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    1. Checking all cables

    2. Checking the Input settings (f.e. Clean sense,...)

    3. Checking the Output settings (f.e. db of the selected output)

    4. Open a support ticket

    In my case all of this has been done, including opening a support ticket. In previous threads I've tried to convince others my Kemper is haunted to no avail lol. Other very experienced users have indicated that's its EM interference. But like any good American, I am contrary to supporting evidence and believe its the ghost of George Washington.

    I don't think I had this problem a year ago. Maybe it's the firmware? I think my last update was about a year ago. Which version is your toaster running now?

    I'm on the current version and have had the issue across all versions since I purchased it in 2018. I am inclined to believe that it is EM interference as the sound is much more apparent at night. Like you said, it is particularly bothersome on single notes. As crazy as it sounds, some nights I turn the noise gate all the way down because I'd rather just hear the hissing for what it is rather than the weird hissing trailing you get with it on.

    I have the same exact problem. Especially with medium gain / breakup tones, there is always a hiss behind the notes. It becomes very obvious when a note sustains for a bit and just before the ending of the note when the noise gate kicks in. Tried everything, different guitars, cables, positioning of the profiler, even got the behringer hum destroyer but the problem remains.

    This has been my experience the entire time with the toaster.

    Hope so. It definitely has a lot of potential, but I'm not certain it is usable at this point. I completely forgot to test it the last time I had practice, to see if the background noise was as noticeable in a full band context.

    Unfortunately for me it is not usable yet. I only have only one guitar with humbuckers and on all positions the hiss is just too much. As you said, if you use high cut to 7k it removes the hiss, but then it doesn't have acoustic qualities anymore.

    Hey Everybody! Those using the Kemper volume pedal, where do you prefer to locate it? I have been using it in the output section for overall volume, but have recently been enjoying it in the input section. There is one thing I am unclear about. I am using the full range for the pedal (-5 to 5) for both the input and output section. When the pedal is in the middle (0) in the input section I would expect it to sound like (0) in the output section. However, when located in the output section there is a lot more gain to the profile. Is this normal?

    All basics have been checked. The input stays green. Agreed about using the Kemper as just effects. I don't need the Prestige, I'm just a hussie for sound haha. I originally bought it to act as a clean boost/buffer (depending on position). It adds clarity/restores high end on top of my RYRA Klone that I really dig. The weird thing is it really shouldn't be making any noise at minimum value and was just very unexpected because the RYRA is dead quiet up to 1 o'clock. Now that I've had more time to troubleshoot, I do hear it on other amps, its just a lot more apparent with the Kemper through studio monitors, most likely due to the noise floor. Its almost like the notes are enveloped by the hiss. And like CK said its much more apparent on higher gain amps .

    Hey Everybody! My set up is a merge of analog and digital. I am running a few pedals in front of the Kemper and I'm playing out of a Mbritt Powertrain. Everything sounds great, but I am getting a strange interaction between the Kemper and my JHS Prestige. When I engage the pedal on minimum I am getting quite a bit of hissing that only increases as the I turn up the pedal. The pedal itself shouldn't produce much noise when at minimum and doesn't when using other amplifiers. As soon as I turn off the stack the hissing disappears. I've been very tempted to turn off the stack and just play through the Valvetrain, but feel guilty about using the Kemper as only a compressor/delay/reverb. Has anyone else experienced something similar?

    out of curiosity, how high are you pickups?

    For the neck I have 4/32" on the low E and 5/32" on the high E. For the treble pickup I have 4/32" on the low E and 3/32" on the high E. Specs say 3/32" for bass side and 5/64" for treble side is recommended. It seems like I definitely have the room the raise them.

    I’m surprised you need to boost Clean Sense with a PRS. i have 3 PRS and need to set Clean Sens around -6 all the time to stop cleans overpowering the driven rigs.

    Couldn't agree more. I tried doing a global reset to see if I possibly muffed something in the setting, but that didn't help.

    That sense is meant to cater for the difference in the output of the pups. The probleme may be rather the difference between loud and quiet profiles, esp when they come from different vendors. Often the solution is to modify the volume of the rig. For intance load clean and gainy rigs in a performance and balance the output of the five rigs.

    I think that part I was overlooking. I didn't consider different guitars will likely have different outputs, so its not a one setting fits all type of thing. I generally only use two vendors, once of which volume matches fairly well, while the other doesn't at all to my knowledge. Thanks for the help!

    Hello all! To my understanding clean sense is used to bring up or down to the relative volume of clean amps to match the volume of amps with higher gain. If you over adjust the setting, it actually reduces the volume of the gain profiles as seen in one of Kemper's user guide videos. I am currently using a PRS Semi Hollow SE and no matter what the clean tones are much quieter than the gain tones. In addition I am not able to achieve the loss of volume of gain profiles even when boosting the clean sense to 12db (not that I want that lol). Does anyone have any recommendations?

    I'm not getting any hiss whatsoever, but I'm also not getting any sound remotely close to an acoustic. I play PRS (obviously) and I'll certainly try any suggestions! I want this to work so badly, for exactly the reasons given above.

    I am having the exact same issue using a PRS Semi Hollow. It sounds clean and warm, but not quite like an acoustic.

    Hey Everyone! I am in the market for for an envelope filter/auto wah and I think I am going to pull the trigger on an Emma DiscomBobulator. My only concern is I was recently lent a Micro Q-tron and the only way I can get it to work is to turn my guitar (humbuckers) up to 10, which does necessarily vibe with the other effects. I have tried putting it as the first effect in my chain and in the X slot, as fellow bandmate does this with his effects board. Do all envelope filters have this issue? If so, do you think the boost in the Emma will compensate for the volume issue?

    Just want to tap in here one more time. I have started using a few effects pedals with the Kemper over the last few days and it sounds substantially better with the cab off to me. I am using a Ryra Klone up front and have been trying to find the right position for a Q-tron Micro. I can't really get it to quack unless my guitar in on 10 using humbuckers. The other guitarist in my band likes to put it before delay and reverb. I think it actually sounds way better there as well, but I am getting a lot of hiss from the effects loop.

    Hello Everyone! I am once again going down the pedal board rabbit hole. I want to use a distortion loop in slot B for my distortion/Fuzz petals and a Q-tron in slot X. Can someone assist me with this configuration if its possible. Do you agree the Q-tron should go after the stack?