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    Hey Everyone! I am in the market for for an envelope filter/auto wah and I think I am going to pull the trigger on an Emma DiscomBobulator. My only concern is I was recently lent a Micro Q-tron and the only way I can get it to work is to turn my guitar (humbuckers) up to 10, which does necessarily vibe with the other effects. I have tried putting it as the first effect in my chain and in the X slot, as fellow bandmate does this with his effects board. Do all envelope filters have this issue? If so, do you think the boost in the Emma will compensate for the volume issue?

    Just want to tap in here one more time. I have started using a few effects pedals with the Kemper over the last few days and it sounds substantially better with the cab off to me. I am using a Ryra Klone up front and have been trying to find the right position for a Q-tron Micro. I can't really get it to quack unless my guitar in on 10 using humbuckers. The other guitarist in my band likes to put it before delay and reverb. I think it actually sounds way better there as well, but I am getting a lot of hiss from the effects loop.

    Hello Everyone! I am once again going down the pedal board rabbit hole. I want to use a distortion loop in slot B for my distortion/Fuzz petals and a Q-tron in slot X. Can someone assist me with this configuration if its possible. Do you agree the Q-tron should go after the stack?


    I am trying to recreate some of the "digicrap" effects that Trey Anastasio from Phish uses. A lot of techniques he uses he's sweeping through some type of range, so I think a pedal would be best. The first thing I want to do is take a slow tremolo that's almost not existent, and sweep through so it increases significantly in rate and a little in intensity.

    Hey everybody! How many expression pedals are you all using? I'm thinking about buying a third to have a dedicated pedal for wah, volume, and morphing. Is this overkill?


    I currently use the monitor out with the cabinet left on. It sounds great to me off or on. Off the amp sounds a little more articulate and on to me there is some perceived "beefiness" added to the tone, which I personally like.

    I went for the MBritt verison and I love it. Just from the overview on the website the EM12 has round/punchy bass, and smooth mids and highs. The Red, White, and Blues has a tight bass, smooth mids, sparkling highs. I would be more inclined to think that the EM12 is a little more "flat", but I don't worry about any slight coloration in the tone. Any coloration is just warm tubey goodness. A lot of people use the Kemper because they want to play spitting image of the amp that was profiled. Im not concerned with that, I just want my tone to sound good. I think I am going to buy a EM12 and compare soon.

    Hey Everybody,

    I desperately want to use the new Kemper Kone, but have an unpowered Kemper. I recently purchased a MBritt Valvetrain Powertrain and want to know if it is possible to put the Kemper Kone in it. The amp is made for an 8 ohms speaker, but the Kone is 4 ohms. Can you guys confirm it would not be wise to put the Kone in this amp?


    Same, and with a touch screen it's almost impossible.

    I bought a new laptop specifically to use with editor and similar to your experience, I can not control the knobs at all with my finger or pen when in tablet mode. I made a post a few weeks back, but it didn't seem to attract any attention at the time. Tablet mode would be awesome for editing on the fly at a gig if need be.

    Any pros, cons, gotchas?

    I'm assuming you don't have to crank the Valvetrain to add the tubey goodness to your tone? Or if you do, you can actually minimize the destructive volume (if needed) to play somewhat quietly but still get that tubey goodness?

    To paraphrase I think the Valvetrain manual says it can be used in two ways. At low volume it acts more like a monitor, higher volume gives you that warm tubey sound. To me, it sounds great at all volumes. As you crank the amps volume you can obviously turn down your rig volume so you don't make your ears bleed. No cons here. I've struggled to find the right monitoring situation for about two years now and this sounds by far the best to me.

    Hey Everybody! I purchased a HP Spectre 360x w/ Windows 10 to use with the new Rig Manager 3.0. Everything works as intended when in laptop mode, but when I switch over to tablet mode the chicken knobs just swing quickly from min to max. I am not able to get any setting in between. I figure this is fault of the laptop, but I wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing this or why this may be occurring. Thanks in advance for your input.

    Haven't had a crash in a very long time, but just experienced one going from all rigs to last imported. Also, last imported rigs was just directing me too all of my rigs, when I had just newly import 10 or 15 profiles. I know this was a previous bug when trying to hop categories like sort by author or name, but I don't know if it was rectified. I am going to try and recreate the crash again and send a picture over to the folks at Kemper.

    IMO and IME, a Global (locked) NOise Gate makes little sense, since with the gear I use most noise comes from a distorted profile's amp section, not from the guitar.
    Having said that, general rule is that if you so not lock the Input each rig will carry its own settings for the whole Input section :)

    That was also my train of thought.