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    Hi Guys,

    Is any one else having issues with their Kemper and RJM Midi controllers since recent Kemper OS updates?

    I am using my RJM Mastermind PBC as a controller for the KPA and have set up specific button pages for use in Kemper Performance mode. Ron at RJM helped me configure these and they were working flawlessly until recently.

    When I updated to the last but one Beta version it stopped working properly. There was no two communication so the preset names and slot status weren't updating on the RJM amongst other things.

    When I updated to the final Beta version everything seemed to work again.

    Yesterday I updated to the latest public OS and the RJM isn't controlling the Kemper properly again. I don't know if the problem is with the Kemper or RJM (or simple muppetry on my behalf). It was driving me mad last night. I'm about to start properly troubleshooting but wondered if anyone else had experience issues also in case they already have a fix.

    Last night I set up a performance in slot 26. I had 5 different MBritt Dumble ODS rigs in the 5 slots ranging from totally clean to mayhem. When I stepped through the 5 presets on the RJM they all changed as expected. However, when I went back to slot 1 it changed the rig loaded in the slot to the same as slot 5 (ie my cleanest sound became a copy of the totally distorted lead rig). I manually reloaded the right rig in Rig Manager (although Rig Manager itself was a bit glitchy too) and stepped through the presets again - same outcome!

    I have checked all the RJM settings and they all look fine.

    I also had a moment last night after connecting the RJM where the KPA went totally silent. It was receiving signal from the guitar but nothing was coming out any of the outputs. The output light wasn't lighting either. I checked all the output settings and everything looked fine so I rebooted the KPA. This fixed it but I still have no idea what caused it in the first place. Again. I'm not sure if the problem is with the Kemper or f the RJM PBC sent a midi message to mute which somehow jammed the KPA. Is this even possible?

    I will start by rolling back to the last Beta again to night and see if that solves it.


    needed some tonal inspiration to survive the last 7 gigs. So I bought the D-Pack of Michael that includes
    Dumble ODS profiles and Dumble-inspired amp profiles. And I was blown away by the Dumble profiles! Great amp, great profiles!! Thanks for that Mike!

    I am trying to get some sounds together for a Steely Dan tribute so I bought some D-Style profiles over the weekend. Michael's, Tone Junkie and ReampZone. They all sound fantastic in their own way. I think it will almost certainly be the MBritt versions I end up using though.

    I guess my next call is indeed to an electrician.

    I know that's not the outcome you were hoping for but at least it is progress and you should be able to be confident that you can take your Kemper to gigs and rehearsals without worrying about the Kemper being the problem.

    Good luck with the next stage. It sounds like you are going to get this sorted and be able to enjoy all your profiles in their full glory soon :-)

    We were talking about when we browse / audition Rigs, Gary. You simply cannot properly judge new acquisitions if they're smothered in hot sauce.
    I choose to dispense with FX altogether 'cause I'm old school when it comes to recording, but I'm sure some of those who browse sans-FX do in fact add them in later once they've settled on what to keep and use.

    IOW, I see no hypocrisy here. My guess is that your hum issue was frustrating you to the point that a tiny bit of said emotion "leaked".

    That’s exactly how I use it. I want to make sure the basic amp profile is good on its own so audition with effects off. However, once I have an amp ikm happy with I will add any effects I need. Basically I’m really a guitar>cable>amp kind of guy so I don’t use a lot of FX but might add a tiny touch of reverb and/or delay here and there or maybe a mild chorus on cleans.

    @prsgary i’ve been thinking about your hum issues some more. I know this is a long shot but do you have a auSB cable running from your computer to the KPA when set up in practice room (ie for using rig manager)? Ivenot had a problem with this on the Kemper but if I have my old pedalboard/amp setup running and I connect the USB to my RJM Mastermind PBC to use its editor I get a ground loop via the USB cable. It’s probably not your issues but on the off chance it is , it is a very easy fix -unplug the USB or get an isolated cable/adaptor/hub no need to decamp to another room.


    As @Monkey_Man pointed out, we have kind of hyjacked the original thread and drifted way of topic. I wonder if the mods could move the posts about your hum issue to a new thread as they may help others but would be difficult to find in this thread.


