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    I work for a cable manufacturer. For line level you really only need decent interconnect cables. Mic cables work just as well, but they are more bulky and expensive, so it's a bit of overkill.

    I know the word "decent" is a bit arbitrary, but you want something with medal ends and where the jacket isn't almost as thin as the conductor inside. Plastic molded end cables won't end the world, but they don't have nearly as good of isolation and typically made to meet a price point rather than a high standard. Since it was mentioned, gold or nickel contacts won't make a significant difference that you'd likely be able to tell. Gold is more conductive, but its use is more for durability since gold doesn't oxidate or corrode nearly as fast as nickel. Still, this isn't something you're likely to worry much about. It's a nice feature, but not a necessity.

    Price can vary dramatically, but more $ does not always equal better. Higher price can certainly denote more rigorous QC or better components, though the cost in components is fairly negligible in most cases. Most often it's just down to where it's manufactured and the cost of labor there. Good cables come from China, bad cables come from China, or Taiwan, or Indonesia, or Japan, or even the USA. You can buy an inferior cable made in the USA that's more expensive than a cable made overseas that's spec'd out, and visa versa.

    I just found some of the earlier posts on this thread a little too fanboyish (when there's nothing to be a fanboy about, yet), so I thought I'd play a negative nancy.

    Which is fair, and you know that type of stuff bother me as well. The people, at least here, showing the most enthusiasm are basing it on their liking of Neural and Darkglass offerings, so they assume this is going to be right down their alley. Company's know how quintessential a reputation is, which is how you have cohorts of people on this forum that will buy any Kemper offering on the grounds that it's Kemper.

    Seriously, it looks (sounds) like the best modeller ever. And that's a good reason to be sceptical at the moment.

    Of course, all marketing should come with healthy skepticism. I only roll my eyes when it's overt cynicism or irrational idealism.

    I'd have to say, "Right back at you."

    I'm very keen to see what this device can do, but to hear claims that it is a Kemper killer, etc, is a bit too much, don't you think? Especially without a single audio clip.

    I never suggested it was. All I've suggested is my interest in seeing how well the claims stack up to the results.

    Of course people should want to hear examples and such before jumping to conclusions, but I think some people here are getting ahead of themselves. The purpose of the announcement isn't to do a 2 hour long video of all the features, examples, and how to use them. The purpose is to give a synopsis of a new product ahead of NAMM to build anticipation. As time progresses, more videos and examples will be made that we can use to determine how good or bad it is, or if it meets the hype. To expect the teaser will answer each and every question in depth is unreasonable.

    This being said, I already dislike what they do / how they do. Will be very hard for them to change my mind. Just because of their attitude in early marketing.

    Without actually knowing fully what it is or hearing it, this just comes across as reflexive defensiveness because it threatens the Kemper. Just because there are some claims in marketing copy doesn't mean they are wrong, we need to decide that or not. And besides, let's not pretend that Kemper didn't market profiling with really big claims that made some skeptical.

    After all, the Kemper is pretty much spot on, afaik. So better than what?

    Spot on in terms of? While there are some cases where results are very impressive, there are also times where it is off significantly. If the Neural's claims are true, it could "capture" multiple gain stages and signal paths. That's something the Kemper can't do, and when you try, even Kemper says results won't be accurate. There's also been many cases and examples of when profiles are close but certainly not perfect, leaving room for some improvement, as has been discussed ad nauseum on the forum. So while profiling can do a lot, it most certainly can't do it all. We will see if Neural's offering lives up to the hype.

    Something that I thought I picked up on, and correct me if I misread this, but Kemper profiles provide a "mic'ed" cab sound and do not provide "amp in the room" sound. If I read the Neural DSP stuff correctly....their AI is able to reproduce the sound to what the human ear hears. I'd like to see what this means....does this this mean they might be able to reproduce amp-in-the-room sounds? If so, game changer for sure. Please let me know if I'm offbase here.


    Todd in Chicago

    The only thing that gives you an amp in the room sound is an amp in the room. Though, Universal Audio via their OX Box apparently does a really marvelous job with emulating a "room" feel in its cab emulations. At least that's what I hear from some people. Perhaps something closer to that would give a "profile" or "capture" the type of response and feel some players want and feel a bit less "plastic" or "boxy".

