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    This would be amazing. I don't want to look a (basically) gift horse in the mouth, but I am a newcomer, and I have a very very hard time knowing what the hell is going on, it all blends together.

    But it all sounds great! :D

    I am afraid I have made it too easy to spot the specific rig :)

    Ha, I guess I see what you mean, I think I was a little slow on the uptake. :D

    I made a quick 'n dirty clip of the intro of Silence (at least, how I remember it, haha) using the profile. Pretty sloppy, but it gives an idea of the tone. I think it's great, very usable. This is a PRS SE277 baritone with Bare Knuckle Supermassive P90s, two tracks hard L+R with no processing done, just the profile straight to track.

    Edit: I redid the intro with some drums I programmed and bass also. Programming drums is still very new to me, but I was pretty happy with this. Some compression/limiting/etc as well. I remembered to turn both boosts on this time! Guitars are high in the mix, but that's the point.

    Trick here: One file was as DoM played it, tuned to Drop B, the main riffing at position one. The other file is a guitar tuned down to Drop Bb playing at position 0 with the Transpose parameter at +2. So they're in the same key, but two very different ways of getting about it. I was mostly just curious, I haven't used the transpose much...It is very distracting to track at lower levels, you can really hear the strings, and it get's in your head, haha.

    I'm afraid levels aren't *exactly* the same between the two, I had several power outages during the recording of this that really got annoying, and messed me up a little. I gotta get a backup battery surge protector thing.

    Did they mean no influence on the profile during the profiling process ? I think that would be true.
    In my experience going from passive to active pickups certainly had a huge effect on how the profile sounded in my setup while playing. I started with active pickups and liked the sound but was blown away when I switched to passive pickup.

    Yeah, that's what they mean, I don't really get it, but I don't understand he profiling process very well at all. I mean, I understand that most of the profiling comes from the spaceship sounds it puts through the amp, but what about the refinement process? The guitar can't matter there? Blows my mind, haha.

    So the FTC has recently said (again) that warranty stickers, and voiding warranties based on the consumer using parts or service besides what the manufacturer wants, are both uncool not only are the stickers themselves illegal, "it's also illegal for companies to void your warranty if you fix your device yourself or via a third party.HHopefully Kemper will respect the law of the land. in this circumstance.

    Auditioned quite a lot today and I'm not quite "there" yet but I'm very optimistic. I really liked some of SinMix's offerings and surprisingly was very underwhelmed by the Keith Merrow and Ola Englund stuff. Finding that I have to bring the gain down on just about all of them and I do still need to tinker with some EQ filtering.

    That surprises me too. I really like Merrow's profiles, but they seemed to me to be lower gain than most other profiles any kind of djenty style. I am not really a high-gain player and still once in a while playing them I'll think they could use a little extra juice. Whereas for me, SinMix's profiles rarely lack anything in the chugga chugga department.

    Yeah. I called Kemper. For a transpose feature this is the best you can get at the moment. There is also an option under soft knob one that my change the sound for the better.
    The tried to transpose individual strings, but it wasn’t possible.

    The "panorama" setting, is that what you're talking about?

    Awesome, I'll check it out. Yeah "Silence" was a great choice. Very high gain, but very clear and not fizzy at all. Man, I really love GGGarth's production on that entire album.

    Was it a single profile out of this pack inspired by DOM?, or multiple?

    27 is a lot! :D

    Thank you!

    You should see what the Japanese sellers list them for on eBay. More than twice the price.od a new one. Insane.

    I was in Tokyo/Kyoto/Osaka for a few weeks last fall. Most thing were more or less normally priced (they sure love their Marshalls, I never thought I'd see so many JVM410s in my whole life), but Kempers were rare and pricey.

    They did have a lot of really really nice Private Stocks.

    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

    Just in case anyone wants to see what a $25k archtop looks like:

    [Blocked Image:]

    I'm not disagreeing with you, but this is the one frustration I have with KPA. My real amps sound great with all of my guitars, but the KPA profiles of my amps don't translate to each guitar the same way the real amps do. Especially going from single coil guitars to humbucker guitars.
    Anyone found a trick so you don't have to change profiles when you change guitars?

    I've noticed that as well, it's pretty strange that it seems to be a pretty common experience, but yet Kemper claims that the pickups/guitar has no influence whatsoever on the profile. Hard to understand...?

    Thank you ALL very much for your responses! :)

    I didn't realize that a USB stick was required for importing files so I had to go pick one up last night. Going to find and download the aforementioned profiles/packs now and some others I'm sure. I'll check back in after!

    A USB stick is only needed if the kemper can't come near the computer. Otherwise it's much easier to audition and load profiles from Rig Manager. Much better user interface and organization. All you need is a USB-a to USB-b male-to-male cable.

    Like this:…gid=pla-83922868406&psc=1

    Checked them out, takes me back a few years. :) Great stuff!

    There is a profile in the next update I am curious what you think of. I used one of their songs as as reference. Of course with my Les Paul so I am curious how it translates to yours.

    This will be live in the next day or so. Have a EVH EL34 coming in tomorrow so that will see some attention for a bit. Also the Budda amp is very cool, if any amp in the world could use an attenuator that is it, wow, is loud for 30 watts.

    Glad you like them! That's so cool that you are using a song as reference! I am looking forward to that man. Do you remember which song (probably makes not much difference, I think he may have had the same tone all the way through)? I remember he used Pittbulls, but the BE-100 is in the very same genre to me.


    And I'm never going back. These guys are awesome. They first got some traction for making strings for baritone-scale or low tuned guitars, maintaining a string tension similar to a normally set up guitar in stock tuning. As opposed to say, D'Addario (who I used to like), who seem to look at their low tuned/long scale sets as a way to get rid of random unwanted inventory, cause they sure weren't selected for tension at a given pitch.

    Ok, enough rant. Kalium string sets are very customizable.they feel and sound great, and last for a long time.

    Agree they sound to harsh but that's the problem with digital distortion. O well that will be solved eventually.

    It just seems like, if they really wanted, they could get the stomps as close as the amps. I don't blame them for it not being top of the list, but it'd be nice.