    Man, that is quiet! Do you normally run your power amp at full? (I never do) or was that to elicit any noise at all?
    @paults thanks for chiming in Paul. I just have a simple power cable direct into my home outlets (multiple, different rooms as mentioned above), no effects besides the remote and it wasn't even engaged for that hum test I ran. If the problem is within the KPA, I am either royally screwed, or just have to keep running noise gates all the time. Speaking of which - I need to set the external knob noise gate to 4 or 5 to eliminate hum from the guitar with internal noise gate switched off. This isn't normal, is it?

    I only had the power amp up full to test how bad I could make it. I normally run it -20 something db depending on requiements.

    No it’s definitely not normal to need to run noise gates to eliminate that kind of hum. I would contact support and ask them who can service it near you.

    Gary, this is what mine sounds like running Lasse Lamert LL Bomber from the free rig packs. Its pretty high gain. Noise gate is off. All rig volumes etc are at 0 but the power amp out is set at full (max) so the hiss in the room is pretty loud. I have an SM57 stuck in front of a Mesa Recto 212 cab. In order to get a decent level to my DAW I had to turn the mic pre on the desk to full which introduces quite a bit of noise of its own. This is what it should sound like. Something is definitely wrong in your clip.



    That definitely doesn’t sound right. It sounds like the sort of hum you get with a ground loop but if there’s nothing else connected that shouldnt be the case.

    Is it a powered Kemper?

    I would get it looked at. There honestly shouldn’t be any hum like that.

    I’ll go and make a recording of mine on the same settings and let you hear. What profile were you using in your clip?

    OK, I think we have been talking about different things.

    Hiss and hum are two quite specific issues.

    Hiss is the high frequency noise that you get with all high gain amps (whether real or profiled/modeled). Nothing hisses like my really Mesas at high gain ;-) As soon as you turn up the gain you compress the sound and raise the entire noise floor so hiss is unavoidable. Noise gates are designed to kill that, although the way they tend to interfere with the tail on sustained notes is a bigger issue for me than the hiss. It's probably because I grew up using valve amps without noise gates so I'm used to the hiss and a natural decay to the note. Also, I like to ride the volume knob for cleaning up the sound which often confuses noise gates. I tend to switch off noise gates (even my ISP Decimator Pro Rack G) or keep them really low (like below 3 on the Kemper) because the interference on sustain and glitchy triggering is a bigger compromise to me than the hiss. Others may feel differently, particularly if playing metal with tight fast rhythm passages where the gate is actually an effect as well as a utility.

    Hum on the other hand is that low frequency (50/60hz and 100/120hz depending on country) that you get from a faulty amp or a ground loop. If you are hearing hum using a noise gate to cover it up is like trying to polish a turd. Hum needs to be removed at source as early in the signal chain as possible to avoid it being amplified even further. I genuinely hear ZERO hum in any of the profiles I have used no matter how high gain.

    If you set the noise gate in the Input section it should be global across all profiles so you shouldn't need to tweak it much on an individual profile basis. I set mine as low as I can get away with for the highest gain profiles I am likely to use then leave it alone and forget about it.

    It's my PRS's? And my LPs hum, as does my Variax, and my previous Music Man Majesty. Even tried different cables, outlets even. They still hum and need tweaking. So I don't get it. Unless everyone is trying these out only at very soft volumes or through their DAWs only with headphones. I play in bands, they require volume, they need to sound clean. They don't without noise gates if they have much gain at all, even Michael's.
    Most comments, at least in this thread, seem to be contradictory. People have been so excited by all the new delays we got, bitch that we don't have spring reverb, and then say they disable these on all their newly loaded profiles! Make up your minds! Seems like nobody agrees with what I have to say of late, even this post I'm sure. I think I'll read but comment no further.

    I honestly don’t get hum with any of my profiles. Do you get hum even with no guitar plugged in?

    I do get hiss without the noise gate, as I would with any amp running any amount of gain, but zero hum. Sorry to hear you’re not getting the same results. If you are getting hum and have tried multiple guitars, outlets etc it sounds as though your KPA might be faulty.

