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    Ich suche einen Fußschalter, mit dem ich einen Mediaplayer (ich nutze momentan den Elmedia auf einem iMAC) vergleichbar mit einer Transcriptionsteuerung für

    Schreibkräfte steuern kann. Also Start/Stop Vorwärts/Rückwärts. Ich möchte keine DAW damit steuern, also keine "High-end-MIDIsteuerung" :)

    Gibt es sowas? Hat einer von Euch sowas?

    Reagiert ein Audioplayer auf die erhältlichen Pedale (z.B.

    Leider finden sich Hinweise auf die Funktionen immer bezogen auf "Schreibprogramme".

    Danke für die Info

    Nette Grüße



    If I understand you correctly, it's about the even volume of the rigs.

    I use the tool "DigiCheck" from RME for this purpose. You can download it here

    Downloads - RME Audio Interfaces | Format Converters | Preamps | Network Audio & MADI Solutions (

    Then you can run each rig one after the other over your computer with the DigiCheck open. Strike the strings as evenly as possible on each rig.

    Alternatively, you can use a measuring device, e.g. the "SPL Meter" app for the iPhone by using the speakers.

    Then set the volume to the same value using the Rig Volume knob.

    Don't forget to save!

    I hope, that is, what you mean.




    Some weeks ago I tried a Bluetooth transmitter from Am...n.

    I send it back same day!

    The latency is not usable.

    I think, the only way for "freedom of movement" is an inear system.

    I don't know an BT-system with nearly 0 latency.

    For home I use a longer cable



    I think:

    If really should be come a "v2", then there are just as many criticisms as on the current "v1"...

    Believe me:

    In this universe there is no 100% ;)

    I am happy with my power rack :)


    At first I had the same problems, but then I made the experience that the headphones (my choice at the moment, near-field monitors are on the way) makes a big difference. I had a Beyer, (something with 770, don't remember). Now I have an Ultrasone 900. Ok, a lot of money, but these are worlds!

    On the other hand, personal feelings also play a role. You have bought rigs. Ok, but that doesn't mean you have to like them. May be you don't like a whiskey that costs € 150 a bottle, if you know what I'm talking about. You still have the option to pimp the rigs. Often it's just small things. In the amp menu, for example, definition, tube shape or direct mix, to name just a few. And always one step at a time. For example, I am very "economical" with the EQ. My opinion, the EQ changes too much.

    You play an LP, with standard pickups I assume. After I think you play metal, try other PU's. Even the Kemper cannot conjure up a high-end device out of "simple" guitars (please please do not get this wrong, it should not sound derogatory!). Try EMG's or similar. I also built EMG's into my LP. Exactly for this reason. And now it sounds great... for me... And that's most important ;)  (as a tip: If you buy EMG's take the Zakk Wylde Edition. The potis are longer, specially for LP's)

    Don't give up and keep trying. The Kemper just sounds great ... :thumbup:

    And for "adjusting" the sound, don't hear it too loud!



    Today I brought the RM up to date. Just the RM. Then worked normally. Now I wanted to play again and ... the remote no longer starts.

    To build: I connected the remote with a Cat8 cable, I think 3m. So far everything has gone flawlessly.

    Suddenly that. How and if that ever with that Update related I don't know.

    Now I'm getting angry! It can't be that the thing is exclusive runs with the original cable!

    I don't want to have a 10m roll lying around in my room! Business is one thing, customer friendliness is another.

    If so, then offer please use a 3m cable as an alternative. Would be great!

    Hi there!

    I'm looking for a remote control for a media player (audio) for my iMAC. I am thinking of a foot pedal with which I can start, stop etc.

    That would be very helpful when practicing. Does anyone have a tip for me, what can be used there and with which program it works?

    I am currently using the "MAC media player". Something very simple. That's enough for me.

    Many thanks


    Maybe it's just in my head as I am one that would never stack two overdrive pedals with a tube/ss amp, (If I had to do that I wouldn't own that amp). The profiles with baked in overdrive sound good on their own, like a amp with an overdrive, but when I add drive to them they seem too pushed to me. Previously with my tube amps I never understood why someone that cares so much about having a tube sound would want to start the whole signal chain with solid state clipping. If my amps didn't have enough drive to do anything I wanted squeals, harmonics etc. I would have never bought it. My vote is to have a pedal-less profile and then add a pre drive from the Kemper. It seems to add that sensitivity to your picking instead of just creating the "with pedal" sound.

    Exactly my opinion. I've always been into guitar - cable - amplifier, nothing else.

    Everything else was and is an exception. But of course everyone likes it differently.

    Kann es sein dass es eine inkompatibilät mit USB HUBS gibt?

    Ist vorstellbar.

    Hatte auch schon Probleme mit anderen Geräten.

    Wenn es direkt geht warum machst Du das dann nicht?

    Wenn es wegen "Platzproblemen" ist steck halt was anderes um.

    Ich benutze einen Hub von TRUST. Sieht aus wie eine Packung

    Ist so ein dreieckiges Ding, aktiv, 8 Ports.

    Funktioniert fehlerfrei.

    Ich arbeite allerdings mit einem MAC.