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    the real amp sounds a little more... rounded? The Kemper feels a little more forward in the mix, the real amp feels a little more natural somehow, not sure exactly how.

    My feelings exactly. I think people like how Kemper "cuts" because it gives you more high mids and presence, but in my recording experience it becomes a bit too shrill. When you dial it back to cut some of the harshness, the tone starts to feel a bit thin, which is why I stopped using it for recording (in my particular context). With real amps you can make EQ cuts and still feels full to me, but of course YMMV.

    There is definitely a difference in those two clips. Which sounds better? I'm not sure. They are too close to matter. I did post another video and if you listen to that one I think you'll be amazed at just how close they are to each other. It's posted in the forum as my Part 3 video.

    I did see your 3rd one the other day, I just didn't want to be redundant by posting the same thing. The result is the same as in this comparison, though that effect is small enough most people likely won't hear it, especially not when they're tuning their ears. Kemper has a bit more "TS" boost and high end presence.

    Since that was a distortion pedal, was the amp on clean or did the amp also have some measure of gain? I just ask because Kemper themselves discuss not being able to accurately profile multiple distorting stages. Would be interesting to know how you had it set up.

    Interesting that you say the Kemper has the usual TS mid hump. I've just finished recording a new profile and I've found virtually no difference between the two. I honestly don't hear the "mid hump" in the new comparison.

    I've heard comparisons that get crazy close, and others that are quite different. Without hearing it myself, hard to pass any kind of judgement, even though the "mid hump" has been observed and addressed many, many times. That being said, plenty of times people say they couldn't hear a difference where I was able to. And don't take this as me saying I have the proverbial "golden ears" as some like to mock, I certainly don't. There have been plenty of times I've struggled to hear a difference that someone else was able to hear and pick out.

    None of this makes anything bad, but if we're comparing then it's useful to point them out.

    And factor in that everyone's ears are different. Some people hear things that others don't or don't readily/easily. Just take a peek at the comments section for these comparisons and you see any assortment of people who can hear differences, can't hear them, or those resorting to rationalization/confirmation bias.

    Pretty close. If we're being deliberate, the Kemper has the usual "TS" mid hump going on that is more apparent when you hit the open A. The amp is less focused in that area so it feels fuller/smoother and not quite as harsh, but it's still quite close.

    I bet it did sound fantastic. What else could ever sound that good? I think that is a unique setup that can only be recreated by the original config of those amps. But it doesn't hurt to ask for it. Maybe the editor will bring some additional capabilities later this year??

    In this interview @17:24 Christoph talks about running a profile being processor-consuming and suggests running them simultaneously isn't possible currently. Definitely something that sounds like it would require a Kemper II.

    If they wanted to go overboard, they could allow parallel paths as well to simulate running 2 different amps in parallel.

    Did some profiling last night with my other guitarist and his Orange AD140. We both talked about how useful it would actually be to run 2 profiles simultaneously since we would wind up with a profile that did 1 thing we liked but lacked another, then make some adjustments and get the thing it lacked, but then lost the aspect we liked about the previous profile. Being able to run both would have allowed for a fuller sound that we couldn't quite accomplish at the time and would have been fun to experiment with.

    I know the Pod could run two amps at the same time. Don't know if any of the rest of their reincarnations up to Helix does it? I suppose Fractal doens't do it?

    Fractal and Helix can absolutely run 2 amps and 2 cabs simultaneously. It's part of the reason Kemper users here have brought it up a number of times on their wishlist, especially those migrating from Fractal products. Some dismiss this as not something many people want, but I absolutely think people would use and experiment with. if given the option.

    It's worth pointing out because it's become such a catch-phrase on this forum and others that there is no one kind of mix. Some profiles say "mix ready" but are made for particular mixes, so it doesn't tell you much. It's more important to give an example for the type of mix and guitar tone you're trying to achieve otherwise it's hard to give much useful advice.

    And also because a profiler is popular doesn't always mean it's best for you. I've tried many profiles from the ones you listed that didn't fit well for my playing & mixes when I've tried. Perhaps there's a different direction when it comes to profiles that people can help find you more "mix ready" stuff that you're after.

