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    This only applies if the equipment at both ends supports “balanced” signals. The Monitor Out is TS (unbalanced) so there is no advantage in using TRS cables in this case.

    I would be VERY surprised if you could duplicate it in the DAW EQ. The reason being that the guitar tone knobe is changing the sound before the Amp but DAW is after. The guitar EQ changes the distortion characteristics as well as general tone. Test this by using a Studio EQ with your example settings and listen to the difference with is in Stomps Vs Effects.

    2 - no. The footswitch needs to be momentary (non- latching). You can buy suitable single or double momentary switched for very little money though.

    If you use double switches and a TRS cable you can set the footswitch type to dual in the KPA system menu and control 4 individual things from the 2 pedal inputs on the KPA

    question: why when i save an "output preset", it doesn,' save the volume setting?

    Unfortunately, Kemper believe that saving output volume as part of a preset could be dangerous so don't allow it. This makes output presets almost useless for me. I keep hoping that they will change their minds though and add this option.

    Another thing I would add to harmonik’s advice is try starting with a higher gain profile and reduce the gain for clean rather than a clean profile and increasing the gain. The Kemper copes much better with gain reduction as it already has plenty of information from theprofiling process to know how the real amp cleans up. In contrast it needs to estimate how additional gain will affect the sound as it didn’t gather the higher gain information while profiling.

    I'm sitting in front of the stage right now, I noticed I had to activate kemper kone in order to see the powerampboost (which was set at 6 db). Does this mean that when the kone is not activated there's no boosting happening ?


    I don’t know as I have a Power Head but it is easy to test. If there is no boost happening the output will be 6db lower.

    Not sure if that is an update or an old wording that hasn’t been updated. The Power Amp boost definitely did affect the Monitor Output on non powered versions. You obviously can’t turn the Power Amp On/Off on a non powered version so that line in the manual doesn’t make much sense. I’m not near my KPA at the moment but it’s easy enough to test. Just turn it up and down and see if it does anything.

    A couple of thongs come to mind;

    What speakers are in each cabinet? A slightly more efficient speaker will give a very noticeable increase in volume. A slightly different EQ curve between speakers may create a higher/lower perceived volume.

    Generally it is common to run the output from the KPA high and the receiving amp lower.

    Is Poweramp Boost turned up on the KPA? Even though you don’t have an internal power amp the Monitor Output and Speaker Output on powered versions share the same signal path. Therefore, increasing Poweramp Boost on a non powered version still increases the output level at the monitor out.

    Rather than mess with Boost Pedals after the Amp I would just increase Amp or Rig volume for the solo sounds. You should get a Vert noticeable increase in “push”.

    Can you run just run XLR from the Kemper Stage to the XLR inputs on the interface? My interface can handle TRS or XLR inputs. But -

    After digging into my setup more, my interface manual does say not to use XLR +4, to use 1/4 inch if XLR is +4

    That’s why support mention XLR to TRS cables as an option. In your case these would be the best solution.

    I use the piezo method (two piezo equipped PRS and previously a Parker Fly). If I needed a dedicated acoustic I would use an A/B switch i front of the KPA. In an ideal world this would be a midi controlled A/B (I think Lehle do one) which could automatically change the input at the same time as switching to my acoustic Rig.

    1. More flexible signal routing options, including a parallel path with equal processing options to the primary path.
    2. More FX blocks/processing available on a signal path.
    3. Multiple rigs available in a "scene", with the possibility to have them routed in parallel, or morph between them. Use scenes on the Remote, meaning no dropouts when switching rigs.
    4. Bigger Remote controller with brighter backlighting and more flexible switch programming ("layouts").
    5. The ability to adjust rig level up/down and store on a single button press.
    6. Replace the Remote's ethernet cable connector (mine keeps breaking) with a robust, XLR style connector.
    7. A graphical representation for both Parametric and Graphic EQ controls in the UI like those found in modern, browser-based mixers.
    8. The ability to assign output EQ and level controls (or other custom controls) to knobs on the front panel.
    9. Synth engine.
    10. "Global Rigs" feature, allowing rig parameters to be shared across different slots and performances.

    My own personal requirements based on your list would be:

    1 - Yes please 👍

    2 - Meh, not bothered. Never use the current 8 let alone need more.

    3 - Can’t say this excites me but I am prepared to accept it might be one of those “you just don’t know you need it until you have it” type things.

    4 - no thanks. Most people see to want smaller not bigger. For me personally the remote is a great solution. For more flexibility I have dedicated midi controllers but the “plug ‘n’ play” simplicity of the Remote means I never use them.

    5 - Yes please. This would be a great addition.

    6 - Yes please. That would be a great upgrade.

    7 - Don’t care. I set sounds with my ears not my eyes. Graphics often look great but get int way so simplicity rules.

    8 - OOOHHH YESSS 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘 that would be awesome.

    9 - Not sure I fully understand this own but if its what I think then that’s a yes from me.

    I’m not trying to say my opinion is any more or less valid than yours (or anyone else’s for that matter) just highlighting that we all have different views and The Kemper team can’t please us all all of the time.

    A 22w EL84 combo is going to add quite a bit of power amp coloration and the speaker is going to make all profiles sound pretty similar thereby losing one of the biggest advantages of the KPA. The Bugera will also weigh quite a bit more than something like the Power Kabinet or an FRFR monitor.

    Personally, I just can’t see any reasons to use the FX return of a valve amp (except as a short term sticking plaster if you already own the valve amp) but some people seem to like the added vale on valve action.