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    New plugins an gear usualy won't be on sale on BF. Too short time span for something new. Next year? Probably. Is it any specific you're after?

    Obviously he doesn't mean only new plugins, just stuff he missed. That said, there are quite a few new plugs that dropped in time for the BF crazyness.

    Hallan , what might you be interested in? Drum samples/one shots, mastering stuff (soundtheory Gullfoss is new, and it a must own imo). I have a trick to get kontakt 6 full for $125, just tell me what kind of music you do, what kind of plugs you like, and I will point you to a place. Maybe not the right place, but a place. :D

    Edit for clarity because that sounded really shady. I am happy to tell you where the deals I know of are happening, I will not fileshare or facilitate that kind of shit, full stop.

    Sure. Or is there a cut & Paste way through the librarian for example?

    I don't think there's a cut and paste anything, I don't think Neural has decided to share their IP with Kemper users...for free. I guess it can be profiled. I dunno. I haven't made a profile yet, and this won't be my first. I have Plini and love it.

    Neural stuff is really good, priced pretty well, and their Black Friday sale is soon, should be solid discounts.

    I'd buy it dude. I love my KPA, but amp sims have come a long way in the last year or so. Putney, Nolly, Benson, etc.

    And I know reamping with the Kemper is easy. It's one of the things that attracted me to it. But you haven't had an easy re-amp until you do it ITB. No cables, no settings, nothing. Just get a good DI and start clicking away.

    Someday I'll mix from my lazy boy...some day.

    Wow Nicky, you have been on the MOTU wagon (with good reason) for a while, but damn. That looks like a steal. I need to look at the specs closer, but I'm thinking I would have a hard time steering anyone toward anything else even at twice the $.

    Looks like I found my new go-to "what interface should I get" answer. adat? Too bad, that would be a slam dunk for a futureproof expandable interface. I wish they had charged a few more $ and included it. It's going for $169 on some places. Geez. Still destroys anything near it's price point.

    There is a great feature of ToastMe as you can lock the “cab” only and then you try other profiles. Hopefully this or a different approach that allows easy changes of IR is going to be in the editor Locrain is right that it’s large part of the tone. this different than locking the cab block on the KPA? Like it keeps the same ir, but allows the other settings in the cab block to change?

    The cab/speakers is ~75%+ of your tone. Definitely pay attention to profiles you really like, and try that cab out on other profiles. Tone Nirvana awaits...

    The 100 page thing again...this is pure superstition!!!

    ...but you never know for sure, so...

    Edit: Fuck, I am writing about superstition and my "Posts" counter hits 777 ... so much for that!

    And one "dB Cooper" likes your post. Coincidence? I think not...

    I think this goes all the way to the top.

    Im sure you're right, and I've probably done the same thing at times. On the whole though, great thread, maximum entertainment value considering it's subject matter.


    Not my dictionary, its been around a while now. Oh and don't tell me what to do, thanks....

    Might have been gibberish but at least it wasn't rude. Stick that in yer gibberish....

    Wait, was that too arbitrary for ya? :P

    I'm not sure that this is very entertaining for many here, and this is well past the line of cheeky back-and-forth. It hasn't gotten ugly, it's just cringy...

    1st off, if you're claiming that someone is being rude, it indicates you take the conversation seriously and that you have made good faith arguments.

    I hope that this is not true, because if it was, it would mean that you genuinely thought that the etymological "did you know" section would be, in any way, acceptable to present as the definition of the word. And that wouldn't be a good indication. Yet, you did exactly that.

    So, the more charitable interpretation of this, the nonsensical argument, ludicrous font, "don't tell me what to do mom", etc, is that we are just joking back and forth a bit. And that's all well and good, it's just terribly unfunny, and maybe I have Editor Update Limbonic PTSD and am just being a complete ass. But it does upset me when people are disingenuous in their arguments or their humor.

    Yours, forever, in endless ambiguity.

    Hi, this was a good idea looking for a Bonamassa-like sound. I tweaked the profile to get a sound that I had in mind for my Strat, and I finally was heavily pleased.

    In fact, this was not my "start" with profiles I triggered to performance rig. All together, I have to resume my experiences to this: most profiles I tried (I even bought a profile from Bert Meulendijk) came with much to much gain. Lowering gain to the point where they break into crunch often makes the sound much niceer and more distinguable, chords played then sound with a good resolution. Too much gain is destroying the character of a profiled amp, chords sound dirty and very artificial. That's how I do see it.

    This is all a matter of taste, plain and simple. The high-gain tones in the profiles I play are as good, if not better, than my Triamp/SLO/Dual Recto/etc did. If you don't like high-gain tones that's one thing...but the Kemper does them very very well.

    If you're saying that the profiles you have are too gainy for your tastes...try lower gain profiles? I have more profiles than I could ever use from clean to diiiirty, and every possible permutation in between. Sometimes I will adjust the gain knob because I like a certain profile, but best results are usually from finding a profile that is close to what you're looking for.

    There are great rigs on Rig Exchange, but the signal to noise ratio is pretty bad. I think you need to try more 3rd party packs. There is a ton of stuff in the mid-gain lead tone area you seem to be shooting for.

    If you're disappointed in the KPA because of Rig Exchange, I think you're missing 99% of what the KPA has to offer. Either find a profiler that you like, or make your own. RE is a nice side benefit, but only the insane man gets all his profiles there. :D

    I wonder if there is something in the deeper coding of the profile that shows whether it was created by merging? Something which isn’t visible as metadata but which Kemper’s analytics can identify. If this was the case than a bulk conversion could be run as part of a FW update at some point. Maybe I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one

    I obviously have no idea of the details involved, but unless I'm missing something that does seem pretty plausible...really good idea!

    I don't know how people manage to write and record about someone they love in a situation like the one you're in, brother. I can't imagine having the strength. What a champion you are.

    I couldn't agree more Nicky. I don't understand the person that can write these lyrics at this time without losing it every 30 seconds. Strength is the perfect word for it.

    Southdakota I loved it man. The lyrics ring true, and there is something really beautiful about the tonal quality of it (the AIC and BS type vibe) that adds a completely different darker more real dimension to the song. It's a really powerful piece of work. I'm so sorry Nate. Please take care of yourself in the coming months.

    Your mom must be an awesome lady.