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    I use the mid-setting with the Kemper input clean and distortion sensitivity at 0db. I have the limiter on.

    What ohmage is the Marshall - 16ohm? If so, do you use bridge mode?

    You'll get approx 200 watts if you do - 400 watts for 8 ohms.


    Really good and eminently playable !

    Just trying it at home for the moment at low level but it makes the playing easy ....
    The combination of Rotary, Phase and Chorus more than capture the Maestro 'swirl" and the muffin recreates the "fuzz"

    It's one of the tunes that the covers band I play with are going to do so I'm all set.

    Many thanks for this and props to Gary, too :)

    Hello all, new user here and just browsing through presets I thought to try and find something to give this old pedal's psychadelic sound.

    I know I could probably find the 'fuzz" sound on one of the many profiles here but the swirl of that particular pedal was quite unique.

    as was ably demonstrated by Ernie Isley (That Lady)

    Anyone have something similar ?


    While checking some info on this, I saw that That Lady was recorded before the Jet Phaser came out and it was a combination
    of a Big Muff and Maestro PS-1 phase shifter.