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    The Kemper automatically applies the full range mode to the Aux In signal but still lets you use imprints on your guitar signal which is pretty cool. 😎

    with the cabinet section turned off you are running the Kone in full range mode so the resulting sound should be similar to a valve amp directly into a PA (which most people would describe as unpleasant at best). If you aren’t getting this effect perhaps the second speaker which provides the high frequency content is damaged in your Kabinet. I would contact support or find another Kabinet to compare against.

    I’m so glad I reread your post. I initially thought ot said you wanted to run 12 Mesa cabs 😬 and thought bloody hell that’s a lot of speakers 🤣

    My room doesn't have very well acoustics, I have thought about that, BUT I've played with it in different & better rooms and it's pretty much the same... (plus how much of a difference does it actually make)

    a massive difference to be honest. However, poor acoustics and speaker placement typically make most difference in low to low mid frequencies rather than higher frequencies. One possibility is that poor room acoustics are causing substantial frequency peaks in those ranges that effectively make the highs sound quieter than they really are. Similar to saying my amp sound dull so I must need more highs when in actual fact you just need to reduce mids or lows which are masking the highs.

    I don’t know if this is the problem in your case but it can’t be discounted until you remove the room from the equation (headphones would be one way to do this).

    You also mentioned that you find Live Ready Sounds profiles to sound good while Tone Junkie, MBritt etc don’t. There are plenty of profiles that I don’t like which others love and vice versa. This is hardly surprising as tone is subjective and heavily dependent on genre. It may just be that your taste is different than that of Michael or Jonathan or whoever.

    Thx, re: "the Kabinet gives you the amp in the room feel back that most FRFR speakers don't provide."

    Are you saying the Kabinet is more special somehow than say loading up Kones in my own 2x12 cab?


    the Kone itself is the secret sauce rather than the cabinet it/they are loaded in. The intention is that the Kone with imprints should sound like the imprinted speaker (V30, Greenback etc) in the same cabinet. The cabinet plays a significant part in the overall tone. If you like a closed back 1x12 then the Kabinet could be a good choice. If you like, say, an open back 2x12 then the Kabinet wouldn’t be an ideal choice. In either case the imprints should make the Kone sound like the selected speaker(s) mounted in the same cabinet. You can fight physics.

    hi jon

    i saw your comments on the Ibanez thread and your earlier comments on this one about the LR Baggs being an expensive system which shouldn’t be badly designed. Also the fact that there aren’t any mentions of such an issue on the Baggs forum. However, I think the main point about what Hubert is saying is that it may not be a design fault but rather an intermittent fault in the wiring of your particular instrument. It could be a dry solder joint or something else shorting a connection somewhere. As Hubert said, the first thing is to confirm for certain whether DC voltage leakage is occurring. A simple multi meter is the best way to check this. A multimeter is a great thing for any guitarist to have anyway as it can be used for testing cables, batteries etc. I would recommend buying one and keeping it in your gig bag anyway.

    as vjelen said, the root of your problem is that you UNTICKED Monitor Cab Off. You need this ticked when using a regular guitar speaker.

    I find there are several things in the manual and on the device itself that don’t necessarily translate well from German to English because of the different syntax of each language. german is very literal and often uses double negatives in a way that seems odd to native English Speakers. However, if you follow the logic carefully it does make sense.

    Monitor - the monitor output

    Cab - the cabinet section of the Stack in a rig

    Off - turn off the Cabinet portion of the rig when sending to the Monitor Output.

    Therefore, ticking this allows the full rig INCLUDING cabinet to be sent to all outputs (main outs etc) EXCEPT the Monitor Output which instead receives the Rig minus the cabinet section as this will be replaced by your regular guitar speaker.


    * But here is the part that is confusing me, yes I have turned the "Monitor Cab Off" but I still have the cabinet module section "ON" and I can spin the knob and swap out a variety of different speaker models but I thought the point of all this was to have a pure signal coming to my speaker cabinet without another Celestion creamback or greenback etc... coloring the tone since I am not using a Kemper Kone speaker...

    this is the intended behaviour. Because you have UNTICKED Monitor Cab Off in error you are still getting the Cabinet from the Rig.

    I used GR5 for a long time before I got my KPA. I used to think it sounded great. I stopped using it partly because I prefer a physical unit over a plug-in for ease of use. However, a couple of months ago I reopened GR5 for a quick reality check and thought I might profile some of my favourite amps from GR5. I was AMAZED at how bad GR5 now sounded to me. Certainly nothing there that I wanted to profile.

    However, tone is subjective so all that matters is that you find a tone you like regardless of the tool(s) used to achieve it.

    as for your second point about main outs not sounding as god as headphones; enable Space effect on main outs.

    for #1 right click on one of the blocks in the editor (eg Amp or Cabinet) and select Lock All but Amp. Then manually unlock the Cabinet as well. Now just load any full rig from the browse list. Only the amp and Cab will be loaded.

    Ok, thanks guys. Just making sure there wasn't some "top secret" pro way of dialing in levels with a meter or what not. So in essence the Rig volume is the best choice above using the Amp Volume or is that an incorrect assumption?

    Amp volume affects any post amp gain sensitive FX. For example if you have a compressor after the Stack changing Amp volume will affect this amount of compression. Using Rig volume won’t have any effect on the compressor. You will probably have similar experiences if you have an OD or Boost pedal after the stack. Whereas Rig volume doesn’t have this effect.

    Other FX like Modulation Delay and Reverb are not affected by Amp volume though.

    In most cases I would use Rig Volume but it just depends on what you are trying to achieve.

    Star ratings can be useful for your own purposes but not for public use. Within RM you can rate profiles 0 to 5 in terms of your own needs. However, as lespauled said , what works for one person and one genre may not be appropriate for another so the star rating system is pointless as a generic public system.

    Also be aware that I have occasionally come across Wah presets which have the pedal range set at 0 initially so make sure the range is sufficient for the sound you are after.