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    @Locrain What about "just" doing direct profiles of your Triamp? All channels! ;)

    It will be loud as hell, but it is done rather fast and you don't have to move mics... Cause the “Tokyo Pack" has merged profiles, you can than use the cabs with the direct profiles and get authentic results.

    That's a really good idea, thanks.

    Loud is fine, no neighbors, just need earplugs. Can I do it outside? :D

    The LEAD rigs are not from 3A as you have written, they are from channel 2B - and that is correctly shown in Rig Manager! Channel 2B is perfect for lead tones on the Triamp - so that fits.It's also common to use channel 3A for riffs and power chords - even the manual from H&K says so.

    You're right of course, I looked but must have clicked on the wrong one. I see what you mean about the profiles changing differently when you adjust the parameter you mentioned. Yes, 2B is great for lead tones, but in a heavier context, I really preferred 3B for leads with 3A for my rhythm just seems weird to me to profile this amp and not profile 3B, I guess I'm just salty about not getting my favorite channel, haha. Plus, like you mention, 3 out of the 4 rhy/lead profiles sound soooo close, they are practically the same. I hear the difference between lead 8 and rhy 8, but the others are too close for me to tell the difference. No one every accused me of having a great ear though. :D

    And this is all spot-on:

    Some of the profiles sound very close. I think they have a clear vision and just go for the guitar sound they need and like (even if it results in a few very similar profiles). It's more like a complentary signature bundle than a few neutral amp packs. If you like one of the sounds, you can be sure you like the others too. You can see this aspect also the other way around

    Not my favorite approach. but the tones that are here are very good. Some of the better ones I've found for the MKII. I still have one of them, maybe I should try profiling it. I've never profiled anything, so I don't know what I'm doing. But I do have some SM57s and a couple different cabs so maybe I should try it.

    - The complete package covers a nice range of classic amps. Except for the Splawn Nitro, I am familiar with these and they did a good job to present very authentic recreations!
    - I think they did not intend to make single packs that represent necessarily the full potential of each amp in EVERY detail. It can be seen as a complete bundle that covers sweet spots from clean to highgain from different amps.
    - But although the packs belong together in my opinion, the purchase of single packs can still be worth it. I have to test more, but the Boogie and Koch amps are spot on and really sound as I remember them. The Koch KCC412 B Cabinet is great! Love it!

    Interesting points. here. I might consider the whole pack, because like I said, the tones that are here are very good.

    Man, I know it's already been said, but your melodies are outstanding, especially over the chord changes. It's easy for people who play like you can to overlook that. And the vocals sounds great from what I hear. Is that you as well?

    No delay or other FX added?

    I've often seen vendors changing only the FX and maybe drive setting for lead Rigs. Could it be that this sort of thing was done but that you've got the slots that might've been used locked off?

    That was my thought too, but no, all the stomps and effects are blank (except reverb) on all of their profiles. And If I switch to something else all effects switch and work fine. So I don't think it's that.

    Edit: This is what I mean when I say identical..maybe I'm losing it, but I can't hear any difference. I start why the rhythm and switch back and forth quite a few times over the course of the recording.

    One thing I did notice...they have a PDF where they show gain levels for each setting (CLEAN/CRUNCH/RHY/LEAD) and they show 6.3 for RHY, but 6.1 for LEAD. Which would make perfect sense if they had profiled channel 3B, that they would have turned the knob down and still gotten a higher gain lead tone. But not if they had left it on 3A. If they had done that, the only way it would have made sense is if they increased the gain on the amp, or added a pedal...but they sound they same to me.

    Who knows. ?(

    Geez, you're an easy room aren't you, mate? :D

    Not that I don't understand, of course, but it's great to hear such enthusiasm after playing only one (default) Rig!

    Welcome, Jason.

    Haha, I was the same! I had sold a 50th annv handwired AC15 the week before I got the Kemper. When I got the KPA in, I went first to a factory AC profile, and was just blown away by how good that single profile was compared to the amp I had just sold for almost as much as I had paid for the KPA, and I had barely scratched the surface. Still hasn't gotten old. :D

    Welcome OP!

    I bought the H&K Triamp MKII pack. I'm always on the lookout for MKII profiles, It's my favorite amp I've owned, and It's not profiled often. It's a decent pack, the tones are mostly good...they don't include any profiles of channel 3B, which is a very strange decision when profiling this amp. And there's only 16 profiles. I don't mind paying $13 for 16 profiles, but this a pretty simple pack. Looks like you get 4 different gain/eq settings and 4 mic/cab profiles for each gain/eq setting. There's probably 4-6 profiles I like, I'm glad I bought it, I'm not jumping up and down in excitement, buy it's not a bad pack.

    Edit: Unless my ears fail me, the four LEAD profiles are identical to the RHY ones...I can't tell any difference at all switching back and forth...weird.And it is odd that the LEAD profiles show channel 3A like the RHY ones, same gain and everything, when you would expect they use 3B, I wonder if they doubled up by mistake. I mean, they sound IDENTICAL.

