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    It's been brought up and discussed many times, including marathon threads. I'd rather not dive into the issue again because it sets off an avalanche of people who take it too personally and constantly move the goalposts.

    I will say that some are much closer than others, but the ones where differences are apparent, you get a ton of guys who simply can't hear it, won't acknowledge it, or are unwilling to have biases confronted. At this point, it's not worth the time and energy.

    That's the problem, too much garbage. Most of the profiles on the rig exchange are mediocre at best. Some are just downright bad. I'm not sure why, I've profiled quite a few amps including my own and have been able get relatively good results and in the case of my Uberschall profiles excellent results.

    Not everyone has the same tastes and same monitoring. Also bear in mind that most people doing these at home are probably listening to the profile back through their cab or with headphones (right next to their cab and getting plenty of bleed), which is a far cry from when you play it on flatter monitors with cab emulation on.

    In my experience making profiles, given my own limitations, something may sound ok through my Mission FRFR cab in the room, but on monitors is unusable. It's forced me to shoot lots of profiles with different mic positions and settings to assess later. It's very time consuming to do it this way, though, and I've burned entire days profiling only to end up deleting everything. Judging by what's on the exchange, I highly doubt as many people are putting in the same time and effort.

    Also, judging by how many people hear comparisons with clear differences between source and profile and then talk about how exact it is, I don't have much faith in your average guitarist's ears.

    The problem with sorting in a universal way is that Kemper would likely be getting into sticky territory with trademarks. If Kemper labeled profiles based on company names and amp models, it opens up a litigation window because the company is using them without permission. Not doing so allows for the consumer to label things in any way they like, the drawback being uniformity is impossible.

    Kemper has grown to the point that there are so many profiles and profile sellers. For Kemper this is a good thing since it's the customer who is actually adding value to the product and doing the legwork, so to speak. Its methodology allows for so many variables, so the possibilities of unique profiles are seemingly endless. The downside of that is you're going to get a ton of garbage with it.

    The reason you find those is because, say someone has a sound they've used and like out of the Axe-FX, but also has a sound they use and like out of their amp and cab. The Kemper allows you to have profiles of both.

    the profiles of those modelers IMHO trashes up the rig exchange

    It no more "trashes" up the exchange than profiles of real amps done terribly, which I would say is the vast majority of profiles. I wouldn't get hung up on the source, I'd judge it by sound. Again, listen with your ears not your eyes.

    Because a good sound is a good sound? One of the best profiles on the exchange is Vox Boutique OD by guitarj. It's actually a Dumble model from a cheap VOX Valvetronix AD50VT, and the info is in the tags. FAS CAMERON CCV CH2 by Chris O is another good profile, and it's of an Axe-FX (hence FAS in the title).

    The way I look at it, you're getting a digital reinterpretation whether it's the KPA, Axe-FX, Helix, Valvetronix, or whatever. The Kemper's methodology is really cool and unique, but it's not perfect. At the end of the day, you either like the sound or you don't. I don't see the point in counting purism points, whether it's profiles of traditional amps or modelers.

    Best policy is to listen with your ears, not your eyes.

    Just like every single user benefits from the option of an acoustic sim, or more stomps, etc.. I also agree with Mats, Serendipity, and Ruefus on this point.

    Difference is an acoustic sim is not practical for every person. Some never have a need for one.

    Conversely, every sound requires sculpting. Whether that's on the front of the amp or internally. That is the editors function, hence every single user benefits from it being there. It's not beholden to any type of player or sound, making it universal to each and every user.

    My point was its usefulness to each user, whereas other peoples sticking point seems to be who uses it.

    I'm not arguing some may forego it, but it is nonetheless universal in that its function is doing something that every user does. Whether that's as simple as tweaking the EQ, gain, master volume, adding/editing/changing effects, etc.

    OneEng1 , the premise is about the fact that an editor is not exclusive to any type of player or sound, it is fundamental to running a Kemper, be it on a desktop or the front panel. That is what I mean by it being useful to everyone whether its used or not.

    Further, there are people that don't use an editor at all (most I suspect). Certainly I didn't use an editor with my tube amp rig

    I very much disagree. In the digital domain, nearly every person I've encountered uses a desktop editor. Kemper being the exception since the editor is still forthcoming. Nonetheless, it's not uncommon by any measure. Add that most Kemper users are not members of this forum, and the few that I know who are not were always aghast at the lack of an editor. It's also been mentioned before by myself and others that when potential buyers inquire with us and we inform them there's no editor, it absolutely influences their decision. Thankfully, that will soon change.

    This forum, because we're surrounded by, as you say, "Kemper enthusiasts", is a much different place with different attitudes than exist elsewhere, that are typically less forgiving. The Stage issues on this forum are handled in a pretty civil manner. Other forums, not nearly as much from what I've seen. I only bring that up to help illustrate the culture here vs elsewhere. I wouldn't assess consumer attitudes just based on this forum, which is mostly Kemper's most loyal

    My point was its usefulness to each user, whereas other peoples sticking point seems to be who uses it.

