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    I don’t want much. I think the simplest thing that can be done to help (for me) is this:

    When I turn the Type knob to more speedily get to the effect I want, the Browse knob should then start browsing presets FROM THAT EFFECT and not just wherever I last left it, completely ignoring Type.

    That would be a crazy simple fix and save a lot of turning.

    Edit* whoops! I didn’t read back far enough. This has been suggested more than once. Wish it would get integrated :thumbup:

    Hi Dickjones,
    I did not have any good results with any of the speaker simulator/ DI rack units such as the Palmer, In fact, I had terrible results. I actually got better results even using the cheap Behringer ultra GI 100
    But the best results I have gotten so far are with the countryman type 85 DI box. I have tried eight different DI boxes and this one is the very best.
    You might want to take the Palmer out of the equation completely and just try the DI box alone.

    Thanks Keith. I may have to. I don’t get it.

    Side note: I just tried a profile using the cab simulated outputs (as my cab) and deselecting the “No cabinet” option and it worked perfectly.

    (?) So weird. Why would a direct profile be any different? Levels are apparently not the issue.

    Hi Burkhard, I don't know which manual are you checking, in the PDI-03 manual available on Palmer's site, page 8, paragraph 2 (explaining the four rear Line Out connectors) it says: " The outputs 1, 2, 3 and 4 provide an unfiltered line level signal, i.e. without speaker simulation, for using the amplifier as a dedicated preamp to feed effect units separately. The ooutput can also be tracked for re-amping"
    So don't worry, the speaker simulation is not involved in those outputs, and i can confirm that by my direct experience!

    I’m trying with a Palmer PDI-03 and getting awful results. My reference amp signal is great but the profile is terrible. Sounds like it’s being overloaded.

    Any thoughts? It doesn’t have a pad but it has a level knob, which I’ve had most of the way down, once it was even so low that Kemper didn’t hear it. Came out the same :/

    I’ve even added a direct box between the Palmer’s direct out and the Kemper’s return to take it down even further.

    Hey guys. New Kemper user. Love it! But I’ve run into a strange issue...

    I’ve made one studio profile. It killed. Sounded identical. Now I’m trying some direct profiles. I like the idea of using IRs as cabs. I’m also using a Palmer PDI-03 load box, which means I can profile silently. Win-win.

    The only problem is, the results are way off. Big muddy low end, way more driven than it should be. Refining does nothing or not close to enough.

    I’m trying to profile a Bat Cat Cub. My chain is guitar—>front of Kemper—>direct out—>Bad Cat Input—>speaker out—>Palmer speaker in—>Palmer direct out (no cab sim)—>return. I was doing a TRS cable from the Palmer to the return. I’ve also tried using a direct box in between to take the level down to mic level.

    The Direct level appears to do nothing. I don’t think that level control is active for profiling.

    I could understand if it’s just not possible but I don’t know why. When I’m listening to the “reference amp” during profiling, it sounds exactly as expected so the Palmer and cables are doing their job.

    Any help is appreciated.