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    #1 is about planning. In case you happen to make any changes to your output preset during a session you can only avoid re-entering the name on the KPA if you remembered to load it first at the start of the session. Makes sense?

    I think so.

    To be honest, I rarely use Output Presets as the two things I would want to store most are Power Amp on/off status and volume level - neither of which are part of the presets 😢

    that is genius 😎

    as the speaker is by far the largest contributor to the overall sound, a single amp with two different speaker routes would be pretty close to dual amping. The only problem is that the Monitor Output signal would only really be suitable for on stage as the FOH PA wouldn’t be loaded with Kemper Kones so imprints wouldn’t work as intended. They may still sound good to some people but they wouldn’t sound like the actual speaker the imprint is cloning.

    It does seem like the nuclear option.

    it definitely was the nuclear option and I deferred doing it for a long while in the hope that RM search functionality would eventually get upgraded but I lost patience and just went for it.

    My priority order for RM has always been

    1 - improved search and sort functions

    2 - robust performance management

    3 ( very long way behind) - a nice on screen editor with virtual knobs and buttons.

    I clearly backed the wrong horse and lost on that race 🤣

    There was a bug in a previous beat where resizing the right side pane wasn’t changing the amount of data shown. When I had an issue with this I dragged the division as far right as possible (minimising) before dragging right to expand. This worked and showed all the characters in the field.

    I thought this had been fixed but maybe it has slipped back in. Not sure if it is the same issue as you sre having but certainly worth trying.

    I finally bit the bullet and removed all the folders from my Local Library. Instead of having a Folder for each profile maker I now just have everything in a single list in Local Library. It isn’t perfect but it is better than having to search every folder individually because RM won’t search sub folders 🤬

    Without any folders if I want to find an AC 30 I just search for AC30 and everything appears. I can then order by Gain or Author etc. Instead of having to search each profiler sub folder individually.

    However my wish list for RM would be

    1 - search all subfolders to make folder based management viable

    2 - allow multi level searches. Instead of simply find all AC30. I would like the ability to add additional and and/or/not searches to the first set of results. Find all AC30 AND AC15 but NOT Author Xxx. Or Find all profiles where Author = Tone Junkie AND Amp = AC30 etc.

    3 - save searches. So that regularly used criteria can be called up instantly.

    4 - Multiple level order. Instead of sort by Gain or Sort by Author. I would like the ability to Sort by Author THEN by Gain within each author.

    For the time being just having a single big list seems to be working better than the folder method for me.

    EDIT ———————

    Something else I should add is that I have already gone through all my profiles to make sure that the Amp name contains the correct data rather than a bunch of different pseudonyms. This is much easier than it sounds. Just do a sort by amp manufacturer. Look down the list and find anything that doesn’t look right. Remember that because you have already arranged them by name all the same names are next to each other. So you might have 50 consecutive rigs that say MeBo. Highlight them all then enter Mesa Boogie in the Amp Manufacturer field on the right side. This will automatically update all 50 rigs without the need to save individually.

    Do the same for any fields you might want to search on. Say Amp for example. Sort by this column. You might have 5 - 10 different names for a Dual Rectifier. Bulk update them to the correct name.

    This step makes using the Search fields MUCH more viable. And doesn’t take much time.

    the only input the guitar or guitar to KPA cable should have is on the setting of the amp being profiled. You will probably set an amp differently for a Strat than a Les Paul. Other than that the Guitar is not part of of the profiling process according to ckemper even during the refining process.

    If I correctly understand what Christoph said the signal is being compared between the two sources. However, the actual input signal isn’t important only the difference between the two output signals.

    but people say that if i cabinet off and use real cabinet it doesnt work good. so how different cabinet ir works good on this case?

    People say lots of things but that doesn’t make them right. just a many people (if not more) say it works great. Basically, the only thin that matters is whether it sounds good to you. If it does then don’t worry how you got there just enjoy it. If it doesn’t then try something else that works better for you.

    Jarrod and his wife both seem like lovely people but I rarely like any of his tone ideas. I often listen to what he does and think “serious dude are your ears painted on”. That doesn’t make him wrong and me right. It just means we like different things. Ue your own ears and form your own opinion.

    You can’t tell if a profile is Studio or Merged unless the profile name includes a description.

    With regards to your second question, both work well. The often sound a little different. Which one you prefer is just a matter of taste. Sometimes even a Merged profile and Studio profile of the exact same rig can sound a little different too even though they shouldn’t in theory.

    Basically, cabdriver does a very good job of estimating the speaker portion of a studio profile and merging probably does a slightly better job but whether it is worth the effort using/creating merged profiles is really a matter of personal taste. If it sounds good it is good. 🤘

    The key part is “edit buffer’. If I am working in Local Library in RM rather than MyProfiler I am loading/creating a Performance in a position within Rm Local Library. The performance I am editing is only in the KPA edit buffer so when I want to save to MyProfiler it will always save to the last Performance Number I had selected on MyProfiler. This may have been selected a long time ago for something other than the performance I am editing now and therefore not be where I want to save the new Performance.

    I can make this work but it adds another step which can be annoying as you need to find the performance stored in Local Library in order to move it to My Profiler. Whereas, if the options to Save To Local Library and Save to MyProfiler Performance #(choose now) was available it would remove the need to save to Local Library then locate and copy to MyProfiler. It would also reduce the potential to accidentally overwrite a performance in MyProfiler by not having preselected the correct slot in advance (I have done this on too many occasions to want to admit 😬)

    It would be much more logical for most of us used to regular computer methodology to have Save (overwrites original), Save As (saves a new copy to whatever location you specify at the time you are trying to save). The current workflow assumes a degree of forward planning which is not how many of us work.

    The delay level is controlled my the Mix parameter. If this isn’t loud enough to start with the infinity delays will also be too quiet. However, to make the mix loud enough for the infinity effect you are trying to achieve you might find the regular delay is too loud. Therefore, I would try assigning the mix control to Morph pedal and ride the level of the infinite delay as required.

    I don't understand what's hindering you to use Rig Manager and load a Performance located in the PROFILER via double click.

    Agreed. This works perfectly without the need for any footswitch.

    Then you edit the Performance and afterwards you store it via "Store Performance in #n".

    This is a big issue for me though.

    At the moment you need to have the performance you will want to save to on MyProfiler already active before doing any editing as you only ever get the ability to store to the current # on the KPA. Is you edit in Local Library most of the time (as I do) then you need to remember to make sure you have pre selected a slot on the KPA before starting to edit. It would be so much more helpful to be able to choose which performance # you want to save to on the KPA at the point of actually saving. In my opinion this would be a very significant improvement to the overall workflow.

    So when you do a merged it does the cab by Studio*- Direct = cab and Studio does a cab by Studio/cabdriver = cab. Is that correct?


    I’m not surprised by your A/B test. Although Cabdriver only estimates the contribution of the speaker it does seem to do a very good job.

    I have done A/B with some commercial packs which include both Studio and Merged profiles of the same rig. These should sound identical but in some cases there are noticeable differences. It seems that Cabdriver does at least as good a job (if not better) than Merging.