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    a question about the gain knob, if i adjust the gain on the powered rack to a higher gain it always drops on its own slowly, is this something that i common or is it just mine.

    Well done, mate.

    I like how the book-matched "knots" and fine-grain patterns above them make it look like an animal's face.

    Cheers mate, im over the moon with it. I gave it my brother who also plays guitar for tips on what needs sorting and he came back saying it was perfect and the thinnest neck hes ever played

    Tritium im just frustrated because im still learning and new to all this new technology, its took me over 3 weeks to figure out how to connect everything analog to record and reamp on this stupid imac with a 2i2 focusrite, but learning everything myself is such a happy feeling at the end

    However, I have little sympathy for those who admit to buying a $2,000 piece of gear, having done little to zero research into the products features and capabilities...only to feign surprise and frustration when they later find out the KPA did not have an editor. Please. ???

    Tritium im a gear junkie that likes new equipment, i dont mean to sound rude or anything, but finally found a product i love, after many years of buying a lot of rack gear i came across the kemper which sounded amazing and my broother bought it me on finance, for me helping him over the years.

    im not saying anything disappointing about the kemper at all (or dont mean to sound like i am)

    im self taught at everything and honestly struggle with a lot of fine tweaking, im just asking advise on the toast me program because im struggling to get anything to work with my shit focusrite

    Im sorry for my comment, i actually bought the powered kemper rack with less than 30 mins YouTube research because i was so impressed and my brother was paying.

    Within a week of buying it they announced the editor at namm and i became obsessed waiting for the release only to be let down.

    Im a bedroom player and have no interest of playing live because im scared shitless of what people think but really enjoy learning all aspects of recording/producing. I got told to use toast me to edit through midi but im running on a imac with a focusrite thats no spdif or midi options, is there a way to edit within toast me through usb?

    sorry about that Wheresthedug, rubbish at questions.

    i want to see if its possible to switch the cabinet on profiles on and off with the remote, bit like an effects onand off, i know i could duplicate a rig and have one with a profiled cab and one without.

    i like the sounds on some rigs when running a profile with no cab engaged straight to my cab and like some cabs when i mix someones profiles with there cab engaged to my marshall cab.

    hope thats more understandable

    Hi everyone, i was wondering if it was possible to assign the monitor output to the remote? might be a dumb question hahaha.
    Basically im running my powered kemper to my cab for everything but like the sounds that ive download with and without the cab.

    thanks for the quick reply, i must of accidently changed something because ive not even thought about the morphin yet because im still blown away with the amp and cant stop playing guitar and have a proper look through everything

    hi everyone, i might be asking a really stupid question here, but since ive installed the latest software update ive noticed on the amp eq section there appears a hightlighted M.

    ive never seen this before on the earlier updates and cant figure out what it is, ive searched through the manual but couldnt find what it is.

    anybody have an answer?

    i bought the profile pack last and within seconds of playing i had the biggest smile on my face, best money ive spent on a maiden pack.

    i did turn the cabinet section off because i was playing through the same cab they used to profile and it became more perfect

    The GK250ML sampled for this pack is a stock model from 1985. Its speakers are quite small, 6.5” sized, so we decided to profile it through a classic Marshall 1960A slanted cabinet with Celestion G12-T75 speakers: that way, the tone it produces gets much more interesting to say the least.

    Check the Output Source of the MONITOR OUTPUT, which is driving the internal power amp. This is in the Output Section.

    Check also the Input Source in the Input Section and if you perhaps have accidentally cranked up Aux In>Monitor in the Output Section

    simple mistakes but legends like you make my kemper experience /dreams a lot more easier

    hi everyone

    im having a little trouble ith my powerrack kemper

    ive been reamping lately with the analog routing due to need funds for spdif interface, problem im having is everytime ive reamped and disconnected the routing and plug my marshall cab back into the kemper all the effects and stop working.

    the only way i seem to get everything back to normal is to reset the global settings.

    am i doing something wrongthats making me reset everytime?