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    @Foxbilder i think you need to kill the problem at source rather than cover it up. Unfortunately,a high pass filter is unlikely to be the answer. The frequencies you are having trouble with are so high that you would end up filtering out a hugh chunk of the guitar sound with it. I suspect the end result would be like playing through a tiny portable radio at best.

    I’ve just been watching a Frank Gambale interview. The man is a leg nd! Full of great insight and an amazing way of explaining things. But the best moment was when it was suggested that his playng appears effortless - “well, you know, after 50 something years of playing, if i didn’t have it down now I would do something easy like brain surgery” :-)

    Chick Corea Electric Band are awesome! Ga,bale is indeed a monster as were some of his predecessors with Corea in Return to Forever. Al DiMeola was my first real guitar hero along with Larry Carlton.

    John 5 is massively underrated in my opinion. Really versatile and some killer playing on his solo albums.

    Very tasty unit. Love the Choruses, rotory, and vibe on it.

    Have you tried a Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe? I still have one kicking about from the 90’s. Still my favourite pedal for added mojo.

    I suppose anything is worth a try when the problem is driving you mad like it clearly is for the OP. However, I just can't see how a transformer isolation box which breaks a ground loop can solve a problem that still exists with a battery amp which literally has no ground attached.

    They are great little devices in the right situation. I know what you mean about them working with your Recto. I had a massive ground loop issue with my old Triaxis and pedal board running 4CM. Those isolation boxes are an absolute must in such a situation because the signal has more than one path to ground. I couldn't bear it without them for that rig. I just think this has to be different as there isn't even one path to ground let alone multiple paths if its still there with a battery amp.

    I would be absolutely shocked if the Ebtech Hum eliminator made any difference whatsoever to your problem. As far as I understand it the Ebtech is a transformer based ground loop eliminator. It electrically isolates one device in the chain from ground via a transformer. Definitely works for ground loops (I have a Palmer and an ART version of the same thing and they work a treat) however, the problem can't be a ground loop if you are getting it with a battery powered amp which isn't grounded.

    When you walk out the house the noise seems to stop (or at least significantly decrease) then it reappears when you renter the house. That suggests to me that it is airborne interference from something inside the house. I'm no expert of this type of thing though so you will need someone else to help you actually find the source.

    Excellent thanks @burkard

    I’ll experiment with that. I’d rather not mod the pedal itself so that I can still use it with the RJM Mastermind if required.

    Am I right in assuming that the special cable would have sleeve connected at the pedal end and ring but no sleeve at the Romote end? As opposed to sleeve at the pedal connected to both ring and sleeve on the remote.

    It is definitely the most integrated solution, that's for sure. Dead simple to programme and pretty much foolproof. Kind of frustrating when you read about guys going on stage and then yanking that damn non-latching cable out though.

    that pretty much sums it up for me and Is why I would tend to along with 808illist comment about not finding a better alternative.

    I use the Remote now but had an FCB1010 with Uno chip and still also have an RJM (which I love). The RJM is a brilliant midi controller and Ron’s support is honestly THE BEST I have ever encountered in any business. If I needed midi to control other parts of the system I would feel the Remote is pretty lacking compared to RJM or many of the other options. However, when only using the KPA as a stand-alone setup the ease of use and total integration makes the Remote unbeatable for my money.

    Hi folks, this might be a bit left field but bear with me.

    I have a Mission SP-1 RJM which I am using with my remote. As far as I can make out from the specs the SP1 RJM is exactly the same as the EP1 KP except that the RJM has a TRS out for send 2 while the KP has a TS. None of this matters if you only want to use it as an expression pedal. However, if you want to use the switch to turn effects on and off etc it does. Neither a Standard TRS or TS cable will work with the Remote as the Tip and Ring seem to short out and confuse the Remote. RJM get round this on their PBC when using Mono/Stereo effects by using what Ron calls a Ring Disconnect cable. This is a cable with the Tip and Sleeve wired as normal but the Ring only connected at one end. I've used it on RJM stuff before and it works. I thought it might also work between the SP1-RJM and the Remote but it doesn't.

    Anybody else tried this?

    If so how did you solve it?

    I'm thinking my next try might be to disconnect the Ring at both ends and failing that connect the Ring to Sleeve at one end rather than leaving it disconnected.

    Does anyone know how the Remote's switch jacks are wired? ( @burkard ? )

    I think that is a sensible outlook and I pretty much agree.

    I would say that if the Kemper had a metronome I would use LOADS. I practice a lot with a metronome but I use the KPA as the command center for everything guitar related so if I can just use the KPA in a self contained manner without needing to load up a project in my DAW or mess around with the metronome on a phone app or my Roland keyboard that would be a nice feature to have. It would be even better if I could link it to an expression pedal and increase the speed with the pedal. However, am I going to lose any sleep if it istn't can't be done? Nope! If there is a hardware restriction would I want a new device to get this Nope? Would I like other things as a higher priority like a complete overhaul of Rig Manager? Yep.

    No experience of ESI I'm afraid but just looking at their spec it says it has core audio support for 10.4 and above.

    I'm currently still running my old Focusrite over Firewire without any driver updates on a Mac running 10.13 so don't imagine you should have any trouble unless you have a really old OS.

    I'm still using an old Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 which was pretty cheap at the time and it works great. They are available used but I assume the Scarlett series will work equally well and aren't much more expensive new than a used Saffire. The 6i6 would seem to be the nearest comparison to mine as the smaller Solo 2i2 and 4i4 don't seem to have SPDIF.