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    What compressor settings are you using Vinny. I am sitting here with a DynaComp (I pulled it out the cupboard just to test it because I hate Dynacomps at the best of times) and am A/B ing it next to the Kemper Compressor. I can't get them to sound exactly the same but the are doing the same thing. I'm probably not the best person to comment as I don't really like the Kemper Compressor (too much like a Dynacomp to my ears :D) but the volume does seem to work with the gain as expected. If I have the volume set to a negative value it cleans up the sound of the crunch amp. If I set it to a positive value it pushes the profile. With it set to +5 it really pushes the profile like running a compressor or boost in front. The range is much more extreme than my Dynacomp though.

    I agree that clean and distorted sounds have a different perceived volume due to both frequency content and transient attack. I also find that clean sounds tend to over power dirty sounds with clean sense set to 0. However, if you adjust clean sense correctly at outset then the internal perceived level I was talking about does work.

    - New feature: Activate/deactivate standardized stomp settings For the „effect buttons: e.g. No.1 might be I = Booster, II = EQ, ..., IV = Phaser; No.2 might be I = Wah, II = Phaser, III = ...).

    I would love Swiches Preset function. It could assign say I Stomp A on/off, II Stomp B on/off, III Mod on/off, IIII Toggle between Dly and Rev etc in a single process. That way I could quickly load my favourite footswitch assignments via presets in RM and just change the actual effects in each slot as required on a rig by rig basis. I presume most of us use a limited number of footswitch assignments even if we change the effects in each of these locations. The need to manually reassign the footswitches every time is a real pain.

    i believe ckemper has said many times that he doesn’t believe in copying the undesirable effects of traditional analog effects. An example would be the gain control on the KPA

    “The "Gain" parameter always compensates for loss in level, no matter how much you reduce it by. You can turn the gain value to zero for every Amp PROFILE, and the result will be a totally undistorted and uncompressed sound that has the same perceived loudness as the fully distorted version.”

    i think the distortion pedals work in the same way. So although the gain hitting the front of the amp or the following distortion pedal does change when you turn the volume up or down the actual signal level in the chain is compensated to maintain a consistent perceived volume.

    Yes, that is the intended behaviour when using the Kone function. If you are not using the Kone function then this doesn't happen even when Monitor Cab is Off and main out Cabinet Section is off.

    Before the Kone became available it didn't matter whether the main cabinet section was on or off, as long as monitor cab off was ticked for the monitor output. However, you need to turn on Kone to use the imprints. As soon as you turn on imprint mode the Main Outputs must have a cabinet on or the monitor output will automatically switch to FR mode. This is to allow you to use a acoustic guitars etc.

    You can still get the old behaviour if you have Kone turned off in the output menu and just use a regular guitar speaker. Nothing should be any different for this use - but you can't use imprints thins way.

    I know it can be hard work getting your head round the convoluted Kemper logic sometimes as there are so many double negatives in use. I still have to stop and question myself every time I use these functions to make sure I have followed the logic they use. It is frustrating but it is worth it as the results are amazing.

    sounds like the problem is the Wah effect settings rather then the pedal itself. There is an option for the way sweep to be reversed in the effect it self. I would suggest searching the forum for the Wah presets thread and download those presets. That will give you a great starting point for all of the main Wah pedals out there which will help you learn what each control does.

    i know, but it is assumed that if you are using a gainy sound as a DAP then you will need a cabinet to send it to FOH. Whereas an acoustic wouldn’t need a cabinet. The logic clearly states that if the Cabinet block is switched off it should switch the Kone to FR mode. It looks like a bug at the moment unless the logic has recently been updated.

    as far as I am aware he had someone help him make the profiles. The point is he released them as something that he believes is the best representation of how his amps should sound. As an amp maker he clearly has good ears so he should be able to identify whether the amp and the profile so as close as possible.