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    From the manual:

     FX Loop Level

    “FX Loop Level” controls the outgoing signal level of the hardware effects loop for correct leveling of the external device. This helps to prevent noise or distortion. It is a global parameter and affects Loop Mono as well as Loop Stereo. Loop Distortion is not affected by “FX Loop Level”.

    ✓Increases of SEND output level are compensated for corresponding decreases of RETURN INPUT level and vice versa. Therefore, the level and effect loop mix of the output signal stay unaltered.

    ✓The PROFILER Stage allows for two simultaneous effect loops. In this case, FX Loop Level affects both.

    I don’t have an RC2 and am not familiar with its functionality but it sounds as though your send level may be too low so the signal going onto the RC2 isn’t strong enough for the RV2 output volume to provide sufficient control.

    The direct signal is the thing that is broken out as separate during the merged profile making process,

    Its the opposite way round. The Direct is a known portion and is used to “break out” the cab section by subtracting this known Direct portion from the full studio profile. However a Merged profile is a Direct Profile and Cab preset. Therefore if you use the cab section of a Merged profile you should have the actual cab to use with other rigs. HOWEVER, when you use this true cab with another Studio Rig the Amp portion of the Studio rig will still be estimated by cab driver so maybe still not perfect.

    You should be able to mix and match Amps and Cabs from Merged profiles or use Cabs from Merged profiles with any Direct Amp Profiles.

    One good tip might be to enable parallel path which effectively lets you blend a DI and profile together. You can have two fx on the DI portion so maybe eq and compression for example. For recording you might want to record two completely separate tracks to give you more control in mixing but for live it can give a good solid clean attack from the DI while still getting character, warmth and thump from amp signal.

    ST yes a warning would help but still not necessarily perfect. I understand your issue with the chicken head knob though. There are definitely pros and cons to all option but I really believe that most of the problems people experience woth RM and performances are probably linked to the orofiler not being in performance mode when working on them in RM.

    as ST said, there are lots of interfaces which are compatible with mobile devices but for simplicity and guaranteed success I would stick with a dedicated iPhone compatible interface like the IKmultimedia stuff. Just google iPhone audio interface and you should get alternatives from other manufacturers.

    you should be able to take a single output from any of the KPA sockets but I would probably set main output to mono and use as basic TS cable (guitar cable or patch cable) into the interface.

    There has to be a better way of using Rig Manager to move between the Browser and Performance on the Kemper. I am constantly inadvertently overwriting Performance slots also. It seems to depend on whether you are in Browser or Performances on the Kemper as to what RM will actually let you do?

    Yes, in order to edit performances the KPA needs to be in performance mode on the chicken head knob (or whatever the stage equivalent is). I have often had random results and blamed the KPA or Rig Manager when it turned out to be user error. Once I got my head round this everything has worked pretty reliably. However, I totally agree that it is way to easy to miss this or forget ro make the change. It would be MUCH easier and more reliable if RM automatically put the KPA in Performance mode when editing or creating performances.

    I don’t want to seem argumentative or confrontational but I genuinely don’t understand what you are trying to say. I can’t follow your logic.

    The issue with the Kemper I find is it scoops everything. Which is fine for NU Metal players but not for classic rock or 80s rock and metal. You need mids for that kind of tone. it makes a huge difference in how your guitar sounds, feels and how your volume control responds.

    This says that the Kemper scoops everything which doesn't work for Classic Rock which needs more mids. Then you say this sort of scooped sound DOES work for NU Metal.

    However, your next post says,

    but it won't do EVH, Thrash or any kind of NU-Metal or Power metal. Those sounds are much more scooped

    This suggests to me that the Kemper ISN’T scooped? Now I’m confused.

    If you find the sounds are too scooped add some mids with an EQ or the AMP EQ. If you want to change the character of the overdrive more than the overall tone put the amp EQ in the “Pre” setting.

    If you want to have a more dramatic effect and get a more old school tone go onto the Amp settings and reduce definition slightly.

    I grew up on Santana, Larry Carlton, Robben Ford and like you lots of classic rock so I’m familiar with a full mid sound and I don’t find the Kemper scooped. However, the beauty of the Amp settings is there is massive scope to scult the tone you need with very limited tweaking or menu diving. Remember Definition is your friend.

    only the USB B cable connects the KPA to a computer. The USB A is for memory sticks or connecting a keyboard for tagging rigs more quickly in the KPA itself.

    The KPA should show up in Rig Manager so make sure you have Rig Manager installed first.

    Another thing (although it’s doesn’t appear to be your issue) is that the KPA often doesn’t play nicely with USB hubs. The only times my KPA doesn’t show up on my iMac is when it is connected via a hub.

    I was listening to the new LTE album yesterday and this came on. WTF 🤯

    I heard the start and thought, “oh that’s funny, they’re quoting Gershwin” but as the track progressed I realised they’re not quoting Gershwin, they’re actually playing the whole of Rhapsody In Blue 😳

    I’m not sure how George would feel about it but I like it - I think

    Alex Skolnick shreds on LP type guitars with no problems. He is the first that comes to my mind. Others can shred a Les Paul too, like Al Di Meola, Neil Schon, Zakk Wylde, Randy Rhoads, John Sykes, Matt Heafy, John Norum, Rik Emmet, Doug Aldritch, Buckethead...

    So it is possible ^^

    Les Paul himself didn't seem to have any issues shredding on one either 😆