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    Thanks Sthackenb! I'll probably primarily be a home user too. But, I was really hoping it would work well for the occasional gig. The thought of it cutting out is a little scary, but I think I'm going to pull the trigger on it anyway.

    Hi FarleyUK, what hi and low cut settings are you using? In my experience those settings are going to be key in determining how "over-powering" your delays are...almost more than the mix in certain contexts. Also I forget the exact options available, but you may want to add some modulation, flutter, and even a touch of grit or reverse to add some mojo/character.

    One last piece of advice would be to grab up some free packs from Brian Carl, Tone Junkie, and Selah Sounds and then use their delay settings as a starting point. While some of the P&W-ish settings may be over the top for what you're doing, they're all experts at setting up great sounds that you can easily modify for your needs. Their settings were really helpful in getting me up and running with using the Kemper's delays.

    Hey Sheepfan, I mentioneed it before, but if I were you I would check out the Tone Junkie Kemper Tips and Tricks videos. They have one specifically on the Gain control. Before I got my KPA I watched them all and could diagnose what was wrong with YouTubers who had bad tone on their KPA. Most of the time it's just that they were used to how a tube amp functions and trying to dial in the KPA the same way.

    Hi Sheepfan,

    If you're using the same regular guitar cabinet your profiles may have a similar sound. The effect that a cabinet has on guitar tone is huge and often underestimated. If you haven't tried it yet, you may want to go FRFR. But, before you do that i'd try auditioning your profiles with a decent set of headphones. Hope this was helpful and I'd love to hear how things go. Also, if you're new to the KPA i'd check out the Tone Junkie Kemper Tips and Tricks Videos (especially the "Thoughts on Kemper EQ" and "Definition Control" videos. Here is a link:


    I'm generally not a high gain guy. For a lot of the amp tones i dig i would say check out the free packs from Michael Britt, Tone Junkies, Selah Sounds, and Brian Carl. My personal favorite are the Brian Carl profiles. He seems like a great guy and i think his profiles sound fantastic!

    If you really dig your 808 and don't mind consuming a slot i would go totally go with Finally's suggestion.

    Here are two videos that you may find helpful. The first is just a Green Scream video about the mix control. The second video has a trick that may help you get closer to the tone that you're looking for...unfortunately it'll take 2 slots though:(

    I'm no Fractal expert, but one thing you may want to consider is the resale value. If you buy a KPA and don't dig it you can pretty-much flip it and get your money back. If you go with the Ax8 and don't like it i think you'll probably take more of a "hit" to the wallet. Back in June I was able to get a great deal on a new KPA and could probably make $100 if i sold it now....Not gonna sell it though. It's inspiring without tons of tweaking and is the best gear investment i've made.

    Yeah, I'm perfectly happy too. :love:

    Even if I never download another profile or firmware update again , I'd still be fully satisfied .8):thumbup:

    "Perfectly happy" I can understand and am almost there.

    No more firmware but I could understand and happily live without them.

    Never download another profile???...cruel and unusual punishment that makes me wanna cry;(. While I only use a few steadily, I LOVE checking out tons of crazy amps I could never afford!

    JoeM you're a better man than I am:)

    Hi Everyone,

    Whether you're here in the US or abroad I just wanted to say happy Thanksgiving and thank you for all of the

    help and humor you've brought to my journey with the Kemper. I appreciate you guys!

    All the best,


    Hi 1960lespaul,

    When it comes to buying used, I've heard (and please correct me if i'm wrong) that some of the original/early production toaster units with the white face had problems with the LEDs around the knobs going out, but i believe they corrected the problem on later white toaster units.

    If you're going to be buying new there are some good ways to wrangle up good deals. I got mine from Sweetwater. The first rep i had lied and said that they don't cut deals on KPAs, so i asked for a new rep and he gave me a discount. After that i took advantage of a 10% off purchasing gifts cards sale that they ran in June and was able to use the gift card i bought to get and extra 10% off of the discounted price. I got a brand new unit for well below the price of one of their demo units. They also give a 3 year warranty for free. With patience and a little creativity there are some good deals available. You may want to see if there is any Black Friday stuff going on.

    Lastly, for me, the KPA is an inspiration machine! I'm able to get fantastic tones quickly and have fun creating/playing music. It's a deep unit, so if you like to tweak you can, but i feel that the key is that i don't HAVE to tweak to get good tones.

    Hey Gforce, a fantastic free profile option is Mbritt's polytone. Pull out your Les Paul, put it on the neck pick up, roll down the gain until it's pretty clean/barely breaking up, and then if you don't have a treble bleed in your guitar roll down the volume knob instead of the tone knob. I got the volume knob trick from Jimmy Bruno when I studied with him back in the day.

    I would LOVE it if Mr. Kemper participated! CK are you in?:)

    Also, in the original post I meant that the losers would buy the winner a profile pack from the loser's favorite profiler. I thought it would be nice to expose each other to new profiles/profilers. We could make the price limit $40. If youre already in, let me know if that doesn't work for you and we can iron out the details. If I lose I already know what I'm buying the winner!

    Just think about it CK. You could get some free profiles guaranteed! If I were you I would hurry and capitalize on this amazing opportunity right now!;^)

    All the speculation and I keep checking in every day......Makes me want to start up a pool for the date and time. Person with the closest day and time to the "drop" wins . The losers buy the winner a profile pack from their favorite Commercial Profiler. I'll do it just to make checking back in more fun. I'm saying Dec 17th 2018 at 6:30pm EST.

    Hope i didn't break any forum rules:(........ If i get kicked out i can't check back in for those reverbs;)

    So ever since I bought the Big Sky and Timeline, I'm not checking back here every day. It's like I'm okay for a while now. So I guess it wasn't all for naught :D

    I got my KPA the day before they announced the new reverbs. I tried to hold out, but 2 weeks ago broke down because i was tempted by a crazy deal on a Source Audio Ventris. The Ventris is dynamite and has exceeded expectations, but i still check back here every day:) For me the KPA has been an inspiration box, and while i've still only scratched the surface, I think the new reverbs are going to take it to another level!

    Not really a fan of the new look and I was REALLY hoping that the forum was down because they were dropping the new reverbs.

    In a post from yesterday I mentioned having a Ventris in my cart at Prymaxe and that a 20% off coupon may break my will power. They sent me a 20% off "We miss you" coupon about 2 hours ago.....CK and team it's not too late! You can still drop the new reverbs today and keep me from giving in to temptation;^)