    Wow, they claim they do profilling and I also saw the word rig on their site.

    They call it "Capture", not profiling. We assume it's the same or similar. The term "rig" is used in many places, and Kemper most certainly doesn't have a trademark on that term.

    Plus it shows a "refine" page - just like Kemper.

    Again, "refine" is not a trademarked term Kemper owns.

    Looks like this is heading for trouble... or maybe not, maybe they do not violate Kemper's patent - who knows.

    People were saying the same thing about Positive Grid and their "Amp Match" function. Kemper would have a patent on a particular methodology, not on EQ and gain matching as a whole. It's possible that Neural has a different way of accomplishing those ends. I'm keen to try it.

    hey claim to have perfected profiling - wow, bold!

    The marketing copy I've seen doesn't say anything about either profiling or perfection. They claim the learning algorithm creates more realistic representations than others. Of course anybody can say anything, so we shall see.

    Not sure. It does have WiFi connectivity, so perhaps there's something to that. Neural's social media personality is a buddy of mine and supposed to get a prototype soon, so we're looking forward to putting it up against the Kemper and figuring this thing out.

    What is Neural Capture?

    Other companies already digitally capture the sound of an analog rig, some very cleverly for the time they were introduced. But with the advances in machine learning technology and in embedded processing power, we thought we could greatly contribute to this field. Our biomimetic approach relies on a unique combination of advanced machine learning techniques and neuroscience; we invented a way to train an AI to perceive sound in the same way the human ear does. Quad Cortex’s neural networks are hearing your rig in the same way that you do, giving it the most comprehensive and detailed detection system, and the resulting digitized rigs are the most accurate and powerful on the market.

    Will be interesting to compare side by side to the Kemper when it's released. I'm not so keen on a floor model and prefer to keep everything behind me, but I love the idea that it could possibly achieve closer results. Their plugins are already seen as top of the class, so I'm excited to see what this does.

    I play in a cover band, and although I don't like every profile I do find many useful ones.

    I think that philosophy is a bit different in that cover bands seek to replicate the source material, not so much find your own sound. Never said many profiles weren't useful, though. If people find tonal bliss in the Kemper and commercial profiles, I'm genuinely happy for them and not trying to convince them otherwise.

    Hope you get it resolved. As I mentioned before, a great number of profile packs from well respected sellers have proved to be garbage to my ears; often I wondered how they had been able to make something sound so bad. After stumbling around getting a little closer, trying profile after profile of amps I've loved or considered I would, i found my perfect base sound already in the box (either factory content or Rig Manager I can't recall which). It turns out that a Splawn QuickRod was what I was looking for but just didn't know.

    I've dealt with a lot of dejection based on this premise. Honestly could never gel with MBritt, Top Jimi, Amp Factory, ReampZone, Bert, Mattfig, and many other common names selling profiles. Part of it is the profiles not being dialed in for my pickups and the Kemper feels veryyy sensitive to pickups. There's no crime in that, though I also hear audio samples from lots of people who are in love with these profiles and all it demonstrates is tone is subjective because 90% of the time I wouldn't desire such a sound.

    Basically, for someone getting the Kemper, I wouldn't suggest it unless they also plan on making profiles. This isn't like an Axe-FX or Helix where if you don't like the sound you can tweak it to taste, there are so many times where you have to ditch massive amounts of profiles to find a few gems. For all the people who complain about "tweaking" when it comes to traditional modelers, they spend the same amount of time profile hunting to achieve the same result. I would say that the Kemper method is unique and cool, but also more frustrating. You're not just getting amps, you're getting full signal chains: amp > cab > mic > mic placement > mic preamp > pedals in the chain > cables, and anything else in the chain which affects the tone in some small way. That's a lot of variables to be stuck with if you don't care for the sound, whereas creating your own profiles means you're immediately left with something much closer to a tone you know you like.

    Don't get me wrong, I have a number of commercial profiles still on my KPA, some I use quite often, but many are either profiles I've made or gems I've found after auditioning thousands on rig exchange. Some are also freebies shared in the FB group or here that aren't on RE. Still, I wouldn't advise getting a KPA if that's all you're looking to do because it's a time-suck and vortex of frustration IME. Then again, some people seem to be suspiciously over the moon with each and every profile they try, so I guess we all have different standards.

