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    So you suggest that I should take another guitar with lower output, profile the amp in a way that I don't want and change the master output of the Profiler to get to some place that I didn't want to go to in the first place? You see how this simply doesn't work?

    I see what you’re saying. However, (and admittedly without much thought) What would happen if you attenuate the signal from the guitar you want prior to setting up and dialing in your sound? Could you achieve the tone you're after with THAT guitar if it’s output was less? Would this then allow you to reduce input sensitivity by the same amount on KPA? It certainly doesn’t seem ideal, but perhaps a workaround. Maybe I’ll try doing this for my own benefit. Sorry if my queries are annoying or ignorant.

    Well that is emphatic lol. Is there a reason why the answer is no? I apparently am ignorant and would love some insight as to why not. Perhaps your ear is far more discerning than mine. I’ve had success with sounds that behave in a touch sensitive manner as you described without super hot input. I might need to tweak in the amp section to get what I’m after, (Usually compression) but I get there and the KD interacts as advertised. You certainly don’t owe me explanations, but if I can learn something from you, I happily will.

    Thanks a lot, Atlantic :)

    As a huge fan of dynamic amp rigs, I love how soft picking/strumming keeps the amp (relative) clean. But once you wanna "rock", you'd naturally strum harder. So this hard strumming is supposed to push the amp ... and the overdrive is supposed to help pushing.

    Is it not possible to lower the input signal and choose a profile which will achieve this? If the internal drives behave properly at a lower input signal, the proper profile and higher master output gets you where you want to be, no?

    Was SPDIF changed in any way with this new beta? I am now getting pops all the time and this is at 48khz using the profiler as master. I have tried it as slave too and it's the same. I know it's not my pc because it worked fine before I updated. FYI..



    fixed: sound anomalies of Full OV in DLY and REV modules

    improved: S/PDIF slave capability of classical PROFILER models built since 2019

    added: new effect types Kemper Drive and Full OC

    fixed: accidental sound anomaly of Spring Reverb

    Just so I understand better in comparing the Kone/Kab with the Line 6 PowerCab...

    This is what I would like to know, and maybe it’s already been said somewhere. Will the Kone still behave as an frfr with the Helix? If so, then gigging with either Kemper or Helix, or maybe both, and one cab would still be possible.

    Original poster, that is my predicament. Haven’t been able to check latest RM beta as of yet. Hoping it all gets ironed out. I’m sure it will. At this point, I found a deal on a Helix that was too good to pass on. Brand new half price??‍♂️ My original intention was to flip it, but.....

    Traded a MIM tele for a JTV 59 Variax. I gotta say it sure makes for a fun combo for live gigs. My Kemper isn’t going anywhere, but it might just become a permanent fixture in the studio.

    Updated to latest betas of RM and KPA and running on Mac OS 10.12.6

    The situation is such that RM sees my profiler and appears to sync with it. However, it does not allow me to interact with the profiler. That is to say that if I attempt to audition a profile from the desktop, nothing changes on the Kemper. Also, the editor is not available to me. No more crashes though.

    As others have reported, on both my iMac and MacBook running OS 10.15.1, after updating my Profiler to 7.1.7 and installing RM 3.0, RM will open and start synching, then crash and shut down. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times on both computers. Same result. I even tried installing RM 3.0 on my VERY old MacBook running 10.13.6, samre result.

    This must be some sort of Mac - USB - Kemper thing. Possibly unrelated, but whenever my Profiler is connected to my MacBook and the Macbook isn't connected to an external power supply, (i.e., running on battery only) my Profiler would freeze up and need re-booting (this with the official RM release before 3.0). This too was not unknown or unreported on this Forum. The suggestion was this was a Kemper- USB issue. Dunno.

    While unable to run RM 3 at this point is frustrating, it is somewhat comforting knowing my problem is shared by a number of others. It's not just me!

    Ditto here. Started off fairly well, but has since exhibited exactly what you have going on. Rig manager crashes, I reopen it and Profiler attempts to sync to no avail. iMac OS 10.12.6

    From this thread it seems the majority of the remaining bugs are from the Rig Manager users. I dont use RM, and the current betas have been reliable for me. I will however use RM once it becomes an editor though so glad they are taking their time with the PC comms stuff.

    I see a few people here with issues with the latest beta. But I haven’t noticed nearly as many gripes as of late. Has this latest beta felt pretty reliable for most? Just wondering why feedback seems to have lulled.

    I’ve used the TP with my Kemper. My set up was laptop through Boss volume/expression pedal to board separate from Kemper. I would use the volume portion for TP output and expression portion to morph guitar parts simultaneously. It works, but I like the idea of the loop if it’s doable. Fewer cables to deal with out front. I like being able to have separate channels for FOH though.

    I think I have the ground loop issue resolved. Hadn’t noticed the iec cable I was using had the ground pin removed. Would that explain why ground lift on the KPA was ineffective? Anyway, switched it out, added a hum x for good measure. Ground lift switch now works and the problem is taken care of. Thank you for all advice and insight!