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    First it was not light up. When switching off and on on the Profiler now the light of the Lock button reacts to the Editor and vice versa. But it does NOT lock the input and it does not lock effects.

    Not when locked in the editor. Not when locked on the profiler. Never at all.

    I've just noticed that the Lock is actually working fine in Browser mode but NOT in performance mode. Both input menu and the effects chain are locking correctly in Browser mode so the problem is particular to Performance mode only.

    it has been asked for many times already but ckemper doesn’t seem to like the idea as that’s not how a real Leslie works. However, even real Leslie cab can still be tweaked and there are more rotating speakers than just the Leslie. also many people want to use a Rotary effect as a unique effect in its own roght rather than just a faithful recreation of one specific Leslie model. I predict this will be added at some point in the future.

    As Nicky said, Kemper have confirmed they will inplement new effects including OD in future but we don’t know when.

    personally, i don’t think CK will release a large list of pedal models like Blues Breaker, Klon, Morning Glory, OCD etc. It just isn’t the Kemper style. I think her is likely to identify a few key OD circuits and styles and create a generic model for each of them. Say 5 or 6 categories then create massively wide ranging control of each of these models to fine tune them into any effect you want. That way they won’t be stuck with the “which flavour of Bluesbraker do you want” as Ruefus mentioned. This approach would also be consistent with the way Kemper have approached the Delays, Reverbs, Wahs etc in the past and has proven to be a very successful way of doing things.

    that’s exactly how I run my PRS P22 and Parker Fly. Magnetic Pickups nto the front and Piezo to the Loop Return.I can switch between either input.

    you can also combine them as required by using parallel path. In this case the Piezo and one Effect in Stomp B can go straight to the output while the electric guitar signal goes through stomps C and D, the Stack block and the post stack Effects. It would be even better though I you could either use more Stomps on the parallel path and/or combine the signals again after the stack so that the Piezo can benefit from reverb etc while still getting a Compressor and EQ.

    this is a general discussion but the official form catalogs all the individual bugs and gives the developers a way of tracking it including specific details about which software versions, computer platform and steps to recreate the problem at their end.

    when in RM go to the menu bar at the top of the screen. Select the help menu. One of the options is Beta software feedback.

    I noticed the same on the Mac version too Aaron. There's definitely a sync issue with lock. RM seems to show the correct FX for me even though KPA shows the wrong ones but still has the little lock icon showing. Have you logged a report through the official Beat issues form?

    I think that due to the port in the cabinet, the speaker response will be different than what the Imprint was designed for. As a result, the sound will differ from the ideal that Kemper designed to. This does not mean that it would sound bad, per se, but less like the chosen speaker.

    I don’t think that’s necessarily correct. If I understand what CK is saying the imprints will sound like the original speaker in that cabinet. For example, a V30 in a Mesa Thiele will sound Duffy to a V30 in a Marshall or Fender cab. Therefore, a V30 imprint will sound like a V30 in the same cabinet. Rather than the Konrad needing a specific style of cabinet to sound like a V30.

    That seems to be the idea but how it works in practice remains to be seen. Given Kemper’s track record though I have high hopes for this 😁

    Please tell me what real circumstances may occur, to be in Need of the Speaker's or even the Profiler's volume limitations. Even on a loud stage with a loud Drummer and the bass-bins under stage I never needed so much volume at all.

    two issues spring to mind

    first it is important not to cause clipping in solid state amps as this happens in a hard square wave which is very different from the soft clipping that happens in valve amps. Therefore, it is always advisable to have more power on tap and not use it than to have too little and drive the amp to its limits.

    second bass players use the KPA too. Bass frequencies require much more power to be heard. It is not uncommon for bass players to have 500 - 1000w amps for this purpose.