    I don't own any hw amp anymore and hadn't done it before I purchased the kemper so I depend on others profiles. But it doesn't matter who made the profiles and how good they are. This is a kemper issue.

    It certainly depends how you're using it. If you're adding any distortion from the pedal you wind up with multiple distortion changes and the Kemper doesn't profile it accurately. Kemper's own literature asserts as much.

    If you're using it just as a clean boost, it would somewhat stand to reason that hitting the front end of the Kemper vs a tube amp would respond differently. And then there's the added high-mid focus you get from boosts which the Kemper already exaggerates. I find many profiles with an OD baked in just have too much "cocked wah" happening that you can't "unbake" for my tastes.

    Wouldn't it be great if they came out with a Pedal Profiler? Profile all the great pedal effects for the last 60 years or so? To me, that is Kemper II.

    In the past I believe Christoph spoke of possibly profiling entire tone stacks, so you'd basically profile the entire amp and the EQ would react like the amp rather than like a studio EQ. That idea seemed to go away as quickly as it came. Profiling pedals and then using them as stomps would be cool, but that seems like a crazy amount of ambition.

    What profiles were you using? When we went back to back with the amp source and the profiles it was on par. Do you have any live vids for reference of you playing out. Would love to hear them..

    I've used a variety of profiles, but most I no longer keep on the Kemper because they simply didn't work for live use in my case. I also have no amp to reference for them since they are others profiles, not my own amps. At some juncture when I get the time and ambition I plan on making my own profiles to see if it helps curtail some of those frustrations.

    We are working on a project with heavy distortions and I was cutting through the mix more than him and it was heavy.

    Of course it depends how the Axe patch was set up, just as with variables in profiles. I've gone through multiple profiles for live use because I wasn't "cutting the mix" next to my other guitarist's Orange AD140 & 4x12. It's still something I fight with.

    Of course, but seeing as how the implications are often about how you have to buy a new form factor, if the current (or older) form factor is already perfect for your needs, it doesn't change or get any worse with new hardware. Your preference for new features and toys notwithstanding.

    I certainly see your point and I'm by no means saying you should be less content with the gear you have.

    As guitarists, I think we're predisposed to try out something new that peaks our interest. Just sub buying amps or other modelers for hoarding profiles and you pretty much have the same impulse (just less expensive). Even if Fractal comes out with a new form factor, or Kemper in the future as CK himself confirmed, it doesn't obligate anyone to buy it. If people are content with their gear, I don't see the preoccupation with the potential resell value. Likewise, if they want to try out a new toy to find some inspiration, I don't see the issue despite some users here taking subtle jabs at such a preference.

    Ok,, expensive peanuts,,But,up until the Kemper, I bought and sold a bunch of units,RockMan,Zoom,Boss, Line 6, Digi Eleven,Mooer,Head Rush, , Helix,,Fractal,( 3-diff units) etc,,, , all used for under a year, other then the HeadRush,( still in use) taking a loss on every one,

    Of course my fault , but a loss is a loss, the Kemper will never be sold,I've paid for it 50 times( or more) over in sessions,, I will wear it out, and buy another, that's value, can't say that about any other guitar/ modeler/processor etc,, device I've bought,,

    Ever since Kemper came along, I spend WAY more time playing, then chasing gear,on flea bay,,

    Of course, but the nature of selling something second-hand is it will be at a loss. Nobody pays full price for a used item. Of course, some items depreciate more than others. Kemper has a high resell value, but you would still lose money by selling it (unless you bought it used initially). The moment there's a Kemper II, the price would drop further.

    Since you brought it up, given that Fractal is already a high priced, high end item to begin with, its used prices still stay pretty substantial. I've looked a good number of times hoping to steal an Axe II, but people know how much they're worth, even still. Much like a Kemper II wouldn't make the Kemper I "worse", the Axe III doesn't make the Axe II any worse than it was as a top-tier solution.

    His exact quote:

    “ The profiling process is limited to amplifiers. This includes tube amps, solid state amps, most modeling amps and most distortion pedals in combination with an amp. It is not possible to profile other kinds of effects, as this would require a wholly different technique. “

    I believe he's really referring to time-based effects like delay & reverb, as the Kemper isn't able to profile those at the moment (and, again, perhaps requires a new hardware to accomplish).