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    I don't believe there is any clear statute or case-law prohibiting saying "This profile was designed to replicate the sounds of Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier", maybe it'd be even safer to say "was created using amp X", I don't know, but as Chris says, this works until you get sued. I think language like "attempting to recreate the tone of a amp X" might be best, as "tone" is not protected under trademark or copyright law...but no one wants to be the first to find out the hard way.

    It is a shame to see people too scared by a cease-and-desist letter, the lawyers I know call them "laugh-and-persist-letters", as they are pretty impotent, and most companies with money only send them because they don't have grounds for an actual suit. Maybe this isn't as much the case as I've been lead to believe...

    IP law needs a little re-working for the digital age.

    I've had a bit of trouble with matching levels as well, even looking at the waveform in the DAW, the re-amped signal is visually and audibly different than the original, even when using the same profile.

    I've been able to get it much closer messing with clean/reamp sens, but it's not just right yet.

    I'm chalking it up to user error, maybe something in my DAW routing software or something.

    I pick this stuff up slowly, it took me a bit to figure out why the "git analog" wasn't working very well for me. :D

    Thanks for the explanation Nicky, some of this comes easy, and some is like pulling teeth. I'm sure I'll get it.

    Reading your post it just clicked with me why clean sens has no effect on git-analog...that drove me nuts one day trying to figure out why the knob wasn't doing anything...'doh!

    Chris: by "unity gain", you mean 0db on the DAW slider, correct? What do level do you track at?

    Monkey_Man , regarding the level readouts that we'd like to see, it seems like I have seen people recommend inserting a VU meter both at the very beginning and the very end of the signal chain of the DAW? Mostly for the purpose of making sure that a particular plug-in sounds better, and is not just louder. Might that help here, or am I barking up the wrong tree?

    It's all four of course, and more. Too thick strings can trip you up for example. Some are more important than others, the guitar and amp "matter", but as long as you have a good amount of gain and decently hot pickups you can squeal all day with the crappiest gear in the world. A great guitar and amp won't you get you there without the pickups/gain, but they will enhance harmonics provided you have those elements.

    JMO, of course, I mean I can grab pinch harmonics on an acoustic...but I don't think that's exactly what you're getting at...they're kind of quiet. :D

    Leo Ghigiarelli I have seen your settings and I think that you can improve dramatically the sound on your headphones thru the Focusrite if you go to page 5 in the Output section and DESELECT Space Headphone Only. You have a Space value of 4 that will be very obvious and you are missing it in your headphones when you plug them directly to the Focusrite now.

    Maybe I misunderstand...but "space headphone only" will, if selected, put the "space" parameter in the phones he is certainly getting "space" in his phones...not missing anything?

    Wow, you are the second person in a week to post about much the headphone amp sucks on those things (not counting all those who joined in), that's crazy on such a small forum, haha. They must be bad...

    You tease...! You can't put that additional info and not provide a pic :( haha!

    Haha, fair enough. I just snapped this, apologies for the dust. :D

    I'm sure there are others, but I think this is the only one I've seen of this vintage with a one-piece top, certainly not in Whale Blue, which has faded very nicely, as all the old ones will do with exposure to the sun. It's not a 10-top, but I love it. Beautiful brazilian rosewood fretboard with some really nice figuring.

    I saw this guitar on eBay probably 15 years ago and was fixated by it. It was not something I could possibly buy at the time, but I always remembered it, kept the pics from the add on my PC. Probably 7 or 8 years later, when I had a little more money (and a lot more credit, haha), I saw it for sale on consignment and the rest is history. I won't be selling this one, it's a special guitar, an incredible player, everyone who's played it says it's the best-playing guitar they've ever played, they really put a lot of attention into building these back in the 80s.

    LePou was one of the amp sims every metal player used when the they came out. They're still regarded as the same level or better than all the new plugins. The IR or in my case Kemper cab does the majority of the tone shaping.

    They were the first amp sim VTSs I ever used. I don't believe the IR loader(and a couple of the amps unfortunately) are available in 64-bit form. But NadIR is a great free alternative.

    so what went into everyone's decision on buying either the toaster or the rack unit? Is it because the rack unit is newer and wasn't available at one time? I feel the rack version will be a little better just for portability and to protect it.

    The rack is easier to protect, but not to transport, imo. Not a huge difference, but it doesn't get much easier than grabbing a strap to lug the head around.

    That said, even though I'm just using it for band practice right now, I'm constantly terrified that I'll walk too close to a doorjamb, and rip a knob off my head, so I think some kind of protection is necessary for either one.

    The rack has some of the control/buttons/USB port/etc in the back, maybe a pain, but not a huge deal. It is also lacking most of the LED rings around the knobs, which would be a big bummer for me, not for some, but I really like them much more than reading the screen.

