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    I was playing Mbritt (fantastic:)) Colonial 2 9 profile with compressor stomp on and i noticed that clean sense affects the gain of the profile. It doesnt happen with compressor stomp off. Its a gainy profile, i thought clean sense should affect only volume of a clean sound? Has anyone else noticed this?

    Great work on the 2020 pack! I prefer the 800 profile here than the old 800 pack. :)

    This? I had really good hand made ptp 800 clone and while there are many good 800 profiles they allways seem to miss something compared to real amp. Previous Mbritt 800 profiles were very good but these are way better? with these profiles + 2x12 cab + les paul im happy?

    Exellent pack! Best Marshall profiles for live playing so far, better than his previous Marshalls which were very very good too. Every profile in pack sounds great thru my Creamback and Classic lead 80 loaded 2x12. Cant wait to hear how these profiles sound thru loud PA, hope this coronashit is over soon....also very useful performances in the pack too?

    Just bought your Silver Jubilee-pack and its fantastic! Good live sound is most important for me and played trough real 2x12 its just spot on. Very realistic and alive somehow, easily best silver jubilee profiles i have played and i have tested many....It seems you really have some magic in your profiling process. Really wish you profile some lower gain amps in the future. I'd love to hear your take on AC30, there are some great profiles but i think no-one seems to capture it 100% right.

    Just bought Marshall 1974x profile and its fantastic thru real cab with heritage G12 M!

    Live sound is most important for me and its hard to find profiles that work well live. I've been using mostly Mbritt and Bert Meulendijk profiles and this is absolutely on par with them. And they are cheap considering what you get....check them out!

    Redsound speaker is also little wider in diameter and hole in the cab was too big for F12, there was just enough wood under screws to get it installed. Cab itself is well made with good quality wiring.

    I think Redsound speaker was too limited in high range, it sounded dull and no way i could get beautiful shimmering clean tones with it. It was passable at best blasting full volume playing loud rock with band but that was it.

    F12 is completely different, its not muffled or dull at all and high range is very nice, never harsh. Fender clean profiles are beautiful and i like them more with F12 than CLR. I dont have to tweak profiles compared to CLR, they sound very similar with F12. Its hard to describe diffences between them but CLR has more definition and its more hifi, F12 is way more like traditional guitar cab but flat enough so different profiles sound very nice with it.

    My experience so far is only low volume playing though, it might sound completely different when pushed hard. Our band is on a long break so i havent had chance to play loud but I will report here when i get the chance to test it with stage volume.

    But im sure now i will buy Kemper cab immediatly when it comes available.....

    well these are just first impressions with low volume and tired ears....but sounds really good so far. Somehow much more fun to play than with CLR and i am well adjusted to FRFR sound and was quite happy with CLR. It seems that Celestion hit the mark with F12. And its cheap....

    Hello everyone!

    I just installed Celestion F12-X200 to my passive Red Sound LG12 . First impressions are very very good. Definately much more amp in the room-sound compared to Atomic CLR which i have next to Red Sound. CLR is flatter for sure. I think red sound + celestion has more mids and it sounds bit boxy but not in a bad way at all, its more the way real 1x12 are compared to FRFR. Wish i had my tube heads and cabs for comparison but i sold them all year ago....

    Different profiles come through very nicely and Celestion made some profiles that i didnt like come really alive. Especially cleans and mild od profiles are great, some MBritt clean fenders are fantastic and i like them way more than with CLR. Just total joy to play and i didnt had to tweak profiles at all. Some heavily distorted profiles sounded bit mushy but i have only been able to play low volume so it might be just that.

    If Kemper cab is optimized and DSP assisted version of this....i seriously think it might be total game changer if its done well.