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    You sure it was confirmed?..any timelines?

    I got feedback from support that the differnce between cabsim off and cabsim on....on the monitor output while cabs disabled on that port..was a result of how the kpa was designed.

    Although the issue that cabsim off sounds different just by loading an ir and keeping it off is not exactly the same..does seem in the same ballpark.

    This the bug that has been confirmed by Kemper support: Bug in the Kemper cab / stack section

    1964 Gretsch Chet Atkins Signature model. All original and has been plaaaaaayed.

    Not actually mine, unfortunately, I'm selling it for a buddy. Really nice sounding/playing guitar, the pickups are very cool.

    Truest post I've ever seen on the forum! :D

    As a guy who doesn't use stomps for the same reason I got the kpa (...ease of use, really), I am looking forward to the OD update.

    ...never understood why you buy a £2000 amp and put a £100 pedal in front...BUT that's just me, plenty of people who would disagree.

    I do get what you're saying, but to me, you could have said the same thing about valve amps and pedals, a TS is a staple for a reason. Seems to me the same as saying that you don't understand how someone would buy a $2k guitar, string it with a $10 set of strings, use a $.50 pick, and send the whole thing through a $25 cable. That's just what things cost.

    I don't own any pedals, so I'm with you in practice, it's just a very strange argument to me. I mean, what about a £125, £250, or a £500 pedal?

    The Kemper does take pedals well I believe...

    But I don;t undersatnd why you need them. So much gain and control in the KPA so I do not believe you need them.

    Dial in a Mesa or ENGL profile and you've got gain coming out of your ears...hence I don't use the green scream either. You can also get profiles including a tube screamer...I was never a fan of the original tube screamer so I'm perhaps not the best person to respond :)

    Haha, that might have something to do with it.

    It's not more gain (in the case of the tubescreamer), it's more the tightness and attack that the TS gets you.

    Yeah, there are profiles with a TS, but in that case, your signal chain has already been put through that cheap pedal... and you just can't turn it on or off. No better, to me.

    I really hope the OD update makes the Green Scream actually works/sounds like a Tubescreamer, that would be amazing.

    I have a pair of Sennheiser HD280 Pros and a pair of their HD650s, I really really hate playing through either of them. No comparison to playing through my KRK monitors. They are great headphones, I enjoy music through them, but absolutely hate playing guitar through them. Weak/flubby/none of the "mojo" I get through my KRKs.

    That would be beyond silly since the topic is not about 3 party rigs. Mentioning something in passing to enhance your story is not focusing specifically to warrant that. A company would have to be really spooked or worried about something to be that micromanaged.

    I agree, it's silly, but Nicky was just informing him of policy. I've seen many threads moved for much less specific 3rd party discussion. This one would almost certainly have been moved in short order had Chris not edited it...unless they spontaneously decided to lighten up...hahaha, I crack myself up sometimes. :D

    Kind ofdumb imo, but it is what it is, there's no "would be" hypothetical about it. :)

    Try this. Tap the lit EFFECTS button once. It will become dim and all effects will be off. Hold the EFFECTS button down for a moment, it will switch to a screen with the message "all effects are off". Hit the LOCK button. Done. You can now scroll through Rigs and Effects will stay off. You can do the same with the STOMPS section.

    I don't believe there is any clear statute or case-law prohibiting saying "This profile was designed to replicate the sounds of Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier", maybe it'd be even safer to say "was created using amp X", I don't know, but as Chris says, this works until you get sued. I think language like "attempting to recreate the tone of a amp X" might be best, as "tone" is not protected under trademark or copyright law...but no one wants to be the first to find out the hard way.

    It is a shame to see people too scared by a cease-and-desist letter, the lawyers I know call them "laugh-and-persist-letters", as they are pretty impotent, and most companies with money only send them because they don't have grounds for an actual suit. Maybe this isn't as much the case as I've been lead to believe...

    IP law needs a little re-working for the digital age.

    I've had a bit of trouble with matching levels as well, even looking at the waveform in the DAW, the re-amped signal is visually and audibly different than the original, even when using the same profile.

    I've been able to get it much closer messing with clean/reamp sens, but it's not just right yet.

    I'm chalking it up to user error, maybe something in my DAW routing software or something.

    I pick this stuff up slowly, it took me a bit to figure out why the "git analog" wasn't working very well for me. :D

    Thanks for the explanation Nicky, some of this comes easy, and some is like pulling teeth. I'm sure I'll get it.

    Reading your post it just clicked with me why clean sens has no effect on git-analog...that drove me nuts one day trying to figure out why the knob wasn't doing anything...'doh!

    Chris: by "unity gain", you mean 0db on the DAW slider, correct? What do level do you track at?

    Monkey_Man , regarding the level readouts that we'd like to see, it seems like I have seen people recommend inserting a VU meter both at the very beginning and the very end of the signal chain of the DAW? Mostly for the purpose of making sure that a particular plug-in sounds better, and is not just louder. Might that help here, or am I barking up the wrong tree?

    It's all four of course, and more. Too thick strings can trip you up for example. Some are more important than others, the guitar and amp "matter", but as long as you have a good amount of gain and decently hot pickups you can squeal all day with the crappiest gear in the world. A great guitar and amp won't you get you there without the pickups/gain, but they will enhance harmonics provided you have those elements.

    JMO, of course, I mean I can grab pinch harmonics on an acoustic...but I don't think that's exactly what you're getting at...they're kind of quiet. :D