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    According to your arguement you don't seem to be aware of Morphing!? Please explain which concrete application flexibility you don't have today given the architecture we offer .

    Again, this assumption that we, the users just don't understand and we're the ones who are uneducated and below you guys. It's not a nice feeling given that we are the ones who buy your gear, man. Your suggestion that, as a long time Kemper user, that I'm not aware of Morphing is insulting, but you get away with that stuff because you're a mod.

    Let me just say what everyone else is thinking here...a Fractal unit allows the user to buy one expression pedal and use it on a per rig basis to do whatever the user wishes with it and it can have multiple functions across rigs and per rig. In comparison to the Fractal expression pedal experience, the Kemper is sub par. If you can't accept that, based on what everyone here is asking, then you're in the wrong, not us.

    Right now. I can't have a volume in one rig and a morph in another. I need to assign the controller to one function and use the links to do other things. It's clunky at best. And even then, still doesn't allow me to use it as a volume controller on one profile and a morph on another.

    You don't assign external switches to effects, but to effect modules globally e.g. module B. Such an effect module can include a Drive in one Rig, a Chorus in the next, and a Harmonic Pitch in another Rig.

    So are we to just accept that we, as users need to adjust our workflow as this is your stance and it will never change no matter how much we want control over expressions per rig as opposed to globally?

    There could be a million reasons why it's not currently a thing, but I just find answers like this typically unhelpful and uncommital. Which is a shame. Sorry to be negative, appreciate your hard work.

    To update the Mouse, Muffin and Dist+ algorithms to have a 3 band EQ and more useful parameters for fine tuning. Would be very useful. For example, the Plus DS has no tone control, which is a pain. And the Muff could benefit from some parameters that allow it to function like the many variants around...Ram's Head, Green Russian, Civil War, etc. Whilst I understand the initial requirement to stay true to the original design of the pedals, they're somewhat handicapped and limited without extra features that could be included to make them absolutely great. Whilst having presets which could allow them to replicate the originals, should you need to.

    Update: I used the Mouse algorithm instead, much more aligned to my tastes.

    Wishlist: I really wish the Kemper team would update the Mouse, Muffin and Dist+ algorithms to have a 3 band EQ and more useful parameters for fine tuning. Would be very useful. For example, the Plus DS has no tone control, which is a pain. And the Muff could benefit from some parameters that allow it to function like the many variants around...Ram's Head, Green Russian, Civil War, etc.

    Feature request submitted:

    Update Muffin, Mouse and Plus DS with more tweakable parameters, to make them more versatile

    I've tried and tried and just can't get close to the sound in my head when it comes to using the Kemper Drive. I guess I'm just not a fan of the Tube Screamer base tone.

    I'm so reluctant to start using pedals to do what I want...they will...because I'm desperate to morph from low gain to high gain, so it's such a shame that I just can't get close to the sound in my head. It's just too congested and muddy, or too shrill and empty. It sounds like you've put some plastic sounding jangle over a perfectly clean amplifier.

    OK, I can see how that would be a big help. To get maximum benefit the improvements should be useful both on the KPA and in RM. In RM we definitely need the ability to type in a value for many parameters. However, there is no easy way to do this on the KPA. Your suggestion would seem like a good way of achieving this directly on the KPA :thumbup:

    I agree, would be a pretty standard feature on a GUI to be able to type values...there's endless frustration when trying to get dead on and the control not able to get granular enough to pinpoint the correct digit.

    I'm all for the minutiae of being able to do pin point tempo to the decimal point, but it's a mundane task when I regularly flick between 150bpm and 120 bpm for my rig tests. Especially when the knob sometimes plays games with the tempo increments, as I'm sure we've all go too far, or too short.

    So looking at the Rig settings page for Tempo, there's room on there for a hot button that would change the current knob behaviour to allow the user to scroll through the tempo range in 10bpm increments (or even 1bpm increments would help...or even allow both!) instead of 0.1bpm increments.

    I for one, due to pure OCD, never use a 137.6bpm setting. It'd always be 130bpm or 140bpm. Anything in between, I assume, would be tapped in.

    The ability to flick betwen tempos in 10bpm increments would save me a huge amount of time. And yes, I know this is solved with Performances, but that's not the point I'm making...if that's an argument, why do we have the rig tempo settings page?

    Also, a 'favourite tempos', would be nice, to cycle through only the 3 or four tempos I regularly use.

    Not a deal breaker, but it would be a nice touch, I think.


    Main Manual:

    Assignments without Remote

    If your PROFILER Remote is not connected, or if your stage is so huge that your PROFILER is miles away from the Remote, you will not be able to reach both at the same time. In this case, enter the Remote Effect Buttons page in Rig Settings, hold one of the four soft buttons, and press one or more effect module buttons to complete the assignment.

    Thank you, I really appreciate that!

    If you had an assignment and later cleared that effect module (empty), the assignment might still rest there. As there is currently no effect in that module, the LEDs are dark. But the assignment is still there and occupies the first space.

    You can check the current assignments on the last page of Rig Settings. And you can also clear assignments on that page.-

    Wow! That was it. I had absolutely no idea that was a thing. Out of curiosity, the "clear" soft button changes to "assign", how do I use that button because when I press it, nothing happens.

    Thank you, burkard, that's helped and fixed my issue! Perfect!

    In Performance mode, I can't get the left LED to light up when I assign both Delay and Reverb to any of the Remote FX footswitches. Bizarelly, for three of the Performance slots, it works fine and as expected, but for slot 5 & 6, I can only get one LED to light up. The Delay and Reverb successfully engage and bypass when I press the switch, but only one LED lights up. Weird. Any help would be greatly appreciated, no doubt it's a user error.

    Spdif or analog it doesn't matter. Both give equal result.

    I'd absolutely love to know the science behind this. My ears disagree. Could be the quality of the converters in my interface. But I definitely prefer the sound of SPDIF from the Kemper than the analog outs.

    you can use the "Git/processing" or "Git/Studio" output source with the monitor output to send a DI signal to your DAW or use the "Git/Master Mono" or "Git/Stack" output source for the SPDIF output when recording your take.

    My humble apologies. That was a complete misunderstanding on my part of the term "processing". I wrongly assumed this included the Kemper's processing of the signal...including the stack etc.

    Next time I'll RTFM! Apologies all and thanks Kemper Support #1 !!!!

    I should have known that there's very little that can't be achieved with the Kemper...I really love this thing (despite my somewhat negative sounding thread posts above!

    Kemper Support #1 for recording with the view of preserving a good signal for potential reamping, which of the two you mentioned 'Git+processing' or 'Git studio' is preferred/better?

    This conversation is a bit mental. Is it not obvious to people, presumably intelligent people who can work a fairly complex piece of kit like the Kemper, that the JCM 900 would be better suited to certain styles of music in preference to a Plexi? So therefore stands to reason that, for some, it would be their amp of choice over a Plexi. Or am I missing the joke?

    I do understand CK's reluctance to have a touch screen on a product. I too resisted this urge for years and years. The problem is that it has become the standard of the industry for any "smart" device of any kind to have a capacitive-touch touch screen (color). IMO this is the single biggest change that the product line needs.

    I really hope we don't get a touch screen. A touch screen belongs in my hands because every touch screen I've tried that isn't on my phone feels clunky and horrible. I must be in the minority who actually thinks that the Kemper UI is well thought out and very good. And as a UX designer, perhaps I should be worried!