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    So I'm not really digging the inverted contrast screen on the new 7.0 update. Is there away to change it back? Or did something get screwy during my update? For those who might not know what I'm referring to, the kemper screen is essentially inverted, where it was dark it's now light and where it was light now it's dark like a roll of film negative (wow dating myself).

    I know there's quite a number of musicians that play at their local house of worship. It would be really cool if there was a sub forum where we could post up what our settings are (which profile and from whom, mod, delay, and reverb) for a particular song. Chasing down some of these reverb tones can feel like you need to be a software engineer to understand some of the algorithms that make up these sounds.

    Welcome damien, I'm new to the kemper game myself. Check out Tone Junkie as well. They have some amazing sounding reverb presets that you can download and load and they are free. I think it would be super helpful also to have a forum section where someone could share their settings for a particular song.

    Hello everyone brand new kemper user here, and just wanted to throw a shout out to Tone Junkies for their great customer service, their awesome videos and amazing sounding profiles. I am not in any way affiliated with them, other than being a fan of their work :) I'm running an ISP stealth power amp into a port city 2x12 cab and every profile just sound killer!

    Love their tips and tricks section, learning a ton through their various avenues. Well just wanted to show them some love...


    yes I downloaded the latest version of RM from the Kemper website, and my mac mini is up to date on the latest OS (10.13.xx or something like that). Not sure what was going maybe it was completely unrelated to RM. Maybe my computer just so happened to wig out after installing RM. It's fine now, and everything seems to be working just fine now so whatever....

    Thanks for welcome and chiming in. I had to open disk utility and did the first aid disk repair. Not sure what was wrong, but the computer booted up and rig manager seemed to work just fine. Hopefully that'll be the end of the problems

    Hello new kemper owner here. Looks like there are a newbie filter, but I went to install rig manager and I restarted my mac and now the OS won't open. It gets stuck on the apple logo with the status bar about 80%.

    What did I do wrong? I'm using my laptop and don't want to try installing rig manager here to see if it does the same thing in fear of possibly messing up my laptop. Could someone please help!


    Well Chris beat me to it, but for what it's worth I would be interested in the stealth ISP as well. Let me know if things fall through with Chris. I live in Maryland