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    I have 4 kempers. I started with a toaster for my studio then purchased a rack version to use live. I then invested in another rack version for the studio so I could track 2 guitars at the same time. Then Kemper released the stage which I brought to use live and ended up putting my live rack Kemper in the studio so now I have 3 in the studio and I use the stage for live use only.

    Noob question here. How do you set up to track 2 guitars at the same time? I would buy another one if I could do this. I have an unpowered rack. Is it best to go with another rack or does it work with a stage and rack together.

    totally happy with my live and rehearsal sound. Im running some of my favourite Michael Britt marshall profiles but... i need a lead boost. I dont have the remote pedal.

    I was thinking about the Boss EQ pedal, but many suggest to run it out from the effects loop from the amp, rather than from the guitar into the eq then into the amp.

    is there a way to do this with the kemper, or any other suggestions for a good lead boost?


    yes. leave your cabs on

    I dont own the cone. Im currently running it into my 1x12 Mesa Combo. It has the black shadow speaker so in my case ALL cabs are off. Otherwise it sounds thin and fuzzy. Cabs off (for my situation) sounds awesome

    i just did an album using only kemper. sounded better than my previous recordings micing 4x12s.

    yes it sounds awesome. plus you can use different amp combinations/speaker combinations all in one song with ease and separation of guitars in the mix. easier to avoid phase issues as well

    one of the best tones is my Mesa Nomad 1x12 combo on the clean channel with the blackstar preamp tube OD.

    It helps to swap out the stock 6L6 with EL34s in the amp.

    The Nomad series has amazing cleans that rival the Fender delux. But more sparkle IMO

    But adding the Blackstar OD is Crunch heaven

    Which can't be attained without the pedal.

    Thanks. I did make progress. The track did record and I did get the wave form.

    However I got the feedback issue. It sounded like it was being played back in a Tin box. Any gain or volume increase to get a decent waveform started screeching.

    Something to note. I ran mono. 1 output one input.

    My interface only has 2 in and 2 out(not including a headphones out as well.

    Cable the Presonus output to your Kemper input

    I use alt input in the back, right? Not the front input. Otherwise I have to set Input to front input not reamp

    Set Kemper alt output to DI

    What is alt output?

    Make sure the output of the DI track is pointed to stereo out

    Is stereo necessary?

    Connect the Left and Right main outputs of the Kemper to the two mic inputs of the Presonus (I believe this may be the part you're missing)
    Now, create a stereo track (or two mono tracks) in Studio One. Set one to the left mic input, the other to the right mic input.

    Again. I only recorded a mono DI track. I just need to run this track back through the kemper.

    Im wondering if I may need to get an interface with more output options if I want to run stereo and monitor as well


    oh yah, that's no problem. I did a DI track dry with a wet track. Then made a new track called reamp. Set the input to reamp, armed the track and started to record but nothing. It just plays back my dry track but the reamp track shows that its recording but with no waveform showing in the reamp track as im playing back and recording., Yet in the cans I can hear everything, ALL guitars , drums vox playing back like they are processed through the Kemper. so the output from my interface has all the tracks running through and into the kemper.


    im using presonus audiobox and studio one. This video doesn't give enough detail.

    Lets say I record a DI track.

    Now I run a 1/4" cable out of my interface to the input in the back of my kemper.

    Then Direct output back into the input of my interface?

    The next part is where I get stuck. I make a new track and call it reamp.

    Now im lost. I cant get beyond this. Maybe its the studio one v.3 software. or that my interface only has 2 outputs.

    Ive watched every video on YT. Ive read the posts on this forum. Ive spent too much time on this when I should be playing and recording.

    can anyone one help me with the studio one set up?