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    as this thread is 'obsolete', I'd like to hijack it as I haven't found an answer to my question, but the question doesn't require a thread itself:

    What is the amp behind the default 'crunch' rig in performance mode?



    karlic although this does make sense and should be taken care of with a fill of perfectionism, it does not really matter on the level I play at with my band. People where visibly having fun so the sound must have been sufficient ^^ if it was on a more professional level, but not enough to have venues that are small enough for people to stand close enough that the 'silent stage' problem becomes actual (if that makes any sense), I'd definitely try to cater to it.

    So I had the first gig with a 5153 EL34 pack profile yesterday (profile name is 153 - 06 or sth IIRC) and it sounded absolutely brutal. I competed against two Engls, an Orange combo and some Bugera head. Frankly they also sounded good, especially the Engls (one of which was my bandmate's amp, so it was running at the same time as the Kemper) and although I love the sound of the PB2, I wouldn't have traded my Kemper with that 153 profile for gold. It sounded just so dope! I'll go with it as my 'standard' from now on. The clarity of the sound was just fantastic and, although this isn't related to the profile itself, I genuinely prefer no cab on stage to a massive miced up 412. To any amp on stage even, at least with regards to the small venues we play in. The sound just becomes so much clearer on stage and FoH, it could clearly be heard when the other band ran both 412s. Anyway, I've never been so happy with my sound!

    +1 for musicstore. I really like the atmosphere there. It's just great to rotate between their Kempers, getting a different guitar to check out and having a super affordable coffee at the bar while beholding that huge Buick next to it ?

    Thanks a lot!

    Do you use it live or just in the studio?

    I'm just starting to get into home recording with my folks and I alternate between this pack and your 6505 (or 6505+, I'm not sure right now) for my own sound. We didn't play another gig before getting either pack but I'm planning to use one of the 153 profiles live for the next gig (4 weeks to go!). I hope for the mids to cut through well! I'll report back afterwards.

    And it's also great fun to fiddle around with it at home ?

    There's tons of profiles that I'd love to own just because of their demos, e.g. there's one 5153 profile pack that is supposed to recreate Misha Mansoor's sound and the YT demo video sounds absolutely amazing. But some customers stated that it doesn't sound like in the video so I'm still quarrelling with myself over it. So I'm curious about this whole thing aswell.

    What confuses me with regard to the guitar aspect is that I read on here that with the updated profiling process the guitar does not influence the sound of the profile any longer at all. So why do so many profiles still sound so different with different guitars? Have almost all of them been created with the pre-Profiling-rework-OS?

    Don't forget to take selling your 212 and buying a powered FRFR speaker instead of buying a poweramp into consideration. By using a traditional guitar cab you'll miss out on many of the features that make the Kemper the fantastic machine that it is.

    Made me sweat like a whore in church

    :D:D I like that! I shall add it to my personal collection.

    I learned about the Kemper in the context of high gain stuff, so for me there was nothing to worry about in the first place. But I can relate from other experiences. Good feeling to be proven wrong in a situation like this.

    Whatever you need, KPA's gotchu covered. :thumbsup: