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    I have not complained. But I will say that if the editor is not released by tomorrow it would be nice if the Kemper team gave an update on where they're at with it.

    When the editor does get released this thread may turn into a "We WAITED 9 months for this piece of ...???????" But I doubt it. Knowing Mr. Kempers skills and ideas this may very well be the Editor that ALL other editors will be compared to!

    Just go FCB midi out to midi in on the kemper and midi thru out of the Kemper to midi in on the Axe.

    I thought of that but does the midi thru work when the unit is off? As I mentioned I’d only be using one unit at a time while the other one is off?

    Update.. Just tried it out and both units have to be on, so will the splitter do what I want to do ?

    Hello, I want to connect my FCB1010 to the Kemper as well as my AXE FX. I used to have a midi thru box which i know is the best way. However, I now see a Midi Y Cable/Splitter is available. I would not be using the units at the same time it would just be for convenience. Would it work?

    The Kemper is a Computer that you can plug your guitar into and play. I like big screens for my computer and that is what the editor does for me! I can find things 10x quicker than scrolling through the screen on the kemper. It allows me to tweak 20x faster which allows me to play more than spending time on the small kemper screen. I realize there are people who don't even use Rig Manager. They just plug and play, COOL! I like to get the most for my money and the editor does just that. As I mentioned earlier, I appreciate the die hard tweakers that find all the cool tricks from the editor that I find useful.

    Once the editor is released the skeptics might very well be commenting on how it does make things Easier...Even if it's just ONE thing. Who knows the skeptics may be the ones requesting features for the editor!!!;)

    A lot of people are interested in the editor, nothing special about it. Many of us, including myself, desperately need it. I am amazed at how many impatient, urgent messages have been here over the last 2-3 months. However, I am genuinely surprised that today is August 28th and they still haven't released it. I also saw the NAMM video in January, where they showed the software to the public and said it would be released during the summer. I don't urge them, but I hope we can try out the editor in September and we don't have to wait until the last quarter of the year.

    I don't know if I saw the same video. But it seemed they stated it would be ready by the 3rd quarter(July-Sept) I believe after that statement they said possibly "earlier"???

    I'd say majority non-gigging bedroom players. There is a massive market deliberately aimed at tweakers, I don't think Kemper is in this business though, it's covered by many others. It's much easier to fiddle with the knobs than play guitar.

    I can't wait for the editor and the convenience for dialing up effects etc. But one of the main reason I want the editor to be released is for those wonderful Tweakers! It's those guys/girls that figure out those hidden tips and tricks that I would not have found:)

    Unless I missed it - I'm confused - I don't understand why they didn't even bother to ask an estimate on the release of the Kemper Editor or any other details. Of course release dates are fluid for software, but one can ask - and it looks already pretty usable at the moment.

    As he said at 7:25 into the video,"The software is Done". If they release betas of the firmware I see no reason to release the beta of the Editor.


    Did a search and didn't find any info on this, but does anyone know if/when a profile of the Rockstah Mod 5 Marshall is available, Great if it's free but would gladly purchase this!:)