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    I just listened to Ola englunds Rig of the week, where he uses a Mesa V30 Cab and i can definitely hear the V30 in this....sounds pretty killer.

    I had to send my Camplifier back to make it ready for 4Ohms (sadly just 90W, but hey....will do) and my Kabinet will arrive tomorrow.

    Looking forward to that!

    Come on man!

    I can't remeber any company, where the boss himself answers questions to the forum members.....and no company that dosen't throw a new product on the market every 3-4 years to take your money. Kemper have been upgrading their initial product for how many years? 8? For free!

    What would you call that? I call that customer service!

    I ordered a Kabinet 2 days ago.....i did not receive an email. you know why? Because my account says, they did not work on my purchase yet. Why is that? Because they are currently swamped with Kabinet orders. Is that a surprise? No!

    So.....just stay calm an patient and wait for a new awesome product to arrive,

    Hi folks,

    Some thoughts on speaker imprints and broken-in speakers:

    Lately HW from Tone Junkie bought a vintage tweed amp and argued, the desirable tone lies a lot in the very much broken in original speaker (as well as some well-played AC30 etc.).

    Topjimi has his trusted Greenbacks from the 70ies and frequently hunted speakers for e.g. the Randy Rhodes-Sound

    So: I assume, the Kemper-Team uses factory new speakers from their business-relationship with Celestion?

    Would it be an option to get in touch with the profile-guys like HW and get some real vintage speakers over and imprint them?

    Or maybe the Kemper-guys build a mobile "imprint lab" and send it with an engineer someone around the world to hunt down legendary speakers? You even could A/B your freshly done imprint directly in the room with the original speaker/amp...



    Now i have a question as well:

    Is the Kemper DSP just focusing on the Kone (/linearization and imprint), or is there a special linearization going on for the kone inside the kabinet?

    Do i gain some linearity/transparency for studio profiles by buying the Kabinet (and cool Kemper look obviously) or is the Kone the only thing affected?

    Thanks a lot and cheers from Germany,


    Good Morning!

    I just came here to say that i am extremely looking forward to the Kabinet and the features it will provide.

    And a huge shout out to Christoph Kemper himself who gets in touch with the users and answers questions himself here.

    This is not a Selbstverständlichkeit! ;-)