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    I'd love to know if any other DI's come close to your profiling technique. Been looking at a few Behringers

    What guitars do you use to refine? A strat?

    The 'DI' I use has speaker simulated output. I don't know if the Behringers DI has speaker simulated outputs.

    I use a Fender Strat indeed to refine the profiles.
    It's the guitar I use the most with my Kemper and when it sounds good with the strat it sounds good with my Gibson Les Paul Deluxe

    Thank you for your kind words!!
    I also think most profiles are too bright.
    I created to the profiles I can use them my self and they sound almost identical to my Deluxe Reverb.
    Check my profiles of a 64 Bassman and a '68 Marshall Superbass and '71 Superlead.
    I did by a new amp lately, a Morgan AC20 Deluxe, so when I have time I will created some profiles for this amp

    I'll give it a try.

    The signal chain I use is like this:

    The guitar is plugged into the Kemper guitar input.
    And the output of the Kemper is connected to my audio interface/speakers

    The input of the amplifier is connected to the Direct output / send on the back panel of the Kemper.
    The speaker output of the amplifier mus be connected to the speaker input of the Boss Waza Tube Amp expander

    I use one of the L/R outputs of the Boss WTAE and connect this to the Return input on the Kemper back panel.

    You can use the Mono output too, but the level cannot be adjusted by the Line out knob on the front panel.

    For profiling just read the Kemper manual.
    Switch kemper to Profiling mode.
    On the display you see the option to listen to kemper or real amp.
    Here you can set the level of the return input so it matches the kemper.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask


    Spending some time lately in profiling all my amps.
    This time I took my '71 Marshall Superlead.

    I profiled the amp with different gain settings. Also profiled the amp in combination of some pedals (Mad professor Underdrive, Klon KTR, Fulltone OCD and J Rockett Rockaway Archer).

    Hope you have fun with these profiles.

    It's time to edit all my band-presets to use my own profiles instead of the commercial ones I bought.
    Which are actually very good.

    Love your profiles, my friend. What's your miking setup?

    Actually, I don't use mics.
    I've created the profiles with a Boss Waze Tube Expander.
    I use the Brown 1 mix IR from Ownhammer (r)Evolution 112-DVRB CTS-C12 package.
    When profiling I only used the WTAE as load and IR processing. No eq or other effects are used.

    The Boss WTAE gives me very good direct sounds for studio use and for gigs.

    Phenomenal again! Couldn't thank you enough!

    Your profiles are also the evidence, that it is possible to make profiles that work excellent with different guitars, pickups... No need for "strat profile for neck pu".

    The profiles with stacked overdrives sound really good too. You have to be a master of gain staging, getting such good results with the Kemper and stacked overdrives.


    I'm glad the profiles work wel with other pickups too. I use mij old Strat most of the time when playing and profiling. I do check some profiles with other guitars/pickups. But the amps sound great with different guitars, and the Kemper profiler does a very good job.
    When comparing the amp/profile you can still hear difference, but only in details.
    The feel of the amp is captured too.
    But comparing the amp vs profiles I think that the amps sounds little bit more clear and warm, but the amount of high/mid and/or low frequencies are the same.

    I stack overdrives for years now. I must say I completely rely on the King of Tone when stacking.
    The KoT sounds very good on it's own. It sounds very amp like and works well with all my amps and when I have to use rental amps.
    That's the magic of the KoT for me.
    I use both channel of the KoT in boost mode which I guess disables the clipping diodes. I has the least amount of gain of the 3 modes and also the least amount of compression.
    The other drives boost the KoT with little amount of gain to keep the dynamics and keep the sound not too compressed.

    All the profiles of the clean settings with the pedals, are profiles of the settings on the amp and pedals I have used for years.

    Man these are exceptionell good Profiles, thank you,

    what would be great if you could do some more Profiles of the Deluxe Reverb from the Normal Channel

    clean and crunch, would be great, Thank you again

    I will do these channels too.
    The normal channel sounds great with a body jazz guitar too
    Have to make a jazz recording soon :-)


    I profiled my old Fender Deluxe Reverb.

