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    Yes, you are adjusting the right thing. Clean sense shouldn’t have any effect on high gain sounds. Someone posted recently saying that it definitely does even though the manual says it doesn’t. However, I tested it afterwards and I couldn’t hear any difference (which is what Kemper say to expect) so either Kemper are correct or the change is subtle wenough that my ears can hear it 😆

    The fact that this only happens with the Taylor suggests it isn’t the Kemper’s fault. It sounds like the Taylor has a very low output level. Check by plugging straight into the Audio Interface (with out the Kemper) and compare the output level to your other Piezo Guitars. If the output is very low there are three possible causes that spring to mind:

    1 - the battery is low and needs replaced (it can still have enough juice to light up the preamp LED without powering the circuit properly)

    2 - the preamp is designed with a low output

    3 - there is a fault in the preamp which needs repaired or replaced.

    Right, yes, I understand that. But the manual refers to "full range mode" many times, or when Monitor CabOff is disabled. So that leads one to believe there is a full range mode, similar to an FRFR, that can be used on any kind of audio signal. But it sounds like I have my answer here in that it's not an optimal solution.

    The issue is that NO speaker is truly flat or full range. All the normal FRFR solutions out there (like DXR10 or Headrush or Mission etc) apply an EQ curve via some DSP located in the cabinet/poweramp. The Kemper applies this DSP from the KPA itself. Therefore, in order to get the speaker to provided a flat response you need to activate the Kone setting. Without this you will get the character of the speaker without the EQ to flatten it out. This may or may not sound good but it won't be truly flat.

    And Geoff Tate, Michael Kiske, Rob Halford, Simone Simons, Harry Coklin, Devon Graves, Stu Block, Todd La Torre, Floor Jansen, thousand others... can sing Wheresthedug 😉

    couldn’t agree more 👍

    I was being a bit tongue in cheek but much of today’s metal is just unlistenable to me (personally) because of the current trend for the low register roar vocals. They are supposed to be heavy and aggressive but they always just sound like a pantomime villain to me 🤣

    There is undoubtedly some incredible guitar playing in lots of modern metal but I just can’t listen long enough to hear it. Oh the joys of being a grumpy old man 😁

    As you said, the imprints won’t work but other than that it should be a decent choice in my opinion. A good indicator would be the fact that people can successfully use it for playing full range backing tracks but I’m sure someone on the forum has actually tried it with a Helix or Axe etc so look forward to hearing their feedback.

    Hard Rock has singing.

    Metal has some idiot screaming incoherently (Meshugga, Periohery etc). There might be some grest music in there but I just can’t get by the wounded rhino with a mic 😬

    Another defining characteristic is that rock has drums while metal has some dude trying to break the 100m world record with kick drum pedals attached to his treadmill 🤣



    While im recording and i switch from guitar to bass, id rather just hit a switch to bypass the kemper so my bass can go direct to the board.

    Rather than unplugging and moving this and that to do the same thing. My other boards, you step on a switch, or use the tuner out mode and the signal is unaffected, so id get just my bass?

    there are a few strategies I can think of.

    Are you unplugging the guitar and swapping the cable to the bass or planning to leave both plugged in all the time?

    If both need to be plugged in all the time you will need an AB switch or some other means of combining. Or, if you aren’t using the FX loop already you could use the Return Input for the bass.

    One option would be to just create a Rig with ever Turned off and call it Bass. Whenever you select Bass you get a rig that is just the Direct signal but it will already have gone through A/D D/A conversation and be at a much higher signal level than the direct signal from the instrument itself. This would work well in most cases though.

    Another option would be to connect the main outs as normal and use them for full rigs. Also connect the Direct Out and set the output source to either Git Analog or Git+Processing this would allow you to simply select the correct input on the DAW to change between Kemper and Direct.

    If you have SPDIF you could do the same thing in the digital domain.

    Another option would be to use Output Presets. You would have one Preset for Guitar which uses the main Outputs as Master Stereo or Master Mono and another which uses the Main Outputs as Git+Processing or Studio.

    Another alternative to output presets is to use the FX Loop as a send only. That way when you engage the Slot with the loop in it you will break the signal path in the Kemper and only the sound upto the loop will be sent to the DAW. If the loop is in Stomp A it will just send Bass.

    It also depends on whether you record mono or stereo and whether you record analog or SPDIF. I almost always record mono so I set my SPDIF out to Git Master Mono and always record both so that I have a backup track for reamping. The same thing can be do in analog too (in fact you could record Master Stereo plus direct in this scenario). When recording Bass I record a DI track PLUS a Bass Rig such as Ampeg SVT simultaneously). That way I have a solid bass sound from outset which I can use on its own or combine with the DI but I can also reamp a different bass rig later if necessary.

    I would recommend reading the section on Output Section in the main menu and watching the outputs for recording tutorial on the Kemper website (or youtube) to get a better idea of what is possible.


    While im recording and i switch from guitar to bass, id rather just hit a switch to bypass the kemper so my bass can go direct to the board.

    Rather than unplugging and moving this and that to do the same thing. My other boards, you step on a switch, or use the tuner out mode and the signal is unaffected, so id get just my bass?

    there are several ways I can think of doing this but it isn’t really the subject of this thread. I’ll reply in your other thread about this issue.

    make up your own to whatever length you need. You can also decide what type of connection you want at each end if you do it yourse E.g. both straight, both right angle or one straight one angled.

    There is no audio transfer through the cables so don’t worry about using super expensive brands. You just want decent ereliable quality. Van Damme do a green that looks pretty close to Kemper’s. I’ve used Van Damme for years without issue.…sic-xke-microphone-cable/

    I’m the same as Ruefus. If I am going to carry around the weight and inconsistencies of sound that I get from a valve amp I’ll just take one of my Boogies. Of I want the consistency, flexibility and light weight of my Kemper I’ll use my Powered Kemper. If I want all of those but have a nonpowered Kemper I would use a Class D power amp.

    You can’t really reamp a Wah via SPDIF as the wah won’t accept a digital input.

    However, as the Kemper has an FX Loop I would put the Wah in the loop and put the loop in Stomp A.

    Another option which would be better in my opinion (if you onow you are definitely going to ise wah on the track would be to record the wah as part of the DI track. This way you will get the wah as part of the performance but still have the abiliyto try different amps and cabs later.

    Burkhard I think you are both actually saying the same thing.

    The OP seems to be asking for a way to set to Full Range globally (you both agree this can be done) but is also asking for the ability to override this on a rig by rig basis so that for example 9 rigs are full range but 1 rig has a V30 imprint.

    If I am reading your reply correctly you and the OP are both saying that this is not currently possible. It is EITHER full range by defaul with NO imprint option OR Inprint by defaul with the ability to OVERRIDE this in an individual Rig’s cabinet block.

    At the moment the OP would need to set V30 as the global imprint then go into 9 individual rigs and set them manually to Full Range.

    I understand this logic and, to be honest, it works well for me but I can see that the OP has a different workflow.