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    OK..this is driving me nuts. I know there is a way to hook up your kemper to an interface sod that you get your sound from the Kemper and your computer at the same time.

    BUT HOW?

    I currently have an old Line 6 UX1 where I use main output from Kemper out to L & R inputs into UX1. Then UX1 outputs to my Adam A7X. Computer sounds great through the monitors. But the Kemper has no sound at all. The only way I can get sound from the Kemper is by doing a Monitor or Direct output to the Monitor IN of UX1. Problem is that is only MONO.

    Do I need better interface? or mixer?

    I have just purchased the A7x for my studio at the mo im using the HS8's they are very mid range focused. when i tested the Adams they sounded clearer and more crisp. I will be using both in the studio and flicking between them both.

    If using for just guitar playing, is there really a differnce from the yamaha and the adam?

    The more i think about it, i should probably stick with 5 inch woofers. I would always be 2 feet or so from the speakers when playing at my desk. And I wouldn’t be mixing anything. I might just invest in the Adams a5x and be done with it.

    Hey all,

    Been using my Kemper with an old pair of Yamaha HS50m's. I am finally thinking of upgrading and have narrowed my search to the Adam A5X and the HS-7.

    99% of the time will be used for playing guitar and practicing. Not much recording..and if I do it's just for me (fun). I am usually 2 -3 feet away from the monitors.

    Would I be better off getting the bigger woofer in the Yamaha? O r would the Adam be a significant upgrade over both?