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    will do?

    Is yours the first or second version?

    the first one was super muddy and didn’t have a trim pot to balance clean and dirty levels. Mine was the firs version to the tech also converted it to V2 by changing something in tone stack and adding the trim pot. Its a really nice amp in a box now. Obviously the speaker simulated output isn’t anything like as good as KPA or IR but it gets the job done in an emergency.

    Yes, I cleared everything from the stomp section, running as direct as I can, even tried from the alternate input without success. Going to a friend's house with my guitar and the profiles I'm using here on a USB key to compare with mine. Will keep you posted. Thanks!

    Parallel path on/off is actually in the Rig menu even though it affects stomps A and B. Even if those stomps are bypassed it is still possible for parallel path to be causing two separate signals.

    the massive volume difference on the second rig is because it is a clean rig and the others are distorted. This means that you clean sens control is set too high. Turn it down to about -7 (Then fine tune to taste) and it should sort the issue for all clean profiles.

    I assume most pedals are the same, it's for the fanboys who want a "matching" pedal ...

    my Mission is the RJM specific variant- it isn’t Green 😆

    most of the Mission pedals are essentially the same with a TRS for exp connection and a TS for the Toe Switch (where they have one - EP1 versions don’t SP versions do). Therefore, the standard model, Kemper, RJM, H9 should all be totally interchangeable. However, the line 6 version only uses a TS for the Exp connection. I’m not sure is simply connecting a TS cable allows it work properly or not though.

    Most people including top pros (that aren't using Kempers or Axfx,) are micing a Iso box and one or two similar speakers or using Palmers.

    I would expect that is more of a practicality issue than a sonic differences issue but I take your point.

    I also take your point about working with sound guys that you don’t know or trust to go the right thing but going direct with the Kemper into a single (or pair of channels) removes mich of the risk there too. In the physical world each cabinet would need mic’ed then sent to its own channel to be EQd and have its level set. This is all in the hands of a third party that may not know you or your material which is clearly a big risk. However, with the Kemper all the Rig EQ and level balance is in your hands. The FOH only has to deal with a single global EQ and level mix.

    Someone like Michael is using a pretty consistent tone most of the night so a single cab is what he would have done pre Kemper and would do now. In fact most of his profiles are made with the same cab regardless of amp. On the other hand, a covers band doing everything from country to rock would be ore likely to want/need different cabs per rig.

    Both approaches are perfectly valid and each has its own pros and cons. All I would say is there is no “need” to use a single cab any more than there is to use a single amp all night. However, there may well be valid reasons why someone would “want” to do so.

    i always just use the cabinet that is already part of the studio profile, i never bother changing cabs. I don’t believe in the “you need to use the same cabinet on all amps” philosophy. Plenty of players over the years have used two totally separate rigs for their clean and dirty tone - a Fender for cleans and switching to a Marshall for dirt for example. It worked in the real amp world so why wouldn’t it work in the virtual amp world..

    interesting video Martin. That is very similar to my experience with volume knob (from 7 mins onwards) when using a clean profile. It would be interesting to hear whether you get the same behaviour when increasing the loop volume for the Klon rather then the Klon output volume. Perhaps that would help isolate whether the issue comes from the Kemper Drive (and other drive pedals) or the Amp section etc.

    I had a chance to try it last night and also found that when using a clean Rig the drives all reduce volume. If the amp has a little breakup (say gain above 2.5) the pedal volume behaves as expected but for cleaner amps playing quietly is louder than playing hard and turning up the pedal volume doesn’t behave like an amp.

    With my clean sense set at -5 clean and distorted rigs are all balanced well without pedals engaged but they still don’t behave properly with pedals engaged. I tried varying the clean sense but the with it set higher amps don’t balance properly and drive pedals still have the same issue.

    It would be nice to assign the pedals as the artist sees necessary, I still don't know why Kemper have decided having a pitch or volume pedal is more important than adjusting any or every other parameter (assuming morph is already set up for something else). It's a head scratcher

    absolutely agree. Pitch and volume are two of the least used features for me. I never use the pitch pedal and my guitar has a volume knob that is much more intuitive to me than using a pedal.

    you should be able to program the FCB1010 to use the first 5 pedals to change rigs but also have tue top row switch on and off individual Stomps or FX. The top row could be programmed for different Stomp and Effects in each bank on the FCB1010 if you want. It is a long time since I ised a 1010 as I now have the remote but you definitely don’t need to change rigs the way you are currently doing.