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    On a more positive (and complex/costly) note, perhaps employing an additional midi controller that sends out “bank” (performance-number) messages for those who want those big bank-jumps in an instant could be a consideration? (Assuming this would run in tandem with your existing controller)

    I actually have one of those expensive fully customisable midi controllers (RJM Mastermind) which can send just about anything to anywhere (it could probably put people on the moon if necessary :D) but it gathers dust now as my rig consists of the Kemper and nothing else (except guitars obviously). So I bought a remote for the seemless integration and absolute simplicity. Plug it in and it works with no messing around. I absolutely love it for that reason and have no complaints about the remote whatsoever.

    I see the scrolling/loop round facility as KPA issue rather than a controller problem. I honestly can't think of a single reason why it would be beneficial to prevent looping round but can see several where it would be helpful.

    One solution, if this an operation you desire, is to start your “first/base” performance at, say, “10”

    I don't see how that is a workaround but maybe I'm missing something.

    In my case, I'm thinking about a situation where I have reached the last performance and want to get back to a very low number performance ( say 125 to 1 as an extreme example) rather than stepping all the way down the ability to just continue upwards to loop back round to 1 would be significantly easier than scrolling backwards through 125 performances. I doesn't matter which number contains "first base".

    Please don't take this next bit as a personal dig, its more general curiosity, but, Id like to hear from anyone that uses every single performance available and even more interested to know how a kpa handles that amount of performances, ie memory, boot-up, etc.

    I only use a limited number of performances most of the time. I did have a situation with a function band where I had a different performance for every song so ended up with over 50 performances but that was a nightmare to manage for many reasons. Which brings me to the second part of my previous requests related to this issue. I wanted a "Set List" type feature where you could select the range of performances that would be included in the loop round runction. Or even just loop round from the last performance with a live rig loaded. In this case empty performances would be ignored. If you only had 20 performances live then when you try to select 21 you would automatically loop round to 1 again. This concept could be expended further via RM to manage set lists within performance folders. You would create the set list of performances as sub folders within the Performance tree of RM. Then load the appropriate set list(s) onto the KPA as required.

    it does sound like you may have a faulty unit. The only consolation is that Kemper seem to be very good at resolving this sort of thing when it occurs.

    i know it a long shot but is there any chance that the input section noise gate is set so high that it isn’t letting any signal through?

    i have various dedicated midi controllers including RJM mastermind. I would never dream of trying to use the Kemper as a midi control source. I would want to do my midi programming from a single central controller (such as as the RJM which has an amazing editor for this sort of thing) rather than one of the audio devices so I don’t see it as a shortcoming of the KPA in any way.

    Having said that, I now only use the KPA with no external midi devices so my RJM is basically gathering dust as the Remote works so well with the Kemper.

    pure cab has VERY mixed reviews. Some people like it others really hate it. Either way the Kone imprints are in a totally different league in terms of getting an “amp in the room” sound and feel. It can also be used in full range mode with studio profiles and pure cab anyway so you get the best of both worlds.

    That's the problem. You know it is the same amp, but the kemper doesn't. It will do the same than copying a cab from any rig to another rig, being different amps. As far as I know, merging works exactly the same.

    But if it were a way to tell kemper they are the same amp, same settings, the merging would be much more accurate.

    no that isn’t right.

    The Kemper does know it’s the same amp. It knows this because you tell it so by using the merge function. It needs the same amp twice to be able to merge. If you use merge without the same amp the Kemper will try and merge it as if it was two profiles of the same amp (because that’s the unique aspect of Merging) but obviously the results will not be a true merged profile.

    As far as I can see, why you are proposed actually the current merge process. Some people don’t use it correctly but that doesn’t change what it actually does.