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    Funny ;)

    Now .... to be serious, we did get delays that are really good. We asked for an improved reverb engine .... and have a really great reverb engine that rivals even the most expensive pedals out there. We also asked for them to fix the horribly inefficient scrolling through things in the menu system .... and now it is really nice.

    The editor will come as well.

    I agree, though people were clamoring for an editor since day 1. This isn't to repeat a complaint; Kemper announced the editor and I celebrate that it's coming. But to some, the reverbs & delays were a distant concern next to a functioning editor, myself included. The reverbs & delays are neat to noodle with, but I honestly have no practical use for nearly all of them, not that this means I don't appreciate them.

    Hopefully since the reverbs & delays gave people more than what they hoped for, the editor will follow that trend.

    Okay.I have nothing against this approach.I even agree and again have no idea what brought me to "contribute" 5 posts in this kindergarten of a thread..I guess all I wanted to say is:Let this thread die.The editor will come when it's ready and Kemper has absolutely no need to listen to anyone who wants to tell him how to do his work..his stuff sells like crazy and we should play our guitar instead to feed this freakin' apocalypse of a needless discussion..

    If you don't want to be part of the thread and can't add anything constructive to the topic, you're entitled to not read it or contribute. You're only bothering yourself, and not going to stop people from having their own opinions and voicing them here, which is the thread for that declared purpose.

    It is funny that none here answers me to the simple fact that the Stage is out of stock because it sells like crazy.

    Nobody has suggested the Stage hasn't sold out and didn't make a huge splash on its release. Kemper is pretty small, so the number of units they could produce is no doubt modest. Being out of stock isn't unheard of. I know the guys at Hughes & Kettner and when the Black Spirit dropped, they sold out of all the units they manufactured immediately. They're subsidiaries of Yorkville Sound and I safely assume have a much bigger manufacturing network than Kemper to produce more units. Selling out is a great sign, but doesn't "win" any wars as you've suggested before, especially if it's in the early-going of making a splash rather than sustained dominance of the market share.

    You have to allow me to at least talk about it..

    Nobody is stopping you or suggesting you can't speak, they're pointing to your conveniently applied logic and cherry-picking. If they disagree, they're going to tell you why, which is not the same as trying to silence someone.

    I agree with you that the charts(are they still relevant today;) don't say much about good taste but gear is not as much about good taste as it is about sound,reliability and ofcourse personal needs..I just don't believe that people today spend double as much money for the stage as they could save buying a helix Lt or whatever half the price and with "the world's best editor/UI" because they "don't know" that the editor is still not ready or that some kpa-stages have qc-issues..

    Obviously most customers don't care..and there must be some reasons for this..;)

    Not sure where you are getting this assumption from. If you go to Thomann and look at sales ranking for the past 2 months, Helix tops in both amps and preamps. Stage is #19, I believe.

    Look at the further comment is needed..

    No matter the real teething problems the stage outsells the helixlt which is half the price..


    The longer Stage problem persist, the less confidence customers will have and sales will suffer. If it's turned around quick enough, that's not as much of a concern. And let's not forget that the Stage is new, the Helix is not.

    Anyway, I digress as it's OT.

    I don't know but maybe the best explanation for this is that Kemper is not for customers who come from "other modellers"

    A rather ridiculous thing to keep suggesting. Lots of players come to Kemper and even leave Kemper from and for "other modelers", respectively. But to Ibot39 s point, it seems weird to suggest that maybe Kemper isn't for guys from "other modelers" who don't want broken buttons, faulty firmware, and lack of features. All those thing will certainly be rectified, but that's not the point you're making.

    Kemper has its customer-pool within all these 90% of guitar players..who play tube amps.. folks who give a @#£& about an is all about sound for them..

    That 90% figure doesn't feel real to me, not even on this forum. And given the deluge this thread has produced, not to mention in the FB group, official Kemper FB page, official Kemper IG clamoring for the editor, I don't know how you can seriously suggest folks don't give a "@#£&" about an editor. What you mean is that you don't give a "@#£&" about an editor, which is fine, but irrelevant to someone who does.

    Kemper won this war

    What war? The floorboard is certainly a formfactor that players have long been asking for, and good on Kemper for releasing one. But something new will come along and unseat it eventually in terms of units sold. That's just the inevitability. It's like if someone on the Line 6 forum suggest that the Helix "won this war" because it was the #1 sold digital amp emulator for a few years running. Eventually some new shiny toy comes along and guitarists clamor for it. The Stage happens to be that at the moment.

    ..or we'll be back on dual profiles or Kemper 2.0...

    Wouldn't Kemper rather have engaged, energized customers who advocate for a swath of new features because they are keenly interested than zero interest and no customers? Those are pretty much your choices in a broad sense.

    And I'm sticking to my theory that they're planning on releasing a few things at once for a big boom to counter the new Fractal FMB or whatever else Fractal will be releasing.

