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    Not that this is complaining, (I love my KPA) but I would hope that is not the case as I have just purchased a rack version. Maybe those of us who have done this recently will (with proof of purchase) get a discount on the new model (if you are correct)? Might as well dream big if yer gonna dream!!! :D

    I just purchased the toaster about a month ago. It wouldn't bother me one bit if they came out with something new today. I love that thing! And I got a nice discount on it (just by asking). While it may not be worth every penny I paid for it to others if/when a new one comes out... it will still be worth every penny to me!

    I am looking forward to those new reverbs though. Once they do that I can be pedal-free.

    I would never complain about a free update, but find it hard to get too worked up about reverb upgrades. Maybe ambient guitarists need it though.

    I don't consider myself an ambient guitarist, but I've been selling all of my pedals and people have been asking for my Spring Reverb pedal and that is the ONE I refuse to give up at the moment!

    I agree 100%. I have an old IBM PS/1 with a 386 SX20, it's still a great computer, i don't see what's better on today's computers. ;)

    I don't think there is any dispute that a Kemper 2 would be "better" than a Kemper original (maybe). A "better" Kemper 2 doesn't make the Kemper original any worse than it was before the Kemper 2 is released. I think you know exactly what I'm getting at. A new Kemper doesn't render the Kemper original obsolete or functionally any different than it currently is just because a new one comes out.

    I'm just so glad Kemper doesn't do what so many other manufacturers do nowadays and try and release new hardware every year/season... trying to capitalize off of those who just have to have the latest and greatest like it is a fashion statement or something. Nobody else really cares one bit if I have the latest and greatest, so I'm not gonna worry about upgrading something that I love and works awesome as is just to impress somebody I don't know. =)

    The new Subaru Outbacks are sweet! But I don't need a 2018 model (just like I didn't need a 2017 model) when my 2016 model is awesome as is!

    I haven’t read all of the reply’s but I’m sure you’ve already received some great advice.

    My two cents is:
    Do you think the Kemper, as is today, meets your needs and is worth the retail (or used if you go used) price? If so, why would you value it any less tomorrow should a new one come out tomorrow?

    A Kemper 2 tomorrow will not make your original Kemper any less of an Amp or profiler than it already is today. It might mean you get less of a return on it if you are one of those guys who has to have the latest and greatest and therefore you would need to sell the original for the 2. But a Kemper 2 tomorrow doesn’t change one bit what an original Kemper is today OR tomorrow. So if you like it today, there should be no reason why you don’t like it just as much tomorrow.

    Anyone have brownface Princeton profile suggestions? I’ve been listening to a lot of Chris Stapleton lately and I’m digging his tone. He appears to be running a 62 brownface Princeton and an 80 Proof Blues Jr. I would love to get my hands on accurate profiles of both if they exist... commercial or not.

    I haven’t had a chance to go through the rug exchange so maybe one or both are in there. I’ll take a look this weekend. Just curious if anyone here is running either or and which one(s) they prefer.

    I have no doubt it will eventually be ported to a new architecture. But with 5 more years before EOL and plenty of opportunity to stock up before then... I don’t see a need to rush it. They’ve got plenty of time to do it right, and can buy themselves a little more time if need be. I’ve seen it happen in other instances. I’ve seen multi-billion dollar retail stores stock up on point of sale hardware that was reaching end of life because they knew it was more affordable to do so and would buy them more time. Apples to orangutans of course... Kemper isn’t a multi-billion dollar company, but I see no reason it couldn’t also work equally as well for a smaller operation. We’ll see soon enough.

    I would say at the very minimum it is morally questionable. IF commercial profiles are accompanied by a non-transferable “software” license... then it would absolutely be illegal. I’m not sure how many commercial profile makers include a non-transferable software license as part of the purchase. If they don’t... they should. Otherwise from a “legal” standpoint I would say unfortunately it isn’t illegal... just immoral. Which doesn’t make any any better by any means.

    The Helix is a very capable MIDI controller, plus it can function as a USB interface. Combine this with its extremely versatile routing capabilities and you have a VERY powerful rig when paired with the KPA.

    This is what I'm looking forward to seeing. I'm wanting to get a midi controller and I'm not quite sure which one I want to get. The Kemper Remote seems nice and easy. The HD500 seems doable and is an affordable solution. I love the idea of a controller with scribble strips (like the HX) but I'm holding out to see some videos of others using it to both control the Kemper and using the HX effects with the Kemper at the same time. If it makes a great midi controller all the while adding additional effects options... then it seems like a no-brainer to me for the price. But still holding out a bit to let others be the guinea pig first.

    Thanks everyone.

    I didn't get the Kemper Remote to go with it just because I'm holding out to see if the new Line 6 HX makes a good midi controller for it. If other people determine that it does, I'll probably make that plunge. Otherwise I'll see eventually if I can get my hands on the Kemper Remote.

    Hello everyone. My new Kemper arrived yesterday. I'm looking forward to learning the ins and outs and becoming proficient with this piece of gear. I was saving up for a new Dr Z Z Plus, but after playing one (and LOVING IT) I realized I'm not going to be able to enjoy that thing at bedroom volumes... and to get the most out of it my neighbors would be calling the cops since homes are like 10 feet away from each other in this cramped subdivision. So I figured, for now anyways, I could get the Kemper and the official Dr Z pack(s) that includes the Z Plus, and enjoy it at bedroom levels to my heart's content.

    Lots to learn. I'm hoping to get up to speed pretty quick so I can spend more time playing than fiddling. But I'm sure fiddling is part of the fun.