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    I agree that doesn't sound right to me. It sounds like a fuzz pedal. Sorry it's been such a bummer for you. Hope you can try out another one to establish if yours is faulty.

    Are you using a Strat bridge single coil pickup in the clip? Does it sound great through other amps? Most of the Strats I've worked on had the pickups set too high, especially if the owner was going for high gain sounds with vintage pups. Just another potential avenue to explore.

    I'm at the beach, but will try to post my own sample of that profile with a Strat when I get back to civilisation.

    All my guitars sound fine through my amp. Even checked them through a POD.

    The Les Paul I never put through the Kemper, as it sounds worse than the clip I posted.

    Me neither.

    I still get the feeling that the interface is playing games with you.

    With all the controls (Inputs/outputs/EQ etc) in their default/out of the box state, and the monitors plugged directly to the Kemper main outs, a new/untouched profile should sound great at volume.

    The RME interface seems to be fine, I've tested it using Amplitube and it sounds normal. If Kemper confirms there's nothing wrong with their product when I send it in for servicing, I'll be in touch with RME anyway.

    Tried my setup with both my computers, no difference.

    Done all the above Per, but thanks for the suggestions. No active pickups.

    Didn't buy it to profile my own amp, but to get profiles of amps I don't have access to.

    Ok, but I'll send the files in a message so it doesn't start another argument. Switching to my amp for a few days though, as my ears need a rest.

    It's a fair assessment, though. This is the internet.

    Your concerns this time are near verbatim to what you posted in mid-2018. One can't help but wonder. Why you care if someone incorrectly identifies you as a troll or not makes no sense at all. Fearing ridicule from audio makes even less sense to me.

    The questions on Kemper go the same path.

    -I have problems with the Kemper.
      Post us a sample.
    -I'd rather not.
    Then its your fault, we're trying to help you.

    Ok, here's the sample.
    That's not a Kemper, you're a troll. Its your fault, a Kemper doesn't sound like that.

    Same Line 6 mentality. Most probably the same people. Wouldn't say it fills me with fear, just find it totally pathetic.

    I've posted what solution I'll be attempting. To anyone who has just bought a Kemper and not happy with it, take it back. Don't bother ask here and don't bother post your samples. There's some good people on this forum, but a product that attracts Line 6 morons in droves is a bad sign.

    I think there might be something wrong with your sample. Something in your chain might not be right. One of my main out had become defective on mine after a few years (Kemper took tare of that in an exemplary fashion).

    I'm reading this thread coming back in my hotel room after playing an arena, so I had to chime in. If you want to "hear clips" of other people, just go outside; it's being used everywhere at the moment, from major recording engineers to the live circuit, the Kemper is literally everywhere in the pro world without you knowing it because it's hidden in a rack behind the fake Marshall stacks or on some number one hit where you have no idea it's been used. No need to prove that it's capable, just do your homework correctly and you'll figure it out.

    One other poster had actually posted a sample, and respect to him for that. Your shrugging your shoulders and saying 'do your homework.' Do you actually have any suggestions? Line 6 was also used by major recording engineers and the live circuit. Whats your point?

    If you won't profile your amp that sounds good, then just sell the Kemper, as its whole concept is to be able to profile your own sound and take it with you. This is my last post here.

    Getting sick of this nonsense. Is everyone only profiling their own amps? No. everyone is sharing profiles and buying them, aren't they.

    Show me in writing, where the designer of kemper states that the whole concept was only to profile your own amp? They never said that, did they. If you haven't got any actual advise, dont waste my time.

    And that is why I suggested using the 'known good power amp and cab'. If it still sounds bad it would 100% be something within the Kemper weather it is a faulty part or not would be tough to say.

    And after all these years I should know better then to post while on my first cup of coffee. My response was a bit out of line. Sorry.

    My suggestion was not intended to have you run you KPA like that but as a test to isolate the KPA but using known good power amp and cab. It is an easy test. If it still sounds like crap then try a different profile stock with no changes made to it. There are many on RE, I am sure you know that and many that we could suggest. That would further isolate the profile or the physical Kemper/firmware.

    No problem.

    I see what you're getting at. It sounds pretty much the same going directly though the monitors. I spent some time testing out the RME interface by itself last night, making sure it wasn't that. Sounds fine as far as I can tell, I carefully selected it over a Babyface and UAD Apollo.

    Nothing wrong with either of my strats, they sound fine through my amp.

    What I'll be doing is going down to the shop I bought it, and seeing if they'll let me run it through something and A/B it with another Kemper. There's a small problem with the screen anyway, so its due a repair under warranty. I'll ask the company to test the unit for any sound quality issues. If that doesn't resolve the issue, I'll sell the unit.

    Thank you for responding so politely and comprehensively to my post, Terence. I was going to ask if the reason you hadn't posted anything new at that point was because nothing had changed in the interim, but I wanted to believe you'd made at least a little progress by now. Bummer, man.

    Listening to the clip, it immediately reminded me of the effect old / charge-deficient batteries have had with the various EMGs I've used over the years. The same sound is evident in bass guitars with actives which're being powered by charge-deficient batteries.

    I realise the chances of this being the issue for you are practically-zero, but I thought I'd mention it 'cause the similarity's uncanny.

    All three guitars I use, sound roughly the same albeit with their natural differences. Yeah, I don't know what the problem is. Only thing left is to chat with the company directly.

    Now you are again refusing to do what is suggested. This is the kind of thing that makes it look like you are only here to troll and bash Kemper. You are literally refusing a troubling shooting step because you shouldn't have to do it. I deal with stubborn customers that don't want to do trouble shooting steps all day, every day. You don't want to attempt to fix the problem, that's on you. It is standard steps in trouble shooting to isolate and eliminate or resolve issues one step at a time.

    Good luck with your sale.

    Err I posted the sample, and we can see it doesn't sound good. You suggested that I go through my Marshall, which I was grateful for. I merely pointed out that I wished to use the Kemper by itself, as I purchased it under the assumption I could.

    Not sure where the anger is coming from man, but thanks for your time anyway.

    We are not to the point of mic'ing anything. Like I said the idea is to connect it this way to dial the amp profile in. The end goal is to get things running the way you intend but one step at a time.

    I get what your saying, but if I need to put my Kemper through a tube amp to sound good it defeats the object for me.

    I bought the Kemper because the profiles by topjimi, Mix Berlin etc sound great in their demos. All done with no processing and no amp apparently. Just the Kemper, no post processing. Many on forums, in their videos, confirmed this. So I bought the Kemper and the profiles, and you can see the results I'm getting.

    I appreciate you taking the time to give suggestions, but you can see where I'm coming from. If I can't use the Kemper by itself, as the company claims and as others claim, its of no use to me. I shouldn't have to tweak and tweak it, or put it though a tube amp.

    The idea is to use the effects loop return so that the Kemper would use the power amp section of the Marshall and the real cab. This would allow for the ability to separate the parts of the chain. Get the amp profile sounding good and the move onto the next part. Personally I prefer to run my Kemper through a power amp and into a real cab.

    And then mike the cab?

    Might as well just mike the Marshall then. I mean, I bought the Kemper to record the Kemper. If I have to use an amp to get the Kemper sounding good, the price tag isn't justified.