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    I assume the OS6 thread is best place for this...

    Are we missing something important here guys?...

    This is the company that makes the best amp simulation in the world. Is it worth us speculating that the acoustic simulation is even half as good as the amp profiling is? Potentially using the same type of algorithm to achieve the simulation maybe?

    After all, acoustic IRs exist, why not profile acoustic guitars?

    Or am I just blowing this one way out of proportion? The almost flippant nature of the way it was announced as a minor effect suggests it's nothing more than a simple approximation.

    One can hope its more :-)

    Edit: also worth noting that you'd rarely want to run an acoustic guitar through a Mesa Dual Rec or Marshall where will this effect fit in the stack? You'd rarely need a cabinet either...worth thinking about, I think.

    It'd be good to have a proper voting system for all these suggestions. So that it shows each suggestion in a league table, kind of way.

    God, Kemper guys must be battered and bruised after announcing this stuff...only to be inundated with more and more feature requests!

    G String confirmed in the NAMM thread that the current Editor is only a demo version and is far from finished. He said that while Kemper don't intend to implement every single function of the KPA in the editor they would certainly be adding more that the current demo and implied that Input Output would definitely be up for consideration.

    Do you have a link to that post please? Not that I disbelieve you, mate :-) Just interested to read back through it

    In my haste to write something witty, I now look a bit silly given that spring reverbs historically sat in front of the amp! I never knew that.

    In all seriousness though, I'm mightily impressed with the new reverbs, the new speaker seems to be pretty cool (not a fan of the look of the cab though) and the editor looks really great. Super impressed!

    It makes sense now, with NAMM, that they waited all this time to say something about all the work that's been going on. I personally cannot wait until it's all released. What a time to be a Kemper owner!

    I agree with you that the Kemper cleans are amazing. Although most people always seem to suggest that cleans are easy and digital amps stand or fall on the quality of their gain sounds. I totally disagree. For me one of the hardest thngs to capture is the feel of a clean or lower gain amp and the Kemper does it wonderfully

    This. This so much!

    Since I found a Laney Lionheart profile, I didn't appreciate how real and well the Kemper does cleans and how close it gets to the real thing. Something I haven't heard in any other modeller I've tried.

    bsd512 this was my favourite amp. I had Fenders, Mesa's and a couple of others, but I ended up selling them all once I got the Lionheart. So to finally find a profile as good sounding as this, is so cool. I've been playing with "LANEY L20H CL 1" all morning and it captures everything I remember about that amp.

    I've also managed to play a couple of things I wrote using that amp and they sound better than they do with other profiles, so I'm very, very happy! Thank you!

    In general the tone on this forum is really positive so I think that s a little strong

    I'm not sure I agree. I like this forum, but like the Fractal forum, people on here get VERY defensive about Kemper and Kemper practices. I'm just saying it like I see it and the way some individuals react on here irritates me. Sorry if that upsets you. I'm sure the way I act irritates you.

    Guys, you're so defensive of the unit that you come across really badly to new users. You have to empathise with new users otherwise they'll be completely put off. To those who've genuinely offered help, thank you.

    I put a lot of ground work in on this and many other first time users of the Kemper over the last few months, hopefully RayRay will attest to that. But I come here, read his thread and see that all he gets told is that he's wrong for making viable assumptions and that he's a troll. You guys aren't making a good impression and really need to look at yourselves. Seriously.

    Also, not everyone reads manuals. Not everyone understands I/O. Not everyone wants to have to worry about that stuff. Some people just want to plug and play and enjoy. It's not up to us to judge them for not bothering about any of the above. This is about user experience, and believe it or not, a forum is there to aid that experience.