    Only they truly know, but I find it highly unlikely. They've not yet released the "big booms" they teased at NAMM in January: editor, cab, and kone. Upon that, they just dropped the Stage and it's still having hardware and software issues to sort out, not to mention the OS7 issues to resolve.

    In other words, hard to imagine anything "big" coming that hasn't already been revealed, especially since those "big" things haven't yet materialized. It would be heavily embarrassing if the editor, cab, and kone were not released by NAMM, so I have to imagine that is the worst-case target for all 3.

    It matters not what the original intent was, they still have to compete in a market and with consumer expectations. This isn't 90's rack gear, this is a modern digital device that doesn't possess those same limitations.

    The whole point originally was that kemper didnt want a software editor and wanted it to be easy to tweak so the unit was priced to reflect that.

    The cost and time to delelop the editor may not have been factored in and only became viable as the unit sales went up.

    I don't think the price reflected the lack of an editor. Though, Christoph did earlier state that he didn't see the need for an editor, but obviously it's been demonstrated conclusively over the years that in fact the customer sees it as a need.

    Customers can demand what they like but it doesnt make it viable for the business.

    I guess it depends how far you want to take that statement. But in this case, there's nothing unreasonable, and the customers purse is what keeps companies in business, therefore their expectations do matter. It doesn't entitle them to that satisfaction, but it's not really good business practice to ignore it either.

    If the financial constraints made kemper put in what would have been the editor budget into improved sound quality to be able to put the product on the market at a particular price point then i think thats the correct decision. The sound quality is what has made the product popular.

    You're making a lot of assumptions here. I don't see any evidence this was a zero-sum proposition.

    The line 6 pod xt had an editor, but you had to pay for updates and it sounded like shit. I think the hd 500 was the same.

    That's solely a matter of opinion, but it doesn't negate the importance of a desktop editor in any practical way when it comes to Kemper or any other digital device.

    Without being sarcastic gibson dont upgrade your les paul pickups for you.

    Ford dont upgrade your vehicle ecu after 12 months to give you more horsepower or fuel economy.

    Entirely irrelevant examples. You're comparing apples to oranges. Or maybe apples to jet fuel.

    If everyone paid 2 grand for the kemper originally we probably would have had an editor from the start.

    But if it was priced at 2 grand how many people would have actually bought it at that price point ?

    I suspect its popularity wouldnt have been anything like what it is, meaning again there would have been less future development to where we are now at with the updates weve got.

    Again, this is based on no evidence. All we know is that Christoph didn't feel a desktop editor was needed. He never suggested the lack of one was due to limitations in resources.

    The amount of companys that are going under due to unrealistic demands from customers expecting the impossible is scarey.

    There is nothing unrealistic about customer demands for an editor. Why are we making this out like people are asking them to do something extraordinary?

    In todays climate no company is safe.

    No different than any other time.

    updates are free to the user

    A more appropriate way to phrase this would be "at no additional cost". To have access to updates you must pay a premium price to purchase a KPA, which is by no means cheap. They also add value to the product, which keeps the existing customer base engaged and entices future adopters. It's not as if updates are just a nice gift, they serve a real purpose in regards to profitability.

    Many here have made essentially the argument that since it's "free", we have no grounds for expectations. Unfortunately consumers don't operate like that. If they feel a competitor offers a better product or service and gives them more added value, they're likely to invest in that competitor instead. Kemper has every reason to listen and react to the market because customers are fickle, hence why updates like this are absolutely essential.

    Kemper is first and foremost a hardware company

    The hardware runs on software.

    If they hired some actual windows and mac software programmers to handle it, then it might be time to rethink who they hired as they don't seem to be able to produce if 'a couple days' turns into 'a couple months'.

    I know somebody is in charge of it, but unsure whether he was contracted from the outside or a new hire... or if he's still even involved.

    GString promised to update us as he things developed and the fact that we haven't heard anything pretty much means that nothing has developed.

    G String giving an update on this thread was an exception, not a rule. Kemper traditionally is extraordinarily tight-lipped about developments that haven't been released or announced. Not saying anything doesn't mean nothing is happening, and impressions about whether it will happen this year, or not, or soon is nothing more than private thoughts based on guessing.

    the whole thing is becoming really grotesque.

    At this point I prefer it from what it used to be, which was mainly circular arguments over and over again. Things would calm down, then someone would came trucking in with a ham-fisted hot take about how an editor is needed/not-needed, and the cycle would begin anew. At least now there's a bit of humor along with a very comprehensive display of psychological coping mechanisms.

    I recommend putting your thoughts into stanzas and haiku's.

    Well, the Tone Wars Fight night was last night. And the Kemper beat the Axfex lll. It was close. But Kemper prevailed

    For me I thought the Axfex, would be really good in the studio, but live didn't have the hand,pick feel

    Saw bits of it and thought all the tones were awful TBH. Heard much better from both so can't really trust the comparison.