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    So I recently bought a Kemper a second hand and even tested the kemper with both guitar amp and (genelic) monitors and both sounded amazing! But as soon as I get to home to test it out it sounds realy bad through yamaha hs 7 monitors. The sound is very digital and weak and I have scrolled couple of similiar threats and tried updating the kemper, fixing input and output settings, factory reset, tested different presets(some bought like josh middletons presets) and adjusted lot of high and low shifts. I havent be able to test it with real guitar cab since I dont own sperate powerhead, but problem is the same with headphones.
    So I'm thinking if hs 7 aren't suitable for kemper but some threads disagree so I'm wondering if there is settings that might do something like this
    My Ibanez rgaix7fm goes straight to kemper and from main output to my hs 7. I've also tried to make it go through my ur22mk interface but it doesnt make any difference.