    Plus...the toaster just looks so damn good. The rack is boring to me. :D

    If I was on tour, I'd probably go with the rack though, just for integration into a flight case/size.

    Can't go wrong either way.

    likely I wont even have that power amp with me if ever the emergency situation arose so there that is the plus to buy in the powered version. I suppose I could put that in a rack with my fractal as my backup rig it's something were to go wrong. That way I would always have it.

    Yeah, that would work well. I use the Electro-Harmonix 44 Magnum velcro'd into the back as shown below. I have not gigged with it yet, but it works fine for band practice (loud drummer). I think it's perfect for a backup if you don't plan to run powered outs regularly. I have seen a complaint of humming/grounding/noise from someone that had the issue with 2 different ones, but mine is pretty quite (I run high-gain with P90s, so I have a bit of noise, nothing the gate can't take care of), and sounds good, though I have no other amp to compare it to.

    If I had a little extra cash, I would have probably gotten this:

    I guess at that point it's getting close to the cost of a powerhead, but I like the ability to remove it if not needed, makes it even lighter. They have several different models, I like the 180, but some of the others are interesting.

    Are you using SPDIF on your RME device? I'm using an older FF800, the signal on both sides is identical.

    In case you are using analog outputs, it's possible one of your cables is suspect, even if they look alike and you purchased them at the same time.

    No, I'm using XLR. I'll try swapping the cables next time and see.

    I really prefer my KPA through my monitors (1st Gen KRK Rokit 5s), I like it better than running through a Mesa 2x12.

    Those are pretty good monitors, I have a buddy with a similar ear to mine, he loves his (I think his are the 8s).

    Kind of splitting hairs here, but usually any shortcomings of the profiling process are more apparent when going the other way 'round, like when you take a Studio profile and play through a real cab with CABINET off, the KPA's cab-separating algorithm comes up a little short for some.

    Maybe you don't like a mic'd amp sound (which is what it coming out of your monitors)? It can be a little hard to get used to. The real cab with CABINET turned off should give you that "amp-in-the-room" sound, maybe you're just more used to it? I have never found my monitors to be "harsh"...unless I accidentally played through a profile without a cab...yikes, no good.

    I don't know man. It's hard to think what could be wrong with your setup...have you ran the KPA outs directly to the HS7s to eleminate the possibilitity of having some sort of issue with your interface/DAW/routing software (not sure what the issue would be...but it might be worth trying)?

    If it sounds bad direct to the monitors, I dunno. It should sound kickass. :D

    Maybe someone more knowledgeable will chime in.

    This is the kind of stuff I was looking for. With fractal there have been many versions to where it stands now. Is Kemper the same way? If I were to buy used one are there earlier versions I should stay away from?

    No, and that's something special about the Kemper. The resale is insane. I am not aware of any hardware changes between the years, but there may have been. But any Kemper can do anything any other Kemper can do. I have never seen anyone recommended to stay away from any particular year.

    You can do it for the sections independently. Hold down the Stomps button until all four stomps appear, hit Store, select Save Stomp Section, edit name, hit Store. Then within performance mode, you can load them by I believe the same process (I'm getting fuzzy here, sorry if I don't have this exactly right), hold the stomps button until they pop up, turn the Type knob to load your stomps preset you saved earlier. Then store the performance.

    Apologies if I bungled that, I'll take a look when I get home, and edit if needed. There may be other ways, this is just the way I found. Maybe someone will chime in who's actually in front of their KPA. :D

    Edit: Or, get your effects/stomps set, then lock the blocks. That might work?

    For me, Kemper versus Fractal was to an extent about not enjoying the modeling process. While it's embarrassing to admit amongst my six-stringed brethren, I have never been talented with dialing in tones. I can twist knobs all day and certainly get workable stuff. Then I listen to someone else's tone and just want to sell all my gear. The endless rabbit hole of wiggling mice and twiddling knobs just isn't that much fun for me. Some guys dig it. I'm not that guy. I just want to play guitar.

    This describes me perfectly, and is also probably a huge reason why I enjoy the KPA so much, and don't have much interest in endless tweaking/Fractal, simply because I don't think I'm very good at it. I was hoping the KPA would provide me with great tones out of the box that I love, and not be reliant on my tweaking skills, and it has.

    I play mostly high-gain, and am very very happy with the KPA. A friend of mine is also a mostly high-gain player, and bought both the Axe-FX II and the KPA. The Fractal has been traded off, he didn't think it was even close.

    I am sure both products would be great. I wouldn't mind trying the Fractal some day. They have some really nice features Kemper does not. But I am pretty sold on the KPA when it comes to tones.

    I have an unpowered head, there are plenty of options for power if you need it in the future.

    Most of your pictures show the CAB block off as noted above...this will sound bad. Have you made sure this is not the issue?