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    I have had the exact same issue at my apartment. I purchased a Furman PL-Plus and it didn't solve the issue for me. It does make me feel more protected against surges and things of that nature. Oddly enough I found that if my hallway light is shut off (next to the music room), then the noise goes away 75% of the time. Unfortunately something in my neighbor's apartment definitely messes with it as well, so I've resorted to my middle pickup a lot of the times. Good luck, I hope the Furman works for you!

    That makes sense. Ill put down the horns haha.

    This is awesome! You have opened up a musical wormhole for me. Excuse my ignorance if this sounds ridiculous, but could an instrument like a trumpet be profiled? Obviously the end result wouldn't be the sound of a trumpet, but would it sound musical? I just have never heard of someone profiling equipment and now I want to profile everything in my house ^^

    Hello Everyone,

    Every time I attempt to connect on the new update for ToastME my Kemper displays an error message. I have opened up a support ticket, but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue? I have used ToastME in the past and have had some issues connecting before, but I have never received a message on the Kemper side of things. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance!

    You don’t have a case of “shit ears” but a case of shit room. As Gary_W pointed out your room is nearly square. I’m not sure what heoght your ceiling is but if it is also at a “bad” ratio the sound in your room could be really terrible. In a room that size your listening position could be very close to the dead centre of the room which is also the absolute worst place to be listening. Very small changes to your listening position can make a massive difference to the sound you hear in a room like that. To experience this try running a test tone generator (most DAWs have one built in) startng at very low frequencies and gradually increasing this. With each selected frequency move around the room and notice just how much the perceived volume changes.

    Another thing I failed to mention about the room is I am on the third floor and my ceiling is at a very odd angle. The ceiling is 7ft 10inches in the first seven feet of the room. At that point the ceiling angles downward at a 140 degree angle until it meets the wall. In this portion there is a skylight. Attached is a small sketch of the room. The red line represents the point where the ceiling begins to angle downward. The green lines represent sound coming from the monitors. My plan would be to start with acoustic paneling there first. Does anyone have any recommendations on my configuration?

    Thank you all for your continued input. I am so sorry to hear many of you suffer from the same affliction as myself. If I had know I would have started a support group far earlier ^^. But in reality hearing your responses have made me feel a lot better about what I perceive I'm hearing.

    I think you hit on all the major points. Even though I'm adamant I don't, I also have some reservations about admitting digital cant be just as good as valve. Don't tell my lead guitarist though, because I talk the Kemper up way too much lol. I also agree that I'm generally used to hearing myself in a mix and not just on my own.

    I have to admit I'm a little lost when it comes to cabs. My live set up for 4+ years was Vox AC30C2 with a large pedal board, but Im never played out of a cab in my life. My first introduction to cabs have largely been due to the Kemper. What cabs do you like?

    I think it can get even worse. I'll spend hours delightedly playing with a couple of rigs that have "my sound", then return to the same rig, same guitar, different day and wonder what the hell happened to make it sound so lame. Drives me crazy but I'm pretty sure the Kemper isn't the problem...maybe some Fletcher Munson corollary, I don't know, but I imagine it's a human problem.

    Also, to your question, and although I have no sane reason for doing so, I bought an Atomic CLR Neo II wedge. Kinda pricey, but in combination with the Kemper, literally the most fun I've ever had. Really brought things to life in a way my headphones couldn't. No affiliation, just sayin'. My $0.02, hope you find your sound!

    This is me to a tee. One moment I'll be playing a profile and be like "wow this is the bee's knees." Come back twenty minutes later and the profile sounds like my sink's garbage disposal. I'm also looking into CLR as well.

    even with good near field monitors, you need a certain volume to get good sounding result

    This is what I figured. I live in an apartment and I am very apprehensive to turn up too loud. I think I'm just too low in volume to get the proper response.

    I have Audio Technica ATH-M50X headphones, but I haven't spent to much time monitoring through the headphone jack. These should be sufficient right? Or should I shoot for some open back headphones?

