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    the whole thing is becoming really grotesque.

    At this point I prefer it from what it used to be, which was mainly circular arguments over and over again. Things would calm down, then someone would came trucking in with a ham-fisted hot take about how an editor is needed/not-needed, and the cycle would begin anew. At least now there's a bit of humor along with a very comprehensive display of psychological coping mechanisms.

    I recommend putting your thoughts into stanzas and haiku's.

    Well, the Tone Wars Fight night was last night. And the Kemper beat the Axfex lll. It was close. But Kemper prevailed

    For me I thought the Axfex, would be really good in the studio, but live didn't have the hand,pick feel

    Saw bits of it and thought all the tones were awful TBH. Heard much better from both so can't really trust the comparison.

    I do have some sympathy for those who purchased the floor unit recently thinking that the OEM editor would be just days away; however, having said that, just download Toast ME in the meanwhile. Isn't that a reasonable solution for remote operation in the interim?

    I could be wrong, but I believe I heard that Toast Me doesn't work with the Stage. Given that the official editor is supposed to be around the corner, I highly doubt Damien is going to invest his own time and labor into it, so Stage users are in a holding pattern.

    Im not cherry picking anything. I am using common sense versus "your" wishful thinking. Thats apples and oranges thinking and it never works like this with any manufacturer. Maybe you did not realize that when you bought the blender/car/guitar/computer/Rhino/Kemper, you purchased it for what it had to offer at the time, and NOT what might be available for it later on? In the real world that's called accessories, they are usually not free and cost us more $ for each one we add on. These accessories can come out at anytime, and you have the choice of adding them in or not and they can be free, or not. But these updated items are not ever "OWED" to us just simply because we bought the product. Sure its always nice when free add-ons happen (I like that too) but, they (Kemper or any other) is not obligated to anything including future updates or free tires for life, unless it was specifically broken and not operating as promised when purchased, or stated in the deal at the time of the sale. The add-ons, updates and improvements we get are NOT under some kind of contractual "must give out" agreement with Kemper, but Im glad that they do this and it also helps their PR and sales in the process. Thats a good thing, but they do NOT have to do this. You and I knew there was NO editor when we bought the Kemper, so now you feel like they OWE you one just because other Manufacturers made one for their products? So when you buy a camper, do they need to throw in the lake to camp at too? Look I want the editor as much as the next guy, but Kemper does not legally OWE me (or anyone else) anything extra that comes along later just because others may have one, or we want one, or my friends friends got one, or just because I bought their product at some point(which BTW Im glad I did)! See the difference? Thats not cherry picking, it is however factual.

    This is just tiresome straw manning with things nobody suggested.

    I don't see how this is relevant. You said no promise was made, which nobody claimed there was. Doesn't mean you can't reserve the opinion that such a decision is misguided, as many do. And if you reserve that opinion, of course your feelings are that the editor is 7 years too late. You're cherry picking comments out of context to make them easier to critique on your terms.

    There was never a promise until much later there would be an official Editor. Shoulda Coulda Woulda...

    The point wasn't about any promise, but rather about the expectations of the consumer. I happen to agree that it makes little sense Kemper didn't release one initially with the product, like all its competitors. Even without a promise, doesn't mean we have to like it or bite our tongues. The longest threads on this forum were asking for an editor, which endured since its release in 2012.

    Another smart marketing move by Fractal....!

    I don't like being overly presumptuous because I don't know what their circumstances are for Europe. Lots of things can affect pricing, and perhaps since they deal direct in the 'States and not through a handful of distributors overseas, they have no wiggle room. Without working there, couldn't say for sure. I work for a US-based company in this industry and Europe is always a pricing issue for us. We can offer things to US dealers that we simply can't to European distributors.

    I will say that I think Fractal's marketing is very poor. I happen to think Kemper's is also pretty poor in comparison to what I would do running marketing and social media for either. They have very exciting products, but you'd never guess by the muted and placid tone they have online. There are plenty of things you could do that wouldn't cost money, or not very much, but would set a tone for the brand in public. It's what I do for a living, so I notice lots of little things that makes me feel there's so many opportunities wasted.

    Maybe it's just around you? :P  :D

    For real, though. I'm used to boomers calling everyone spoiled since I was 5-6 years old, and it's yet to relent. Doesn't really seem to matter what it's about or if it's rationally justified. :D

    BTW, I'm not trying to swipe or paint with too broad of a brush. The differences are actually interesting to me, but when someone gets cynical and starts the "get off my lawn" gambit, I feel it's important to point out that things are much more nuanced than is being let on.

    I also seem to notice that us older folks have more patience, not like the instant gratification generation that has a whining breakdown when they don’t get things NOW. Our own fault for not teaching patience and learning to deal with disappointment.

    I simply can't agree. Older folks in my experience can have less patience, it's just over different things. Plenty won't even try something new or try to understand it, having zero patience to begin with. So it serves that they would be more patient with something they haven't come to expect based on the conditions they are used to.

    Younger people can still be impatient, but about different things based on the environment they've grown up in (which was made and reinforced by older generations). Life with computers and the internet allows information to be much more instantaneous. That's actually a good thing IMO.

    But let's not pretend that humans aren't humans and haven't behaved in exactly the same way for as far back as we can read. Aristotle complained about the younger generation being spoiled and disobedient. Should sound familiar, since it's been the inevitable cycle for centuries.

    Or I just didn't play with it enough to love it. :)

    If someone asks me which guitar plugin I would recommend at this moment, the answer would be Neural DSP.

    A buddy of mine is their social media guy. Dude is always gushing about the plugins, the company, and new stuff that he can't wait to talk about. They really seem to be doing something special.

    I must say that the Nameless was a kind of disappointment for me, but then comes the NTS then the Nolly and the Parallax (for the bass) and these were a whoa-experience to me. The progress the guitar plugins have achieved over the last 5-6 years is fantastic.

    Could be you just plain don't like the amp, and there's nothing wrong with that. The comparison at their booth was pretty uncanny.

    With Line 6 and Fractal, there's a big sticker on the side, "Some assembly required." So, I just pick a profile that goes where I want to go and play guitar. I don't have to fiddle with the sound. This is about 80% of my use.

    Really interesting read and appreciate sharing your own perspective.

    To the quote above, I would say that differences aren't as far as it's made out to be, but the approaches appeal to some while not to others. I think younger people like building a sound on the computer much more than older people do. However, you spend about the same amount of time "profile hunting", which is essentially auditioning thousands of presets to find ones that work for you. That makes sense given the variables in profiles from amps to settings to cabs to speakers to mics to mic positions to mic preamps, etc. Some people would just rather scroll through presets to find the right ones, others would prefer to sculpt a model into what they want from the beginning.

    There are some guys here who were in the Axe world and didn't like editing and tweaking that way, and that's perfectly understandable. There are others who quite like it and they feel it better helps them achieve the sounds they want, also perfectly understandable. It's really a matter of methodology and preference. I just notice older players view desktop editing like computer work, not like the classic amp designs they are more familiar with. The functions are remotely the same whether a Kemper or an Axe-FX or a Helix, it's just that the Kemper's UI feels more familiar, but they're still manipulating digital algorithms like you would on a Helix, only not on a desktop.

    The Kemper editor will really help bridge that generational gap and everything in between.