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    balazs Thanks for the Max Ostro video. I am usually very bored with modern "shredders" and generally lose interest after about 1 minute. This dude has something a bit unique going on. Probably the lightest L hand technique I've every seen but he is so fluid and makes everything look effortless. His slides and bends keep it interesting. Very cool!

    You are welcome! The thing is, I saw the guy for the first time in a few weeks, at least I don’t remember him before. I can say that he is on a different level. We know youtube is full of young talent, excellent technical knowledge, but this young kid (think about it: born in 2004) is something completely different ... like seeing the next Guthrie Govan, but not a "copy". One of the true geniuses of his generation and I must say that he is the future, at least in the segment of modern guitar playing he represents.


    Not at all. :thumbup:As you can see, the complete packs (Choptones) include only one type of speaker and cabinet and if you want to collect at least three packs to combine, it’s a little expensive. They have a very wide selection and that’s definitely good. For example the 2x12 Hesu cabinet with Hesu Demon speakers is not everywhere... and there is a 4 x 12 Hesu and a Mesa 4x12 version with the same Hesu speakers. It’s worth mentioning that in demonstration videos you often hear microphone mixes from the quick library.

    I think try one of the blended packs first. It is cheaper and contains blended mics with two blended cabs. For high gain themes, I recommend the Hesu, Engl, Mesa and the Peavey 5150 blends.

    Good stuff but it’s like everything else: subjective. The complete packs are a bit expensive in my opinion however you can also try the essential packs although there is a smaller selection of cabinet / speakers compared to the complete packs.

    From the side of the complete packs: the clear advantage is that they create IR files with plenty of microphones so you can try many interesting alternatives in addition to the usual "studio standard" microphones like SM57, R121, M160 etc. On the other hand it can be a downside: we all know what it’s like when we have a million choices to choose from and we listen to them all along. Another advantage is that you can choose from IR files with premium quality preamps. (All IRs captured with a neutral power amp). I should also mention that although the selection of microphones is huge, the files made with each microphone do not contain many positions, although you will also find an EQ version along with other versions. Finally, if you are looking for mixes of multiple microphones, you will find a total of one such directory (quick start folder).

    I recommend both Ownhammer and Choptones. Ownhammer (also) very popular, it is used a lot. If you haven't tried it yet I recommend the Heavy Hitters Collection for rock music.

    Just watch his right hand. So relaxed and it looks like he doesn't do much with it but really does. I know many don't like him as a person and..well he's not the most humble and nicest guy. But he can't be worse than Ted Nugent. But if I had to like all famous musicians I like I would have stop to listen to more bands. ^^

    Visually, Malmsteen is the most elegantly playing guitar pal next to Steve Vai. I know less about today’s scene (I know the big names, of course) but among the “old big ones,” they’re the ones who make you think "it’s not hard", since they also play without the slightest effort. :)

    It is also important to say that in addition to the fast scales and arpeggios, his guitar playing is full of soul and life. If he gets to a slower part or plays blues, you’ll hear it right away. Yes, let’s say he has such a strong personality ( :) ) and I haven’t really been able to love his records released in recent years, but without him, that’s not what the world of guitarists would look like today.

    I noticed that Steve Vai (very cleverly) spoke respectfully about him during their performances and Malmsteen appreciates that. Otherwise, it could not have been a Queen project either. (Bohemian Rhapsody).

    Some gems:

    The very first YJM record I heard from start to finish was Seventh Sign. The singer was Mike Vescera, who may also be familiar from the band Loudness.

    Unfortunately 2021 kicked in the door with bad news as well. Alexi Laiho has passed away. He was only 41 years old. Although I haven’t really followed the COB band in recent years, they were one of the most popular extreme metal bands in the late ’90s and early 2000s.