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    Freut mich dass du dein Problem lösen konntest!
    Ich würde auf die aktuelle Release-Version updaten, evtl. ist das dort auch schon behoben.. klingt wie ein Bug für mich, die Imprints sollten eigentlich nur auf dem Monitor-Out sein, wo anders machen sie doch keinen Sinn, oder?

    Passiert das mit jeder IR?
    Kannst du ein Beispiel aufnehmen oder die IR zur Verfügung stellen, falls erlaubt? Dann könnte man versuchen, das zu reproduzieren.

    Thats cool! Have you tried profiling it?

    Also the ADA is a great piece of gear. I you don't already know him, Leon Todd on Youtube has some great videos on (80s) rack preamps, including the ones on your list.

    Now I know. ;)

    When I start to profile my own amps, ( ST ), I will do three profiles for each amp. Clean, Crunch ,Dirty. So, we got my OP answered.

    Now I have to figure out how to go from clean to dirty using one rig without having to click the foot controller thru rigs during a take. I remember reading the Parallel Path setting for the stomps section can increase/decrease gain with maybe my exp pedal. Any other way to do that? Go from clean to crunch/dirty smoothly without clicking a distortion stomp on?

    Why not just create a performance containing your Clean, Crunch and Dirty Profiles? Switching between profiles in a performance is the same 1 "click" as activating a stomp

    thats a great idea. should be a rest-api and opensource.

    both of which are quite unlikely to happen, if anything.
    But I'm interested why REST and opensource?

    If there was an API, closed source but well documented, it should not make a difference for the consumer of the API, especially for a commercial product?

    First off I would suggest that you have a usb stick with a backup of your kemper near - I always keep one in the rack of mine.

    I never had the case that my unit "quitted" and I wasn't able to use it anymore for the gig. Maybe 2 or 3 times (in 3 years extensive use) I had the unit become unresponsive to control inputs from the remote, but that was quickly resolved by rebooting.

    However, If you want to be on the safest side, look for a small footprint backup rig like a helix stomp or even a strymon iridium.

    Hope that helps

    Mir ist bewusst, dass das evtl. noch ein viel schwierigeres Thema ist, aber:

    Hat jemand Erfahrung damit, Bass Rigs im Vorhinein so zu EQen bzw vorzubereiten, dass sie auch auf großen PAs (Sääle, Hallen) ausgewogen klingen und nicht noch viel während des Soundchecks daran geschraubt werden muss?
    Auf der (band)eigenen kleineren PA ist es auch schon stark raumabhängig, aber da lässt es sich einfacher in den Griff bekommen (Low-End auf oder zudrehen).

    Würde mich über Erfahrungen in diese Richtung freuen

    For the aux input, do I need a special cable that plugs into two places on the Kemper? I am just using an aux cord with a 1/4" attachment going into the Return on the kemper and it is working, but is this technically the wrong way?

    It's possible, however you will hear only one side of your stereo audio source, which can be irritating in most cases.

    If you get yourself a cable like this, you have the full quality of your playback music. I believe you can get them anywhere, I just took the first link when googling for it.

    Hope this helps :)

    Regarding your question about connecting your phone/spotify to your kemper and play along:
    Sure you can, I use it all the time and it works great. You can mix the playback into your headphone, monitor or main outs.

    This video will help you:

    The relevant part for you is from the beginning until around 2:57 minutes


    I am usually not the type of guy to interfere in conversations like this or judge people by their nickname/profile picture.

    However I can not really say that I am surprised by the responses of this guy, just by looking at his name and pic.

    Maybe people "gave him crap" a little too much and made him react defensively in an instant to even the simplest and well meant tips.
    Makes me shake my head when I see people go at it this way in forums where they wanted to find help in the first place

    So far I have used the effects-return (or PowerAmp-In as it is called) of an SVT Pro 4, powering a 4x10 when I needed stage volume for larger gigs.
    To my mind, this works really well, but I was also always looking for a "pure" power-amp for this purpose (preferably in rack format).

    I had an eye on the Palmer Macht 402, which is a (quite good) guitar power-amp for use with the kemper.

    Has someone already tried it for bass, does it have enough power? If yes, I could kill two birds with one stone.




    das hängt von deinem Amp ab, wo der Mastervolume-Regler "platziert" ist.

    Bei den meisten, die ich kenne, ist dieser *nach* dem Effekt-Einschleifweg. Das bedeutet, er müsste nach wie vor funktionieren.
    Falls er davor ist, musst du die Monitor-Out-Lautstärke via Kemper anpassen. (Achtung, das könnte vor dem Runterregeln dann ziemlich laut sein..)


    Genau, sonst hättest du beim Betrieb mit einem echten Speaker ja 2mal die Auswirkungen eines Lautsprechers hintereinander in der Signalkette (1mal simuliert, 1mal echt), und das klingt dann.. naja.. einfach nicht gut, und nicht wie es sollte ;)

    Du kannst natürlich vom Main- oder Monitoroutput deines Unpowered Toasters in den Effect-Return von deinem Amp gehen, und das macht auch durchaus Sinn :)

    Allerdings solltest du dafür die Cab-Sim deaktivieren. Da gibt es beim Monitor-Output direkt das Setting "Monitor Cab off" (oder so ähnlich), dann musst du das Cab nicht mal global deaktivieren.

    Ich hoffe das hilft dir schon mal weiter,


    When I get that right the connection to the laptop is done with an lightning jack. If it fits to an I-Pad???

    I think it looks like an USB C adapter, which would make sense for the new macbook