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    i like the "PD Space Guitar Syntheziser" form Paul Driesen for analog synth sounds (for ipad).

    Not sure if it has an arpeggiator, but polyphonic tracking, sounds and effects are imnpressive.

    I' haven't seen that one but I'll check it out. Thanks.

    Thank you that looks really cool. I guess any cheap interface ban be used to connect my ipad the both the guitar and the PA.

    It should be OK as long as it is iPad compatible. I recently had to chuck out my trusty old Focusrite Saffire Pro14 as my new desktop could no longer handle the old Firewire connection. I used the opportunity to buy a MOTU Ultralite Mk5 which works with the iPad so I am tempted to start taking it to some gigs but I was also thinking about just buying a super cheap interface just for iPad gig use.

    would love some guitar synth and arpeggiator effect options

    i would love to see that too.

    I currently have the Midi Guitar 2 and Roxsyn apps which are both great but i need to carry an ipad and audio interface with me to be able to use them at a rehearsal or gig. It would be amazing to have these kinds of sounds built into the KPA. Given ckemper background in synths, the knowledge and ability to create this is definitely there.

    CK has repeatedly stated that the current hardware is far from being maxed out so I reckon you would be more likely to see this sort of thing added to the current KPA than being something for a future Kemper 2

    I am an EU citizen and so EU law applies to me. Good luck enforcing, when for example a US vendor sees it otherwise.

    Microsoft tried hard to prevent from sales of used licenses in Germany. Their attempts were shut down by the courts repeatedly and without fail.

    As i said, I am a simple layman not a lawyer. I did a tiny bit of contract law for work many many moons ago but that’s all. I live in Scotland and a contract in Scotland can be subject to either Scots Law or English Law depending on where it was signed or which countries jurisdiction was specified in the contract. I don’t doubt that enforcement many be a whole other ball game regardless of the actual legal situation though.

    Since I am trying to change a number of effects within the performance, I store the entire performance. Yes, I get the correct prompts. I have no opened a ticket but I guess that would be my next move....

    Absolutely, what you are describing seems like the correct process but the outcome is most definitely not what should be happening. The best way to check this fully is to have support take a look at it.

    I'm definitely not a lawyer so am only thinking aloud here!

    It may (or may not) also depend on which countries laws the contract were made under. For example if you are based in the EU and purchase a licence from a US site does that fall under US law or EU law? My limited understanding suggests the contract would fall under US law but I could be wrong.

    Isn't the Monitor a mono output?

    Or in pair with the direct output convert to stereo - but losing the effect loop send?

    Yes you are correct. This doesn't bother me as I run Mono most of the time and rarely if every use the FX Loop so losing this for stereo wouldn't cause me an issue.

    To answer your initial question; I can't see any problem/danger in running all 4 main outputs simultaneously however, there may be some limitations in your set up.

    XLR cables are balanced but the 1/4" TS outputs are unbalanced. Balanced signals are 6db louder than unbalanced so they levels will never match without some adjustment at the receiving end.

    As you are running the XLR into a mixer or audio interface it is possible that this is engaging a mic pre amp which is boosting the already hot line level signal. Even with the input gain on the mixer turned down you may need to reduce the KPA output level to well below 0db to get a good clean signal. However, if this is the case the already 6db lower TS signal hitting your power amp will also be turned down significantly which may account for why the power amp currently sounds so quite.

    I updated to the new Beta last night and it seems stable so I would go ahead and do it anyway.

    The only issue I had was that updating via RM failed and locked my KPA which pretty much never happens to me. I rebooted and installed the u[date via USB and everything was absolutely fine. This might just be because my Mac Mini doesn’t have many IsB ports and I am connected to RM via an additional USB on the Apple Keyboard which wasn’t the case with my old iMac.

    I have same issue. Sounds totally different through my Audient id22, from when I connect it directly through PA or active cab.

    What inputs are you using on the id22? 99 times out of 100 the problem is using an XLR cable into a budget interface as this automatically engages the mic preamps which can’t properly handle the line level signal from the Kemper. Try using a regular TS instrument cable or TRS balanced cable.

    The other common issue is phase cancellation between direct monitoring output and software monitoring via the DAW. Always make sure you are on;y hearing one of the signals not both together.

    I'm sure the Rev Generator is a great amp. If you really want valve go for it. For my money, the KPA is half the size and weighs 13lbs compared to 46lbs for the Revv. Valves can be temperamental and noisy so I'll take the KPA every day of the week but everyone is different. At the end of the day all that matters is that you are happy, inspire and making music 8)

    If I end up going with a full range speaker cab one day, I'd want the powered head since it is 600 watts. For solid state or digital, you want a lot of wattage and power. Otherwise I'd run the Stage thru my own power amp and passive can.

    Most full range speakers on the market are powered but tend to come with unto 1000w so don't worry about needing a 600w power amp for full range. The real advantage of the power head is that you can plug straight into a regular guitar cab if needed. As others have pointed out, I always try and avoid this and very rarely play anywhere that doesn't put the guitar through the FOH PA. It gives much more control and generally better overall mix than running off back line (especially if running a 412 on stage - those beasts are the work of the devil and should be outlawed ^^).