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    For home use i just go to my interface (focusrite 6i6) using spdif and monitor through my studio monitors.

    to use your headrush you can use the r or l main out just make for to have the output set to master mono(unless you have 2 headrush speakers then go with master stereo). You could also use the monitor output for your headrush speaker.

    for home use and recording a set of good studio monitors is the way to go in my opinion.

    this fixed my problem. Thank you!

    I have a 6i6 and had the popping cracking problem. Change your buffer size and lower the spdif volme quite a bit. I dont think the 6i6 can handle the volume. It sounds nuts but it worked for me.

    I plugged in an xlr to the front and realized the spdif vol was WAY louder so i adjusted accordingly

    hope this helps

    Does it only happen when your daw is open or all the time?

    are you muting the signal in the focusrite controller when you are monitoring through your daw?

    i run my spdif vol around -5db. If i run it closer to 0db it cracks and pops when playing rhythms.

    im using the focusrite 6i6 as well