    I think in the meantime I'm going to try and put up some sound absorbing material in the room and turn up the monitors. I will also try and take the room out of the mix and go the headphone route.

    I appreciate all of your input!

    Hello Everybody,

    I've got a lot to throw at you and I am very open to recommendations. First we'll start in the bedroom ;), then we'll take it to the stage.

    I think the Kemper is incredibly versatile and I know it can sound amazing, but I've yet to get there. Im currently using my Kemper through KRK Rokits 5's in a small bedroom (10X11) with minimal sound proofing. Somedays I will turn on the Kemper and think "wow this sounds pretty good", but most of the time a lot of profiles from some very reputable makers sound lackluster. Some sound thick and muddy, while others sound thin. Im a nutcase and have come to the consensus that I'm suffering a case of "shit ear" where literally nothing will ever sound good enough even if its the most incredible tone in the world. That, or I just need to upgrade some equipment. Are the KRK Rokits too small to get a decent sound? Many forums I see trash all over these monitors, but I often see them paired with the Kemper at NAMM. Obviously, they are much larger than mine. Im thinking about upgrading to the Yamaha HS7 or HS8. Should I stick with the 7's due to the size of my room?

    Now for the stage. My ultimate goal is to use this bad boy live. I have a Line 6 L3t, but haven't been trilled with the results. I have had minimal time playing this at stage volume and I know that is largely the issue. If any one is using this speaker I would really appreciate to hear how you configure things. I have attempted to contact at least four L3t users on this forum, but haven't received any responses in over three months. Once again like the bedroom, I am considering "downgrading" to a DXR 10, because I hear they are amazing. I only say downgrading because this thing was so damn expensive. I am also considering a xitone or redsound, gemini's are out of my price range.

    So tell me should I calm down with my gear obsession and try some other approaches?

    I had the same issue on my Mac. I exited out of rig manager and when I returned it prompted me to download the new rig manager. I then had the same issue finding the beta release, but after hitting check for updates a few times, it finally prompted me for that as well.

    Hello Everyone,

    Ive previously posted about my Kemper freezing while simultaneously trying to use the remote looper and browse delays. I was told that the issue could be recreated and I was overloading the DSP. Today I was trying to dial in some sounds while browsing the delays, once again the sound cut out and the screen became very slow. I was not using the looper and did not have many effects enabled at the time. When powering down the unit, a massive pop rang through my speakers. I feared for both myself and the speakers lol. But for real, my poor 5" monitor's speakers visibly flexed an 1/2", which I like to keep to a minimum. Anyone else have this issue?

    I think this is as expected as you basically built a radio that is tuned to some random frequency.

    Gotcha. For some reason in my head I thought the Kemper would remain rather silent when turning the gain up without any input. Just today, I have been getting a lot of noise in the background of mid to high gain profiles. I can reproduce the sound on low gain profiles by turning the gain up. I have never experienced this before. This prompted me to try and unplug my guitar and mess around with it that way. It sounds a lot like the issue I was having with EM interference.

    Literally this is the solution, just plug in a guitar :)

    Haha having a guitar in the input definitely helps, but the noise is very similar plugged or unplugged.


    When there is nothing plugged into the input of the Kemper, the output light turns bright green and produces a tremendous amount of static when turning the gain knob up. Turn the knob down and the static reduces completely. I would think electromagnetic interference is the culprit, but once again nothing is plugged into the Kemper. A noise gate will reduce this noise, but has to be turned up too high. Any input would be appreciated.

    This is what the Main Manual says in its chapter Volume Pedal Function:

    The Volume Pedal is a dedicated volume,separate from Rig volume, Master Volume,or any other output volume. All these volumes are working on top of each other

    The current level of Volume Pedal is not stored by Rig, only Volume Pedal Range and Location are.

    Thank you Burkhard, I must have overlooked this part. I have read these manuals so many times, but still seem to pick up new things every time!