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    My immediate assumption was that the ground wire between the bridge of your guitar and the back of one of the pots was faulty. However, when I thought about it that would more likely mean that the noise reduced when you touched the strings as you would become the ground. Did I interpret the original post correctly. The noise isn't there when you don't touch the strings but APPEARS when you do touch them?

    You said that you have ruled out the guitar but have you checked for a faulty cable between guitar and amp. Sounds possible that you have poor screening in the cable itself.

    You are right to try and get to the root of the problem. Covering this kind of thing with a noise gate is never a good solution. The noise gate is usually best as an effect (to create super tight muting) or to reduce excessive hiss from very high gain sounds. Your Kemper shouldn't make this kind of noise so there must be something causing it. The only question is what? Unfortunately that can sometimes take a lot of time and effort to figure out so many people just resort to the noise gate instead of fixing the real problem.

    I have made a couple of Direct Profiles of my Mesa Mark V:25 and compared them to the real amp in the room. The signal chain was as follows:

    Guitar > Kemper > Mesa > ART XDirect (active DI) > Mesa 112 EV Thiele Ported Cabinet. I have Two identical cabinets.

    After making the profile I then re patched everything as follows:

    Guitar > RJM Mastermind PBC (basically acting a s VERY expensive high quality A/B switch) > PBC Amp A out > Kemper / PBC Amp B out Mesa > both power amps to a Mesa 112 sitting next to each other.

    I then level matched the speakers using a DB meter (even very small changes in volume can trick our ears into thinking one is better than another).

    Finally, I played guitar and randomly switched between amp and Kemper.

    There were definitely slight differences in the low mids and bass. They were very small differences but they were there. The real Mesa sounded SLIGHTLY fuller in the bottom end. However, in all truth I actually PREFERRED the way the Kemper sounded :-)

    I tried tweaking an EQ after the stack block but couldn't get them to match exactly.

    My guess is that the DI box is the problem but I haven't done extensive testing to check. I do know that I did try making the same profile with and ART XDirect (active) ZDirect (passive) and Two Notes Torpedo and they all sounded slightly different so I know the DI box has some impact.

    I must stress the differences were slight and I wouldn't have been able to consistently say that one was better than the other. They were just ever so slightly different.

    I am not a super high gain metal player. My idea of a great tone is somewhere between Larry Carlton and Steve Lukather with a bit of Jeff Beck thrown in for good measure. I think many of the complaints about this issue seem to come from people using seriously high levels of gain.

    VST's for me sound awful with distortion/high gain. Thats one of the reason why I bought the Kemper. The next step for me is to try load boxes with an amp head, A Marshall JVM head and load box costs about the same as a Kemper.

    That is a viable option. I used to love my Mesa Boogies through my Two Notes Torpedo Reload with WoS IRs. They did sound great but in my experience Kemper profiles of my own amps actually sounded better (and are even more convenient) so my Two Notes just sits on my studio desk now and doesn't even get turned on.

    Obviously everyone's tastes are different. It might be perfect for your taste and requirements. Whatever happens I really hope you find a solution that works for you and gives you back the joy of playing with a great inspiring sound.

    Me too.

    I’m not a metal player so many of the profiles (both free and commercial) really don’t work for me. I love Mesa amps though and used them almost exclusively for nearly 30 years before getting my Kemper. The Tome Junkie pack is the closest I have come to just setting up my Mark Five:25 the way I like it and making my own profiles.

    @ckemper thanks for letting us know.

    I actually don't use the volume pedal at all. If I did I would most likely want a log taper. So your current methodology seems perfectly sensible.

    I would like to be able to select the taper/curve for the expression pedal (a Mission SP-1 RJM in my case) to make Wah and Morph more usable for me. Others may feel differently of course but I find the Wah effects have all their impact in less than the first quarter of the travel. It is almost like having an on/off pedal :-) I know that real Wah pedals aren't perfect but both my Cry Baby and Morley transition the filter gradually across the majority of the travel. They might not be linear but they do have some impact across the full range.

    It does exist, although I think everyone is missing it. It has nothing to do with copying warmth or quality.
    The missing '5%' (or more) is that tube amps are like people ---- > moody. Kemper takes a 'snapshot' of your tone and you stay at that snapshot, a perfect pleasing tone all the time.

    or a consistently moody tone depending on how your valve amp was feeling when you profiled it ;-)

    To be fair I sometimes think my KPA is SO valve like that the tone even changes from day to day just to mimic the real thing. Either my ears are knackered or the Christoph Kemper is beyond a genius :-)

    I wouldn't be in a position to turn it up to the necessary volume, and if I did, it would ruin the overall mix.

    Most of the most vocal group of tne snobs that complain the KPA doesn’t sound like a real amp tend to be super macho metal heads how insist that they need two 412 cabs and a triple rec cranked to get “their” tone. They will tell you which brand of valve to have in each valve placement and which combination of speakers to use when rewiring your cabinet because the way Mesa or Marshalor Soldano build them isn’t quite right.

    They then go on to say they can’t play properly (lack inspiration) if they don’t have “their” sound and masses of air movng. Then brag that all is fine as long as “their” sound if right and they couldn’t care less whether the audience can hear anything but them, whether the sound guy can create a balanced mix - that’s not my problem I sound great and am “inspired”! I don’t care if the band sounds like shit!

    I don’t mean to single out metal players in isolation, there are lots of others with the same affliction but the metal heads seem to be the ones shouting about it on forums.

    The other thing that surprises me is that many of the TUBE sounds that people say KPA can’t fully capture don’t really sound like tubes to me anyway as they are so heavily processed.

    I know from my limited attempts at profiling my own amps that there is a very slight difference playing through the same cab in the room but it is so slight as makes no difference to me. In fact I often end up preferring the profile to the real amp.

    The velcro can be removed easily and the glue residue wipes off with Naptha so you would never know it had been there.

    Having said that, the one I picked up the other week was/is in perfect condition and looks like new.

    I have no problem buying used gear BUT if I’m taking the risk I expect the price to reflect it. Mine was equivalent of $360 US which I consider fair depreciation for a good condition used pedal. That’s FAIR not GREAT or BARGAIN. At $400 and up I would just buy new.

    I looked into the Eclipse manual again.
    They use chromatic intervals as well. (100 cent, 200 cent etc.)
    I cannot remember seeing user scales being set in absolute rather than in intervals anywhere else...

    @ckemper I can't remember anyone profiling amps until YOU invented it !

    Someone always has to be first ;-)

    Just joking. I'm only yanking your chain.

    I don't feel strongly either way. If it is easy to do (which I am guessing it is) then why not pick the low hanging fruit. if it's difficult and time consuming then there are plenty of things I would rather see improved - Rig Manager for a start.

    The KPA is an awesome piece of kit already. Obviously we all have things we would like to see introduced or existing things improved but you can't please everyone all of the time. As long as you and the team are listening to users requests I figure we will see improvements continue and these will hopefully be prioritised based on user demand.

    I am not sure if that everyone would be pleased by changing the user scales from a relative to an absolute representation.That would also mean, that the naming of the steps would be dependend of the actual key and thus change whenever the key is changes.
    At least I would not like it as I think in intervals rather than in absolute pitches.

    Hi Christoph. Surely it would be easy enough to let users select which view they prefer (a bit like bubble or strobe tuner) ?

    Oh, and I use the formant shift too. It's excellent!