    I agree in regards to profiling your amps, if possible. I can’t say I’m over the moon, but after making my own profiles, I’m contented enough to not constantly think about selling my KPA, just sometimes.

    Might be time to try something else to find what best works for you. I’d be using a small H&K Tubemeister Deluxe 40 along with a cab and pedals weren’t it just more moving parts than I want to justify for smaller gigs. The KPA form factor and ease for recording are the only things clinging it to life support, but I’ve made more peace with it than before.

    I have a couple of questions, and yes, some will be stupid ones

    I know it might be a retarded question

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    Qualifying yourself every step of the way quite conveniently. Small mindedness from childhood has transferred unabated to adulthood apparently.

    You received a constructive response, and by perhaps the kindest member of the forum. Best to respond constructively, otherwise you only serve to make a complete jackass of yourself.

    MementoMori what is the case that people wat to enter values via KB? I don't get it. What difference it will be 12.3 or 12.0 dB

    The problem lies that people sometimes use "." and sometimes use "," Sometimes thay do ot use nothing just plain "12" ...nevermind.

    Why the need for the limitation for people who already know the numeric values they want or need? If the editor is there to expedite the process, IMO it is beneficial to offer the knob and the numeric option.

    Funny ;)

    Now .... to be serious, we did get delays that are really good. We asked for an improved reverb engine .... and have a really great reverb engine that rivals even the most expensive pedals out there. We also asked for them to fix the horribly inefficient scrolling through things in the menu system .... and now it is really nice.

    The editor will come as well.

    I agree, though people were clamoring for an editor since day 1. This isn't to repeat a complaint; Kemper announced the editor and I celebrate that it's coming. But to some, the reverbs & delays were a distant concern next to a functioning editor, myself included. The reverbs & delays are neat to noodle with, but I honestly have no practical use for nearly all of them, not that this means I don't appreciate them.

    Hopefully since the reverbs & delays gave people more than what they hoped for, the editor will follow that trend.

    Okay.I have nothing against this approach.I even agree and again have no idea what brought me to "contribute" 5 posts in this kindergarten of a thread..I guess all I wanted to say is:Let this thread die.The editor will come when it's ready and Kemper has absolutely no need to listen to anyone who wants to tell him how to do his work..his stuff sells like crazy and we should play our guitar instead to feed this freakin' apocalypse of a needless discussion..

    If you don't want to be part of the thread and can't add anything constructive to the topic, you're entitled to not read it or contribute. You're only bothering yourself, and not going to stop people from having their own opinions and voicing them here, which is the thread for that declared purpose.

    It is funny that none here answers me to the simple fact that the Stage is out of stock because it sells like crazy.

    Nobody has suggested the Stage hasn't sold out and didn't make a huge splash on its release. Kemper is pretty small, so the number of units they could produce is no doubt modest. Being out of stock isn't unheard of. I know the guys at Hughes & Kettner and when the Black Spirit dropped, they sold out of all the units they manufactured immediately. They're subsidiaries of Yorkville Sound and I safely assume have a much bigger manufacturing network than Kemper to produce more units. Selling out is a great sign, but doesn't "win" any wars as you've suggested before, especially if it's in the early-going of making a splash rather than sustained dominance of the market share.

    You have to allow me to at least talk about it..

    Nobody is stopping you or suggesting you can't speak, they're pointing to your conveniently applied logic and cherry-picking. If they disagree, they're going to tell you why, which is not the same as trying to silence someone.

    I agree with you that the charts(are they still relevant today;) don't say much about good taste but gear is not as much about good taste as it is about sound,reliability and ofcourse personal needs..I just don't believe that people today spend double as much money for the stage as they could save buying a helix Lt or whatever half the price and with "the world's best editor/UI" because they "don't know" that the editor is still not ready or that some kpa-stages have qc-issues..

    Obviously most customers don't care..and there must be some reasons for this..;)

    Not sure where you are getting this assumption from. If you go to Thomann and look at sales ranking for the past 2 months, Helix tops in both amps and preamps. Stage is #19, I believe.