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    I'm still using an old Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 which was pretty cheap at the time and it works great. They are available used but I assume the Scarlett series will work equally well and aren't much more expensive new than a used Saffire. The 6i6 would seem to be the nearest comparison to mine as the smaller Solo 2i2 and 4i4 don't seem to have SPDIF.

    I haven't done any treatment as i'm in a temp space, but maybe i'll start looking in to building my own panels that i can hang and use again later.

    That’s what I did. But you can do even less than that. As the corners are the biggest bagng for your buck. Just buy a few bales of rockwool. Don’t even open them. Just stack them in the corner and cover them with something to make them look a little nicer but when you move you can just pick up the bales and off you go :-)

    Oh, god - not another Kemper comparison test

    All the mixes (the same track just with the different guitar versions) are uploaded to soundclound. However, listening and trying to compare so many variables can be overwhelming. I have set it so that you can download MP4a of each mix to your own computer rather than stream online from soundcloud. If you have a DAW for recording. Ie. logc, GarageBand, Reaper,Cubase etc. You can import each of the 10 different mixes onto a separate track so they all play simultaneously. Then if you Solo one of the tracks you cn quickly switch between one soloed track and anyother to hear it as if the same track was playing continuously. If there are any differences they should immediately jump out because you don’t need to wait for a new track to load or try and find a similar part in the tune to compare against. Basically by loading the files into the DAW you get a massive A/B box although in this case its an A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H/I/J BOX :-)

    Yes it can control as many functions as you want simultaneously and can be lonled to an expression pedal or a switch.

    I’m not sure I understand that “inability to store presents” though. I can save as many presets as I want.

    Not interested in speed playing. AT ALL Hate it

    Wash your mouth out with soap man ;-)

    While full on constant shred boars me quite quickly there is a time and a place for everything. The clip above of Julian Lange is a great example. I’ve never heard him before but that track is a super slinky groove with tasty phrasing but totally laid back then at 1:22 and 2:02 he slips in two very shor rippin’ phrases that jump out because they are so different and unexpected. Likewise the second clip around 7:30 onward has some amazing fast runs in amongst some really tasty rhythmic phrasing and lovely note choices.

    Also, virtuosity doesn’t need to mean speed. For my money, Jeff Beck is one the greatest guitar virtuoso ever but isn’t a shredder by any means. His virtuosity is in his phrasing, subtly and ability to great amazing sounds. Yes he can rip when needed but he isn’t Al DiMeola or Yngwie but is no less a virtuoso.

    Just my tuppenceworth :-)

    I think it all depends on how much gain you run in the amp itself. Lower gain sounds can be glorious with delay in front - Hank Marvin made a career out of it ;-)

    However, the natural compression from a gained up amp makes the delays very loud which some folk love and others hate. I find it unmanageable but it works for Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro so who am I to argue.

    There is a full list of the rigs on the Support page of the Kemper website.

    However, the easiest way to check everything is through Rig Manager. There are separate folders for all the rigs on your actual Kemper and all the Kemper supplied rig packs. However, if you click on the Rig Exchange folder you will also get all the free content available on the web - currently about 14,000 profiles and rising all the time. If you want to load new commercial profile packs which you bought from a commercial vendor these can also be added to Rig Manager to make managing everything easier.

    When dealing with Rig Manager you can search on all fields simultaneously or a individual fields such as Amp Type or Rig Name Profiler etc.

    The generally recommended approach seems to be to curate all your profiles in rig manager and tag the ones you like as favourites or with a high start rating. Clear out everything from the KPA itself (you can always reinstall it later) then just copy the rigs that you are most likely to need regularly to the KPA itself. This makes it much easier to scroll through and find preferred rigs in a hurry.

    I think if you can and have the wherewithal it's your best option. You'll get exactly what you want! I mean you could probably find something in a big box store but would it be perfect, probably not. :thumbup:

    If you have the skills that's what I would recommend. I have almost zero skills but did it to my own spec and am totally happy with the results.

    Glad to hear you're making progress and starting to get results that are more pleasing to you. I'm sure you will get there eventually. I still think the issue might be the guitar's pickups but only time will tell. The main thing is you starting to break through the wall. Good luck.

    Your own experience made conduct a little experiment myself to test the load box and real amp option in a proper A/B scenario. As I mentioned in your previous thread I used a load box for several years before getting the Kemper. I was genuinely curious to find out the results and see if I was suffering from fanboy bias which I am not afraid to admit can happen to all of us. My conclusion was that the Kemper is definitely the best solution for my needs although, if I only had one amp that I would ever want to use then a real amp and load box would be almost as good a solution.

    The results are in my Oh God, not another comparison thread if you're interested.

    Try downloading the the actual mixes into your DAW with them all starting at the same point on different tracks then toggle back and forward between them before reading any of the comments to see if anything really jumps out at you. I know you prefer a Les Paul and Marshall which is definitely not my thing. I really don't get on with either of those but that's just personal taste. The point of the test is not about whether you like the specific tone in the track but simply how similar or different each version is. They were all done in a manner which any ordinary average guitar player can do without the need for special pro equipment or mixing/profiling skills.

    best wishes


    As same said, if you move it to post stack you should be able to get it to work like having a a physical volume pedal in the amp FX loop.

    This should achieve what you described but it may still have a slightly different feel compared to turning knobs on the Kemper. @ckemper recently confirmed in another thread that the Volume Pedal has a taper similar to an audio taper (logarithmic) pot like a guitar volume or physical volume pedal. I could be wrong but I suspect the actual volume knobs on the KPA have a more linear response.