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    I've got a potential gig coming up where there is no AC power. There is however a generator available (Honda 2200, with 1800W and 15A). I would need to run at least the Power Kab and the Floor off the Generator. Ideally I'd like to also be able to run at least one of my Yamaha DBR10 PA speakers off of it, but if there's not enough juice for that I do have a battery-powered PA speaker.

    Anyway, thanks in advance if anyone has any info on the power draw.

    At the advice of Kemper Support, I did an Init Globals from the first page of the System menu and it seems to resolved the weirdness I was having. The Power Amp Boost works properly now, as does the Monitor output levels. I guess something got munged in my settings but the reset of the Global settings got me back on track.

    The PowerKab is still a bit quieter than the PS170 at similar settings (and maxed out), but the difference is MUCH smaller now and the PowerKab will definitely get to workable gigging volumes now.

    Thanks Kemper Support! :)

    Do the update to the latest OS on the Kemper and use the "Power Amp Boost" option.

    Should be good to go.

    Hmmm. I did the updated. The Power Amp Boost adjustment does nothing. I also tried boosting the Monitor output too. Also no effect. There's got to be a bug here somewhere.

    I guess I'll put in a support ticket. :(

    Ok. Finally back from the beach and got my Powered Kab all plugged up. It sounds great, although I notice, despite it's 200W rating, it is significantly quieter than my unpowered Kab with the SD PS170 powering it.

    I know that power ratings are less than objective measures of how loud a power amp will drive a speaker, but I am surprised by the volume difference. The Powered Kab at full volume is about equal to the PS170 at about 60% volume.

    Has anybody else with both of these combinations ( Ingolf ? ) noticed this too?

    Similar boat in the same port (fellow Atlantan here). Just left may last band after about 5 years, due to a number of factors, but finding (or building) a replacement is HARD! :(

    P.S. Nothing wrong with your leanings, in my book. That's along the same lines I cross over, although, ideally, I am hoping for something a little more on the Americana meets power-pop and/or garage rock side (Petty, Drive By Truckers, Old 97s, etc.) for my next project. Maybe we should touch base and share leads and maybe even jam sometime.

    I keep a small (PT Nano+) board in from of my Floor with a Fuzz Face, a ClinchFX PICO PRE (a EP-3 preamp pedal), a couple of ambient delays, and a Drybell UNIT 67 (combination boost and compressor). I also use the Prince of Tone-ish Kemper Drive profile in the Floor. The combination of the above give me a killer range of fuzz, drive, crunch, and distortion sounds.

    Most of the gain profiles use the cabs from the blended IR pack. I did not do direct profiles of the amps, but rather just swapped cabs. Since most of the time I use many of the same cabs I can swap without weird eq happening. Every time I compared the profiled cab to the IR cab I just preferred them on the gain settings. All of the cleanish profiles use the profiled cabs. Working with Jamie, my goal was to get tones he approved of and I was able to do that using the the blended cabs. I think the amp/cab separation algorithm has gotten better over time and I feel the DI adds a layer to the profiles, imparting a slight shift of tone to the sound. I've just been happier swapping cabs since the basic tonality is so close, it's just like making minor eq changes on a mixing console or something.


    Your Citizen Gain profile sounds excellent! I am about to purchase it for my newly acquired Power Toaster. :)

    Is there any chance you might be doing a subsequent profile of the Dual Citizen? This is my go-to amp and, as a newby, I am certain any profile I create of this killer amp will be vastly inferior to your excellent work.

    Thanks for all the great work! :)