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    As Sam says it is pretty hard to engage it accidentally. In fact if I am sitting down playing at home I often have difficulty activating it at all :)

    However, if you find it is either too easy or too hard to engage you can adjust the height of the switch.

    I’ve been using my powered toaster with Main Out set to Master Mono and going straight to FOH. From there I take a full band monitor mix including my guitar to IEMs. I was using a Mesa 1x12 EV cabinet on stage just to keep the drummer and singer happy but it was so low I couldn’t hear it over my IEM.

    OK. let's go back to the beginning and trouble shoot it from there.

    The pedal works for Morph so is working as a pedal when TRS is connected to pedal and TS to switch.

    On KPA System Menu:

    Pedal 3 is set to Mono Switch and Switch Tip = Stomp A on/off?

    That is exactly how mine is set up exctept I use my wah in stomp B with a compressor in Stomp A.

    Pedal 4 is set to Pedal Type 1 Function = Wah Pedal?

    The only difference is that I need to set mine to Pedal Type 2 of the taper is all wrong but you can decide which works best for you once you have the wah working.

    If those are your settings then you have the first stage set correctly.

    Next, if you move the pedal does the Calibrate Line move? if not there is a problem with the pedal or TRS Cable. If yes then we know the pedal is working properly (remember to calibrate it properly at this point) and we can start narrowing down which settings need changed in your KPA.

    Do you have any of the shared functions ticked on Sytem Menu Page 5/18? i.e. Morph Pedal>Wah etc ?

    At the risk of inciting the wrath of G-String for going off topic (;)) it's you guys that have it wrong by omitting crucial syllables from words like aluminEEum and soLder as well as omitting the U from colour and behaviour as well as changing all the S to Z. We spend several hundred years trying to come up with this fine language and you lot trash it the blink of an eye ;)

    :whistling::whistling::whistling::whistling: I'll show myself out.

    The EL84's basically have zero high end or "sparkle"... but if you want to do jazz with a 335, I'd imagine it would kick ass.



    Have you tried a new set of valves? EL84 are awesome. If you don't crank the power amp the EL84 character shouldn't be quite as strong but still add some life to the pre-amp profiles. Failing that use the FX return on a head (borrow a mates if you don't have one).

    If I was closer I would take the 20/20 off your hands in a heartbeat just to have one :)

    2. You need to get a sense of your cabinet's characteristics. For instance to my ears the Mesa 2x12 is low end heavy with more than the average mid range. So anytime I download a new profile I pretty much just expect to have to lower bass and mids a little bit before I start judging whether or not I like the profile.............and those adjustments can be routine for you as you bring in new profiles to save some time getting a desired tone.

    Instead of lowering the bass and mids in every profile try making an output preset for you monitor out with the output of the KPA adjusted to compensate for your cab. That way the profiles will have a better starting point and need less tweaking individually.

    You should be fine without a DI box but just remember that the preamp often sounds pretty lifeless without a power amp attached. Where possible I would try hooking your pre amp of choice up to a valve power amp and profiling with a DI Box on the speaker out of the power amp. The results are much more convincing and dynamic.

    You might notice there is one commercial vendor with lots of Pre Amp packs like Triaxis, ADA MP1, Marshall JMP1 , Soldano etc. All of them were profiled with a power amp though for good reason.

    Thanks! What do you think about using normal guitar speaker at home. I mean it sounds great here but is the sound in any way comparable to the P.A. later?

    Basically you have to use what you have available bit a guitar speaker is not a good option for auditioning tones that will be used with a PA and IEM. tue problem is that the speaker is at least 5% of the sound of any rig ( maybe even 75% when you include mics etc) but when listening through a guitar speaker you are bypassing the speak portion of the profile so have no idea how it will sound through a PA. A guitar cab has very limited frequency response and is highly coloured which exactly the opposite of what you need to make decisions on your sound choices.

    The best option would be a pair of decent studio monitors if you have some. Of not a powered FRFR cab or your IEM would be much better choices than a regular guitar cab. Basically you want what ever you are listening on to colour the sound as little as possible.

    If you go into Rig Manager they should be in the presets folder so you should be able to transfer them back to the KPA presets folder in RM and have them sync. I think they disappeared because of the way the latest OS handles Rigs and Presets independently.

    Page 126 of the Main Manual should help. There is also a hyperlink on that page to a video about setting up pedals. They will explain it better than my typing efforts.

    Cool thanks for the feedback. Glad it worked for you. I always found in the past that it might work sometimes but not others. It was totally unpredictable but when you got a performance screwed up nothing would fix it and the only choice was to delete it and start again.

    Keep an eye on it at your end and let me know if it stays stable for you.



    I just updated the latest bug fix for RM 2.3.9 and was excited to see that this update fixed a problem with jumbled slots in performance mode. Unfortunately, ,ime still seems to be as bad as ever. I have been holding out very high hopes for a new version of rig manager for auditioning profiles and building performances but I only hope RM3 can solve all problems with the existing setup.

    So tonight I tried to make a simple performance with 5 slots of the same MBritt 69 Marshall 50 just with different gain ranges from clean to screaming with a Klon. I loaded them all by dragging and dropping from a second window. With slot 1 the clean rig up to slot 5 the most gained up. As usual RM totally failed me. First time it showed The rig names as imported but had all the Dumble ODS profiles from the last performance I was using in the actual slots except slot 1 which was the hi gain marshall profile even though the name showed as the clean Marshall profile :(

    I tried dragging the same profiles again into the slots. This time I got the right amps but slot 1 still remained the high gain profile even though I dragged in the clean one again for good measure.

    I honestly have no need for an editor to twiddle knobs ( I know others do and that's fine) but I really need to be able to have confidence that when I put rigs in performance slots they will actually be there first time every time. At the moment I still consider Rig Manager totally unusable (despite many attempts to do so) for anything other than just browsing through rigs using the keyboard up and down arrows.

    I hate moaning about the Kemper as I genuinely love mine and consider the team like Burkhard to be a fantastic group of dedicated professionals but RM really is unworkable in its current state. I'm using it on a Mac with OS 10.14.5 if that makes any difference and am connected directly to the computer's USB port (i.e. no USB hub in between).