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    so I got another Idea. Sure it would sound best to use two amps with the mimiq.

    But I use it in the loop so would it make sense to put a cab simulator pedal like the mooer radar in the loop too for one signal way? Or maybe just a eq pedal like boss GE7?

    I want it to sound like two amps that are slightly different so the sound gets fatter when activating the loop without using another external Amp

    thanks for your quick reply mollydyer!

    Ashtweth you mean in front and mono into kemper? By now in loop I liked it best with a mix of 65%. I will have to compare a few settings. Love the idea of using it with morphing.

    so I got my mimiq today, and it set up quick with your help with what I read here. I go direct out into the mimiq then stereo into return and alternative input.

    I run to a PA then and pan the channels hard L/R .

    My dumb question is now if I play live do I have to tell the sound guy to pan the channels too? 😅