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    I'm in doubt, whether I should buy the powered kabinet or the non-powered version.

    I own one of each profiler heads at the moment. (powered as well as the non-powered version)

    Can't really decide if I intend to keep both. (I use the powered for band rehearsal, and keep the non-powered at home, hooked up to a pair of studio monitors)

    Love the sound I'm getting during rehearsals with the powered profiler, hooked up to a 2x12 Orange cabinet.

    Is it possible to connect the powered profiler to a powered kabinet? (By maybe disabling the power amp section of the profiler or something?)

    In that way, I could use it for both profilers... ;)

    Been using my powered Kemper with a 2x12 Orange cab during band rehearsals, and quiet like that "amp in the room" sound. (Cabs turned off of course)

    So I'm looking for something similar for home/potentially gig-use.

    Any tips on what I should be getting? (Still haven't connected and play through the PA...)

    Is the Kemper kabinet any good? Or should I look for something bigger? (Or maybe even a flat response monitor) :/

    We (the band) might be having plans to move to in-ear monitoring. (But that isn't written out yet)

    I want to add my Kemper remote controller to my pedalboard. (Pedaltrain Novo 32)

    But I'm kinda hesitated, on sticking velcro underneath it, to add it to the board.

    It'll probably decrease the value (even) more... (If I ever decide to sell it)

    Same thing with my Line 6 HX Effects.

    I know there's the ''Aclam Smart Track'' pedalboards, but unfortunately you can't run cables underneath it...

    So, how do you guys connect your remote controllers to your (pedal)board? (If you do that at all) ;)

    Found out the problem:

    Forgot to connect the amp with the cabinet... :rolleyes:^^

    I'm trying to get some sounds out of my Blackstar HT-5, using it as a speaker cab for my powered Kemper, but unfortunately to no success...

    I'm running a speaker cable from the monitor out, of the Kemper into the FX Return of the Blackstar. (Also have jacks plugged into both the Send of the loop, as well as the guitar input)

    Might be a stupid question, but does the amp need to be turned on? (Didn't help either by the way)

    I'm guessing it's probably related to my output settings of the Kemper, which are:

    I got a powered toaster today. (Secondhand) That came with a bunch of 'extra' profiles. (There's a 1000 on there to be exact) ?

    I first want to check out all the stuff that's on there, to see if there's anything I like. (Already favorite some profiles)

    But I want to get to the point to make 2 duplicate Kemper profilers (toasters) so I can leave the unpowered at home, and use the powered one for band stuff.

    What would be the easiest way to do this using Rig manager? :/

    Bought a powered toaster. ? (Came loaded with some extra good sounding profiles) ?

    Was planning on selling my unpowered one, but I might just keep it for home use. And use the powered one for band stuff. ? (Loading them both up with the same profiles/performances etc.)

    Thinking about just getting either a:

    - Powered toaster (secondhand, more expensive, but with an build in power-amp)

    - Or just a single power-amp, so I can connect my unpowered toaster with an guitar cabinet. (cheaper option)

    In case there's no PA available at a gig. (But I probably have to purchase a (4x12) cabinet for those cases?) Since not every venue/bar have a backline.

    And buy a (cheap) monitor later on for (stage) reference etc.

    *Sorry for all the questions guys, it's just that I'm a leak, when it comes to using the Kemper outside my cozy bedroom... :/

    I don't sing. (Might be doing some backup vocals in the future)

    Not sure if we have/own a PA system. (Maybe the singer has one, but I'd have to check)

    We only had one rehearsal so far, but I'd just like to be prepared, (especially for rehearsals momentarily) so I know I can get the Kemper to work when I'll bring it along. (Really dislike, having to play through a solid state amp, with all my pedals in front of the amp instead of going through an effects loop...)

    If there will be any gigs, they'll be in bars/small venues for the time being.

    Thank you all for helping me out with all of this!

    Since I don't have any gigging experiences what so ever, I'll get 'straight' to the point:

    "What would be wise to invest in, using my unpowered Kemper toaster to play gigs/during rehearsals?"

    Do (all) venues usually have PA monitors available to get the Kemper (along with the rest of the band) to sound through? Probably not going with in-ear monitoring just yet. (Do have a bit of experience with them)

    So would I need an extra (active) monitor to properly hear myself on stage?

    Is it really just that simple to plug the Kemper in the PA/FOH, and be done with it? (Bringing a monitor as backup or something like that?)

    Got a situation over here:

    Recently (joined) a new band. And I'd like to start using the Kemper (unpowered toaster) for rehearsals. (And eventually for gigs as well)

    Problem is that I'm in doubt, should I either,

    - Connect it to a PA/mixer (That's already available in the rehearsal space) Our singer is also using the mixer, along with the (2) active HK speakers/monitors that are in that room. So I'm not even sure If I can connect the Kemper to it as well...?

    Mixer/PA is this one: (Mackie ProFx16)

    - Or would it be better if I just buy something like the Kemper Kone/Kabinet, to get that 'amp in the room' sound, easy of use etc?