    The MB 50/50 will color the sound significantly. If you must go with tubes, try the Peavey 50/50....I know, who would think it would be better, but it is. It uses EL84 output tubes, and it is much clearer and more articulate than the MB.

    That’s interesting. EL84 are famous for breaking up early and adding a specific colour/chime to the tone. I have EL84 in my Boogie Studio .22 and Mark Five:25. They are great sounding amps but clean headroom isn’t their strong point.

    I also have a Boogie 2:ninety with 6L6 which is a much cleaner less coloured sound. Even at hal power it is plenty loud enough for any gig :-)

    EL34 are also famous for their mid range early break up compared to 6L6. However, I have a THD BiValve that takes any sort of tube you want to use and I would say the differences, while there, are fairly subtle.

    No matter what tube power amp you use it will colour the sound to some extent.

    They (as many other commercial and non-commercial rigs do for me) hum big time, at least with my humbucking PRS's, and I can't stand hum.

    As MM says, it must be your guitar. None of my PRS hum with any of the profiles I use (including Michael's).

    I also add delay and a higher reverb mix as others have mentioned.

    The first thing I do with nearly all profiles is turn off the delay and massively reduce the reverb. Tone Junkie are particularly bad for this. By the way, I actually love their profiles and have a few packs but they use WAY too much reverb for my taste. The good news is it's dead easy to adjust that sort of stuff to taste ;-)

    That may be personal taste but i prefer profiles that have everything and i cut off what i don't want. I just can't bring back what the Britt profiles are missing.

    I actually think the opposite. The MBritt profiles have everything left in so you can take away what you don't like whereas the AGL one sound a bit more EQ'd at outset. Nothing wrong with that by the way. I've never heard the ACL ones before but they certainly sound impressive.

    As @Monkey_Man suggested, cutting the bass (and possibly mids) is probably a better option than trying to boost other stuff. Definition is also a key control but don't forget the Cab block - a little tweak on the High Shift and Low shift can transform the sound in a very natural way. I just tried tweaking the MB Mars J800 1 5 2 profile that comes in the free rig packs (I don't own any JCM 800 profile packs as it probably one of my least favourite amps ever). It is definitely a very full frequency profile with a lot of bottom and lower mids.

    I cut somewhere between 200hz and 300hz a little and it should remove some of the mud. You can use either the GEQ or Studio EQ.

    Also, I think some of that Kerrrrannngggg sound from the ACL profiles might be from turning the guitar volume down just a little. This not only reduce the amount gain but also affects the tone.

    The Cali does sound special and the attack time is super quick as it's based on an 1176. I'm not sure how quick the KPA is but I would be surprised if it is technically as fast. The Cali does colour the sound too whereas the KPA is probably more transparent but for me the KPA is good enough that I don't want the hassle of carrying a separate pedal/power supply and trying to patch it into the FX loop.

    I don’t use a lot of compression but it can add a really nice bloom; to clean sounds especially. I’m not a raving compressor-o-phile or comp-sniffer but I do have a Cali 76 which I absolutely love. All I can say is I haven’t used it since I got the Kemper. The Kemper compressor probably isn’t as good as the Cali 76 if you’re really fussy but it’s easily good enough for me.

    Sounds fabulous.

    It’s refreshing to hear stuff that isn’t just high gain scooped mid metal. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but variety is the spice of life :-)

    I particularly like the tone on the main melody riff. Very twangy and a bit gritty. And also the cleaner tone on that open string arpeggio type figure. What profiles are they?

    I’m a little confused now as you previously said, “Would be possible but i freaking love the sound of those amps. Maybe i just heard mastered versions of it so far.” , when someone suggested you might not be into JCM800’s and Jubilee’s. You also said that other profiles of JCM800 sounded great , just not the MBritt pack.

    However, now you are saying that “It might also be that the Marshall aren't just my type of character. I tried the Friedman BE-100 profiles and these are absolutely amazing. The Friedman has more presence in many frequency ranges. So maybe thats just more my kind of Amp.“

    That’s quite a change of heart ;-)