’re streaming from you can transpose the audio coming out on the fly from the site without having to download the song and import into other software.

    I used to Roland picks up with a GR for a while. Just for fun and recording some stuff. Tracked fairly well. Still was more of a novelty. When I want synths triggered by guitar I started using the MIDI Guitar 2 plug-in which allows polyphonic tracking and does a pretty decent job as well. Cheap too.