    I'm not arguing some may forego it, but it is nonetheless universal in that its function is doing something that every user does. Whether that's as simple as tweaking the EQ, gain, master volume, adding/editing/changing effects, etc.

    This also isn't to say that some may rather have X, Y, or Z over it. That's beside the point I was outlining.

    The editor is absolutely useful to every single user. Whether someone chooses to use it is up to them, but it's nonetheless an asset. Everybody at some point will change a parameter, which a comprehensive editor can accomplish. On the flip side, not everybody is going to have a practical use for a particular stomp, like an acoustic simulator.

    So yes, every single user benefits from the option of a desktop editor.

    I don't understand this hurry of some of you guys here.

    I think it's a byproduct of waiting 7 years.

    I am in need for a great acoustic SIM much more than any of you of the editor

    Not to discount your need of an acoustic sim, but much more than others for an editor? Let's be real. The editor is useful to every single user. An acoustic sim, while it would be a great addition, would be useful to a more limited number of people. Besides, there are some fairly decent acoustic sim profiles available already.

    While a lack of invective may be your intent, that is not how much of what you write comes across. You are direct. But the terms placid and dispassionate aren't terms I'd ever use to describe your writing.

    Could that just be me? Possibly. But I don't believe I'm the first person to express this opinion.

    I point out what I see and explain why, which can sometimes be confrontational. For instance, if I feel someone is being intellectually dishonest, I'm prone to point it out, understanding that it likely isn't going to make the person happy. But I'd rather be open and hope to improve dialogue moving forward than ignoring things that will only perpetuate unaddressed.

    In the case of the "just play guitar" comments, those come up consistently and always aimed at certain people/comments. Nobody tells people professing a love for their Kemper to stop talking about it and go back to playing guitar. It just happened to come up again and I've seen it enough times that I felt appropriate in offering a countering voice to what is an attempt at manipulating silence from comments people don't like.

    And I understand it continues in diverting the thread, but the hope is minimizing the number of times that appeal comes up in seemingly every instance of Kemper facing criticism. There are good ways to counter someone disproportionately complaining about something, I just don't think that happens to be one.

    I've tried to make much of what I write in direct, almost placid, dispassionate language because there's no invective behind it. You added your thoughts, and I added mine in kind. You doubled down, as did I politely.

    This is the official editor discussion thread. If you want to add to the discussion of the editor, please do. If you don't like what you read, better to just ignore it than make passive digs and divert the thread because it won't simply end because you think it should. Marathon threads also go through cycles inevitably, so stick around long enough and I'm sure the conversation will round into something more constructive.


    It was a friendly attempt to end this very tired and monotonous thread, which I only recently happened upon, but will stop following.

    Long threads tend to run circles. If you find it monotonous and a waste of your time, no sense in posting in the first place. That's often what leads to people posting off-topic to begin with. Best policy if you don't like a thread is to ignore it.

    Now go play - all of us!

    People are going to do what contents them. Sometimes that's playing, sometimes that's discussing, sometimes that's learning, sometimes that's just filling the time with arbitrary entertainment. You're of course welcome to follow your own suggestion if you feel that's important, but I wouldn't bother projecting that on other people.

    Can we just move past the tired "shut up and play your guitar" refrain?

    If you're reading and posting on this forum, you're not playing guitar, whether that's leaving negative or positive comments. It's exactly the same, but seems to only come up when people get tired of reading critical comments. Besides, part of the reason such forums exist is to gather feedback, which even criticism is. If that criticism isn't constructive, people should be guided at making them so, not told to essentially shut up if they don't have something nice to say so we can reaffirm our biases.

    As mentioned by others, summer in the EU ends at the end of September, so there's no need to get flustered.

    I agree that it hasn't hit its timeline, but I can't blame people watching the software and hardware issues with the Stage and getting a bit discouraged. Obviously the hope is that everything is situated by the time the editor comes out, and who knows if it will be just like the one at NAMM. You'd hope given the loooong wait since then that many more features would be added to make it more comprehensive than what was demoed at NAMM, which was pretty minimal.

    Once it's here, I for one am hoping it isn't a buggy mess. That's an even bigger wish from me than the idea that it may be delayed by a month or two.

    I agree. Would sooner wait a little longer than get it when it's not ready to go. Something tells me the Stage rollout probably has Kemper a little less eager to pull the trigger and repeat this again.

    Given that they have demonstrated working OSes at NAMM, I sometimes secretly wonder whether Kemper Amps feeds us slowly with bits and pieces of what is already a finished product to keep the hype mills working :D

    The past few years more people have been vocal about the lack of anything, let alone something being teased. Though, relatively a lot was teased at NAMM with the editor, new OS, and Kone (which feels like discussions of have died off, but that might just be my impression). Given the backlash from the year before having nothing, I think they went the opposite way and tipped their hand at most of what was to come through the year, though all were more conceptual than mature.

    This forum is very helpful on the whole, but you have to remember that a vocal minority making complaints don't represent the whole. Most Kemper users probably get on with playing guitar and take the updates as a bonus.

    That was pretty much my point.