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    I use a Chase Bliss Brothers with my Toaster. While there are some tones in the box that can’t be recreated with the Kemper, the main reason I use it is having knobs on the floor for a quick change. I think the Kemper drives sounds just as good if not better, and I’d rather use amp gain and Morph (which I do too). But having something with instant visual feedback and the option to easily tweak is worth it since that is the exact same reason I am using delay and reverb as outboard effects (the pedalboard is already on the floor and I have the space for it).

    I did two years of all sounds from the Kemper, it was a worthwhile experiment, but I found I like this hybrid workflow better, it is flexible. If I was touring the same setlist, I would definitely put the work in and just use the Kemper and the remote

    I really like the reverbs. The tones are on par with some of the best out there (Meris, Strymon). I only use outboard stuff because I get tired of the Kemper performance architecture (not that it can’t be done, because if I have a known setlist I have time to program what I need, but it is not my ideal workflow).

    How do you do that...?

    I just run my guitar into the Kemper, I have the Kemper going into my interface’s SPDIF, then I turn off the amp stack. I might use a bit of effects or I might get them all from Native. It works well and adds some extra options. The other thing I have done is run the send as an uneffected signal into the DAW as an tract for reamping, then using Native on that tract.

    Thanks, I had found the ability to edit, but had not discovered the morph trigger. Also good to know the literature is up to date, some for some products that can lag for years.

    So I downloaded both RM3 and the new OS. It all seems stable and cool. Two things I was wondering, is there a way to assign stomps to the remote buttons, and is there a way to trigger morph in the editor?

    I think it’s important to recognize that it’s not accurate to call Kemper’s speaker imprints an IR of any sort.

    IRs by definition involve a microphone. They have to. Which is the one criticism of FRFR speakers. Good as it is, an IR with an FRFR is still a mic’d cabinet sound.

    The Kone and Kemper’s DSP aim to remove the mic from the equation to give a real amp-in-the-room sound.

    *That* is what has me excited.

    Caveat: I have not idea what I am talking about.

    Couldn’t they use an IR of a speaker with a certain mic, then subtract the mic response if you get consisent results? Particularly if they know how their new speaker will behave when mic’ed the same.

    Does that even make sense?

    I am not much of an expert, but I use several options for that sound:

    A.) a soft shaper with a bit of level boost

    B.) add a bit of gain, volume, and mids with the morph function

    C.) I have a present Tone junkies did for a Blues Breaker a few years ago where they used an eq to scoop the mid hump of the Green Scream.