    I'm new at this, but my understanding is that the direct out, when set to Git Analog, passes the instrument signal through unmolested, leaving it at instrument level, so yes, it would be appropriate to send into the input of another amp. This is it's function during the profiling process.

    But just so I understand. you're wanting to use the kemper only for the purpose of listening to yourself play while while tracking, you want to use the 6505 for your recorded guitar sound? If so, it sound to me like it should work.

    Well I splurged, and picked up the BE-100, Butterslax, Dual Recto and Helios packs. These are my first Cililab packs I've bought. Just read too many good things lately, I had to grab some.

    I don't know why I got the BE-100, since I already have more than I could even guess, and am very happy with, but I read a lot of good things...and I'm a profile slut. Great pack of that amp. Lots of useful tones, I haven't gotten a chance to run through any of them at volume yet, but they sound good.

    The Helios is nice, I don't think I have any other profiles of this amp. Plenty of gain, seems to clean up nice with the knob. Haven't played it much at all yet.

    The Recto pack is...comprehensive. I wouldn't have bought it, I have plenty, but it's just such a crazy now I have even more...genius. It sounds great, it is a little overwhelming.

    The Butterslax is easily my early favorite. Again, I haven't gotten a chance to crank it, but it seems like this thing rips. Might just be a little honeymoon period, but I wouldn't be surprised if some of my favorite high-gain tones end up coming from this pack.

    Awesome profiles, @Cili!

    Just updated via Rig Manager! Successful! Not even sure what version, it just worked! So far. Will it break? No indication here. I'm not being paid. AND, IF IT DOES BREAK - YOU ALL WILL HEAR ABOUT IT! I hope I don't have to post bad news here EVER!

    I'm sure everything will work out just fine...just fine...just fine...

    Yes I see. I suppose that my profiles all depend on avenged sevenfold fans who would have kemper and thats a smaller target... Ill add a few demos and just cross my fingers then! thank you for your quick answer!

    Exactly, you understand. You're welcome, best of luck.

    Yes, those old RCA's we used for our home stereos do the job for short runs. I used hacked-up leftovers from the '70s to hook up a Yamaha O2R console bidirectionally many moons ago and it operated flawlessly. It was actually around a metre and a half in each direction, which was IMHO cutting it fine, which is why I suggested no more than a few feet.

    Of course it can, mate; just not typically at the same time. Examples are too-numerous to mention, but USB, HDMI, your CPU's (copper wiring)... it's everywhere except for where the 1's and 0's are converted for optical transmission. In the case of analogue transmission of digital, think of the two possible values (1 and 0) as being represented by two voltages or energy levels, IOW, pulsing...

    Learn something new every day...thanks for the explanation!

    Yeah, that was the direction I was going in after I had trouble getting the S/PDIF working and decided I didn't see a reason to send my signal through those cheap converters (though I'm not sure if it affects the sound), and the converters are a big part of the reason I bought the Babyface, so that's very good advice.

    I got a 3 ft cable to go from the Direct Out to the XLR Line in R, ran a 3 ft XLR from my Main output L to the interface Line in L, set my inputs in my DAW, adjusted Clean Sens, and after a while I was able to get a very close reamp, to where I don't think I could tell the difference. The trick was to hit the Kemper input hard enough, in case anyone is having any trouble with the tone sounding different (and of course Reamp Sens).

    My only problem is the noise. It's not bad, but it does have to be watched. Which was the whole reason I was going to try using S/PDIF, it is goes through less converters and should have less noise, so I read. Seems like I got better results using Git + Processing as it was much less hot and didn't require as much gain to be taken off with clean sens and then added back later, if that makes sense? So maybe you're right, it's best to just reamp analog.

    If so, I do have a question: Is there any way to follow the advice of the post you quoted and reamp using balanced connections? The Main Output XLRs (and the headphone jack?) are the only balanced outputs on the Profiler, are they not?

    Is there any way use the mains to send a wet signal to one side, and a dry one to the other?

    Thanks Ash.

    The OP didn't state the approximate length they'd need to be, AJ, but IMHO regular RCA cables should be fine for short runs of a few feet or less.

    So this definitely confuses me, and stupid question ahead: But regular RCA cables, were used in the past for analog signal..right? I mean, my old VCR didn't have digital connections, did it? So can a cable carry both analog and digital signals, or what am I missing? :D

    Prob best to post what audio interface/DAW your using to help Brother :)


    Sure, though just for clarity, I'm just looking for a cable that is confirmed to fit in the Profiler S/PDIF I/O jacks.

    DAW is Studio One 3 Pro.

    Interface is RME Babyface. The Babyface uses Toslink connectors for it's S/PDIF protocol, so I got one of these, one of these, and two of these, along with coaxial cables posted in the OP. The coax didn't fit, so I tried yellow RCA cables. I was able to maintain sync, and was able to get it to where I could put down a DI track in my DAW, press Play, and hear the reamped sound as I scrolled through different profiler. Then it seemed like it "broke", and I couldn't even do that anymore. It is extremely possible that any issues I had were user error, since I'm extremely new at using an actual DAW, and there's so much I don't know, but I spent a fair amount of time trying to get it to work, and before I spend more on it, I want to make sure I have the correct cables.