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    If you are looking for a good Soldano there are a few free samples available from that rig back.

    Also there is a killer Soldano Crunch in the factory content Bert Meulendijk 2 folder in Rig Manager.

    That would be a nice feature but I would take it one step further and actually create a SetList mode like RJM midi editing software. You would have a setlist folders in RM and each folder could be reordered easily in RM then copied to KPA. More than one setlist could be stored simultaneously in the KPA (as long as the total songs didn’t exceed the 125 slots available). You could change between setlists with the browser rather than go to the end of one set to start the next.

    That's not correct Tex. Standard RCA will work but only over very short lengths. The difference is really just impedance matching. SPDIF should be 75ohm. You need a convertor for CoAx (RCA) SPDIF to Optical SPDIF but that is a different issue. A digital CoAxial cable still only has the same two conductors as an audio coaxial cable not 3 like a balanced cable.

    You can use a merged or a studio profile. The Kemper algorithm for subtracting the cab is generally pretty good.

    Nobody knows the sound you are after like you do. You have a Soldano which you love. You are experienced enough to be able to stick a SM57 in front of a cab and position it to get a sound you are happy with. Therefore, the solution is an absolute no brainer- profile your own Soldano. You can even make a Merged profile if you want. The sound of your own profile will be pretty much 1:1 exact copy of your Soldano.

    I noticed that the picture of the UMC Control Panel shows Optical SPDIF. However, you are not using an optical connection for your SPDIF. I only use my RCA connector cables so don’t have any experience with optical but I know some devices require a converter to use optical SPDIF with the Kemper. Not sure if that is your issue or not but certainly worth investigating further.

    Also, internal clock is unticked. Presumably you are using the KPA as the Master? Again, I’m not familiar with your particular interface but I suspect the problem lies with one of these two settings. I will never forget the frustration trying to find out why my entire system had no sound (DAW, iTunes, Spotify,Youtube all dead). I finally turned my Kemper on and everything worked perfectly. I forgot I had Kemper set as master so my interface was waiting for the Kemper to let it work 🤦‍♂️

    Why don’t you use the Bx8a for your Kemper? Have you tried them and didn’t like it on just not tried them?

    I don’t know the speakers themselves but a quick look online suggests they are reasonable lower end monitors. If you don’t like them then you probably won’t like other studio monitors either and may be better off with a Kabinet or FRFR.

    I have a nice set of Adam A7x and a Kabinet. I use the Adams almost exclusively at home but I prefer the sound of my guitar sitting in a mix rather than the fabled “amp in the room” experience. Some people don’t like the in the mix sound and prefer a more distinct in the room feel. If you are in the latter group you are unlikely to bond with studio monitors no matter how good they are.

    My advice is try it for a little while with your current BX8 to see if you bond with the monitor concept before spending more money on a set of better speakers.

    I like your thinking regarding tremolo and pitch FX.

    I have also been asking for a second morph for some time but it would need to assignable to any parameters like the first morph rather than linked to just amp gain. I never morph amp gain but would like to have a second morph always linked to delay mix.