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    Thanks guys. Tried some demo packs found more usable tones. Then profiles my existing rig. And presto! Now im more comfortable with it. But man i get caught between some britt or af profiles and my own then cant decide which is better. Cant wait to try them in a mix. Sounds good in my ears. Im just using a small pa at home to set sounds and my ears.

    Hey! Im new to kemper. Im looking to use this live for everything from chickin pickin to metal. Ill be plugging in direct and going all in ears. Im used to a simple rig. Tele or lespaul into a decent tube amp ac30 or marshall jcm2000dsl. Basic overdrive pedal and a bit of delay for leads and im happy. Any profiles or rigs u suggest? Whats the best way to get tones set at home that will work for live use? I have a small pa system at home. As well as my guitar amps etc. Will plugging my in ears into the head phone jack give similar tones to whats coming out of the bands in ear rig? Any advice or info is greatly appreciated. Thanks