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    i have asked for this a few times too. I would also want to add a loop facility to the upper limit. Say I had 10 performances available. When I try to bank up to 11 not only would the KPA not allow this but it would actually loop back round to 1. If I want to get to performance 9 now; instead of bankup 8 times I could bank down twice as it would loop from 1 back to 10.

    my experience of loading an acoustic IR in the earliest versions was that it actually introduced a huge amount of noise rather than removing it. The later bug fix updates seem to have calmed this down though. CK has stated several times that the AS is designed to be used without anything active in the Stack block.

    while I totally agree with everything support has said, I also agree with Vinny. I have made profiles with a Two Notes Torpedo Reload and got decent results. They definitely sounded different to the real DI profile with a speaker but they weren’t necessarily bad just different. I personally preferred the real DI with speaker as the load but some others preferred the loadbox version.

    just to put another idea out there, nrm461 if Your reference tone which you are happy with involves the Cab M supplying an IR, why not try making a studio profile from the output of the Cab M. In this case the KPA with think it is receiving a signal with a speaker and mic and create ots own estimation of where the amp ends and speaker starts. It won’t help with the impedance issues of using a loadboax i stead of a speaker but it might give you a fully self contained rig that is just plug’n’play without any external devices.

    could you not use Morph to give you the boost/eq effect. Also morph could be used to change multiple parameters in multiple FX simultaneously which would effectively give you a 2 for 1 effect.

    the output eq is really intended to handle eq issues with specific rooms, stages or PAs which by definition affect all rigs in a similar way. Having to change every rig manually for each venue would be a nightmare.

    Using an eq to tweak individual rigs is a different thing entirely. However, I do agree that having a low cut/hi cut option at rig level in the amp block would be a nice way of freeing up an FX block.

    i active had the opposite problem recently. I thought I would open an old project and remix it. All the guitars were done with plugins but the plugins are out of date and no longer run on my Mac which was a total nightmare. I much prefer having the Kemper totally separate. Record the track to finished audio rather than rely on the plugin being able to replay it later.

    I think Nicky’s sysex system is probably the best solution available.

    i ised to have a lot of problems too but haven’t had many recently. One thing I did eventually notice was that most of the times I had problems it was because I was working on Performances in Rig Manager but I had forgotten to tune the knob on the KPA itself from Browser to Performance. If you are working on Performances the KPA needs to be in Performance mode.

    OK, I understand now.

    The Presets window has limited options. If you look at the Local Library or My Profiler Rigs folders you will see that all the fields I mentioned are available from a right click. However, they aren’t available for presets.

    iyou right click on the header section you should be able to show/hide whatever tag fields you want. These are remembered in RM on a per folder basis. You can have different columns visible in each folder if you need.

    not sure why that would be. I use an old Focusrite Saffire which has Mix rather than the newer software so I’m not totally sure what the Focusrite settings should be but 1/4” to 1/4” in should be fine if the interface has combo inputs that automatically switch to mic level when an XLR is connected. Otherwise XLR to XLR should work fine.

    you should actually be able to use a standard 1/4” instrument cable from the main out to the interface input without any need for an XLR to 1/4” cable.

    Cool i think it’s set as that a default anyway but will double check this. Got a 1/4” to xlr mono jack on the way so hoping this will get me through Zoom lessons. Does it matter which port I plug it into i.e left or right?

    default is Master Stereo.

    Once set to mono it doesn’t matter whether you plug into left or right

    I play in an instrumental prog/post metal band, and I do a lot of time based ambient effects and complex delays that need to be synced to the tempo of the song. The drummer plays to a click, and a tap tempo isn't accurate enough. On most songs, I need 5-6 different tones, and I hate tap dancing. So all of that means the only reasonable option for me is to do one performance per song.

    How is the drummer getting his click?

    is it from something that sends midi?

    if so, why not set your delay times by midi clock and also change any FX etc via midi also. This would ensure perfect sync, exact tones and no tap dancing so you can just concentrate on performance.