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    The guide is correct. You need a TRS for the expression pedal and a basic TS for the switch (although a TRS should also work but isn’t necessary). The toe switches on the Mission pedals seems to be a bit of a problem. I had to replace min and I’ve heard of others with faulty switches but I’m not sure just how common it is.

    Swap the cable to rule out a faulty cable. If this still doesn’t work just take a TS cable and short tip and ring (or use another switch if you have one available) to see if the switching is working at the Kemper end. If it is then you know the Mission switch is faulty.

    Disagree. I have refretted ALL of my guitars with huge extra jumbo stainless steel frets. The "feel" is different. The only similarity is that huge frets (without scallops) force you to play with a light touch too :)

    as well as the light touch they also let you grab hold of the string and facilitate greater control and ease of bending but agree it does feel different (better in my experience but that is just personal taste).

    I have a different problem. I have all of the equipment and I have years of experience mixing. I have been having a horrible time getting myself motivated to spend time with my equipment and getting creative. I started a song a couple of months ago and I got a good flow going and I created about 2/3 of a song over a weekend, mostly one day. I have not had the motivation to get back to it and finish it. That seems to happen to me a lot and I just never finish the songs. I am really at a loss as to how to fix this.

    I feel your pain. That is the story of my life. I start an idea. Work on it for a while then decide I don’t like it afterall and start another idea………….

    I did some more testing today and on the M.Britt 68 Marshall the clean sense does not make any difference to the tone on my unit. It seemed to make a big difference on a high gain rectifier profile I was playing. Maybe I am just that bad at guitar. But mine sounds like it is very compressed so all of my playing sounds dead and weak. It is not inspiring at all.

    A weird side effect of the overly compressed sound is after playing for like 15 minutes everything just sounds terrible to me. I am constantly playing harder and harder trying to get some dynamics out of my playing and get some life out of the sound. It just does not happen.

    If I play a single note very softly or I tear into it as hard as I can, the notes volume does not change. The harmonics come up in volume a little so you get a feeling that it is louder. The volume may change 3dB max. On a real amp in the room the volume would probably change 20 dB or more. And the tone would change drastically.

    I know you really favour a compressor in front of high gain amps and compression in the amp section. The first thing I would do is get rid of both of them. A high gain sound is already uber compressed so adding more is only going to rob what dynamics are left. If you are playing with any level of gain a real amp isn’t going to have anywhere near 20db dynamic range so 3db is probably in the ballpark.

    I would also reduce Clean Sense rather than increase it. It shouldn’t have any effect on tone or affect distorted sounds but CK has said several times that clean sense contains a limiter so it would seem logical that pushing that to far would also reduce dynamic range.

    well I was actually thinking of selling the Rivera so that I could finance a powered Kabinet, but then I got "attachment" remorse :),

    Also it seems to me that amps are just harder to eBay :) , its really heavy , the shipping costs must be crazy.

    make plenty of profiles of the Rivera then you will effectively still have it 😄

    My other thought was to drive an un-powered Kabinet currently available at Sweetwater with my Samson servo 120A which would allow me to eventually have a stereo setup with the profiler

    That should work OK

    You could replace the Celestion with a Kone but then you could only use the Rivera as a power amp for the Kemper. You would no longer be able to use the Rivera as a regular combo. A better option would be to buy an unpowered Kabinet or a Kone (and make your own cabinet). An even better option would be to buy a Powered Kabinet.

    Leave the Rivera alone and enjoy it for what it is. Or sell it to cover the cost of a power Kabinet if money is an issue.

    I keep meaning to get round to trying it with a master volume amp like my Mesas. I have, howe, done A/B testing with a non master volume amp (THD Bivalve). I made a series of profiles with the amp volume at each point on the dial (named them using the clock face method to show volume setting on the amp) and uploaded them to Rig Exchange. I then loaded them into a series of performances so that I could switch between rigs instantly. I took a rig and checked the Gain level in the Amp menu. Then i took a another rig which profiled with a lower gain level and raised ther rig gain to match the reference rig and saved this. I also too a rig which profiled with a higher gain level and reduced this in the Amp menu to match the reference rig.

    I found that lowering the Amp gain resulted in an almost identical sound to reducing the guitar volume. Not quite the same as turning down the Volume on the original amp. However, it is quite likely that this sort of non master volume amp does behave differently than raising/lowering the gain on a master volume amp.