    Most profiles are using a clean setting and use one or 2 pedals.
    I used the amp with these pedals on lots of gigs. Actually still use these pedals with the Deluxe Reverb, Bassman, or Plexi on gigs where I don't use my Kemper.
    Profiles of the Bassman and Plexiglas can also be found on this forum.

    The pedals I use are:
    Analog Man King of Tone (both channels are setup as boost and are profiled)
    Fulltone OCD (1st version)
    Free The Tone Matt Schofield SOV Special
    Vemuram Jan Ray

    Analog Man SD9

    I also like to stack these pedals so you'll profiles with 2 pedals. When stacking pedals I always use the King of Tone of main drive which get boosted by another pedal.

    I also created profiles of hotter settings on the amp.
    All profiles are created on the Vibrato channel of the amp.
    I rarely use the Normal channel, although it sounds great.

    Have fun, and please let me know your opinion.

    Fender 64 Deluxe

    I have a copy from your original set. I could post it here if you would like.

    Thanks, but that's not gonna solve the problem.
    The profile of the Maxed Bassman without OCD got overwritten bij the profile with OCD before posting it on Rig Exchange,
    So in the original set both BM Max and BM max + OCD are the same profiles, but with different names

    msuijs The "Fender 64 BM Max" is identical with the "Fender 64 BM Max + OCD" and both are tagged with OCD in the comment field. So the profile without OCD is missing?

    I think I did something wrong and have overwritten the BM Max profile without OCD.

    I added all comments, settings in Rig Manager, changed names of profiles and must have made a mistake.
    So there's no BM Max profile anymore.
    I've remove the BM Max from Rig Exchange. The BM Max + OCD is still available

    It's indeed the 112 DVRB CTS Ir's.

    The Deluxe Reverb will profiled next

    I'm guessing "MG" is "Medium Gain", and "HG" is "High Gain".

    Klon is likely a Klon boost pedal in front of the amp.


    That's true.
    LG is Low gain

    MG is Medium gain
    HG is High gain

    The rigs with Klon use the Klon KTR as booster
    The rigs with SD9 use the Maxon SD9 as boost/distortion

    The rigs with Fuzz use the Guitar System Fuzz Tool

    All rigs are profiled using the Universal Audio API Vision channel strip/preamp as plugin

    Here are the new rigs.

    I have 12 rigs:

    Marshall 68 SB 1A: Clean

    Marshall 68 SB 1B: Clean with little bass cut

    Marshall 68 SB 2A: Pushed clean (using Mad Professor Underdrive)

    Marshall 68 SB 2B: Pushed clean (using Mad Professor Underdrive) with little bass cut

    Marshall 68 SB 3A: Dirty

    Marshall 68 SB 3B: Dirty with little bass cut

    Marshall 68 SB 4A: Pushed dirty (using Klon KTR)

    Marshall 68 SB 4B: Pushed dirty (using Klon KTR) with little bass cut

    Marshall 68 SB 5A: Distorted (using J Rockett Rockaway Archer)

    Marshall 68 SB 5B: Distorted (using J Rockett Rockaway Archer)

    Marshall 68 SB 5C: Distorted (using J Rockett Rockaway Archer)

    Marshall 68 SB 5D: Distorted (using J Rockett Rockaway Archer) with little bass cut

    I've uploaded these rigs to Rig Exchange too

    Marshall 68

    The micing of the new ones is even better! Or what else is different?

    Really great profiles. Thank you

    Several things did change.
    Settings on the amp are different. Increased the presence a lot which makes it gainer. Also increased the mids.
    Did use the J Rockett Rockway Archer for heavy sound.

    I'm not able to mic the amp in my home studio.
    Is use the Boss Waza Tube Expander with Ownhammer 4x12 Greenbacks IR's
    These new rigs are created with the Marshall 4x12 pre-rol greenback IR of the new evolution series. I like it better than the previous rigs I created.

    Compared to my previous rigs and other rigs I used, I did find the bass a little bit too low.
    Created new rigs with a little bit more bass.

    I can upload those rigs if you like.

    I'm quite new to profiling, so any comment or advice will be helpfull