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    I've had same problems with a M-Audio EXP dedicated for wah and volume, in Performance Mode. It was some months ago, but dissapeared after some updates. It was connected to pedal 6 on the Remote.

    Hello. After nearly 3 years of Kemper life, I've uploaded my first rigs to Rig Exchange. They are labelled "5E3 Deluxe" (David de la Plaza).

    These profiles are from a 5e3 Tweed Deluxe kit by Tubedepot, loaded with a Celestion G12H30 70th, and captured with a combination of Shure SM57 and a Cascade Fat Head ribbon mic (alla Michael Britt) mixed through Antelope Discrete 4 interface.

    This is my third attemp of profiling this amp, after two unsuccesful profiling sessions, with other mics and other setup. Not that great as my favorite profilers (Britt, Bert...) but not so bad.

    There are profiles from the Bright Input of the amp at different volumes (B), from both channels jumpered (J) and the Bright channel with a Hermida Zendrive (ZEN). Two of these profiles are dialed seeking for a Robben Ford setting of the Zendrive (ZEN F).

    Try them!

    I love the 5E3Dlx profiles in pack 3, but I'm with Alfahdj: recent packs are better overall. Also, Mbritt profiles fits better with single coils, imho. For a Les Paul, maybe the '69 Marshall pack, and 2020 pack. Also, I had much fun yesterday with a 335 and the new Brown Pack (Clean to OD crunch).

    I'm a Robben Ford fan, and I've been searching for Dumble profiles since I got my Kemper, two years now. Michael Britt pack is the only one I liked. I've bought Tone Junkies, Reampzone, Mattfig and Norbury Brook profiles, and it was lost money (for me). Tonejunkies John Mayer's amps are good for that Mayer / Hendrix / Vaughn strat style, with neck pickup. Nothing close to the Dumble ODS. Norbury Brook profiles Dumble pack are crappy to my taste.

    I have to say that I'm also a Michael Britt fan, and I like his sound. His profiles are perfect for my needs. Except for some high gain profiles, as 5150 pack and his Mesa Boogie profiles.

    Dumble pack is great. There are four amps profiled. Aside from the ones cited by jfischer518, there are several Two Rock Studio Pro 50 profiles. All four models have great sounds for rock. But the Dumble ODS profiles are special to me. Fat, dark, huge lead sounds. Clean rigs are awesome too. Great for single coils, but brilliant with my Les Paul. It's a great pack, and it's 40% off.

    I've purchased his Dumble profiles way back, and I don't like them at all. Far beyond from Michael Britt, Tonejunkies, Reampzone and the likes... I'm not talking about his other packs, which I've never tested. But the guy seem pretty serious, with a great recording studio, and he's a Mark Knopfler consultant or something like that.