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    I use the kemper power rack. When I turned my rig on at practice today, it had a horrible whistling noise coming from the real cab (not from the main outs). After a lot of troubleshooting, I have found that the root cause seems to be a software glitch (or scarier, an electrical issue). It seems that the cab block is affecting the monitor out signal regardless of whether "monitor cab" is enabled, AND even affects this sound when the monitor cab is off while the cab itself is also off. It's not exactly like the cab parameters are being applied to the monitor output - instead, it's a weird set of clicks when turning the pots, a strange whistling (sometimes) and the low cut interacting with it. I'll let the video do the talking - I performed a full factory reset and reverted to the release version of the firmware right before this video. The first part is just me demonstrating the settings, so give it a minute.

    I recorded this sound by taking the monitor out line into my interface (the same sound that normally goes to my cab) while reamping a fresh sample DI. I'm using the factory rig "LL Nineties Finest" to show that this is not a rig issue. The monitor out has the cab disabled, so I also put a cab sim over the top in my DAW for this video so it doesn't trash your ears! :) Even so, the issues are very clear. I'll likely be contacting support, but wondering if anyone has had this happen before?

    To clarify: there is no camera noise in this video. Only output from the monitor out - so that clicking when I turn the knob is what you hear from monitor out!

    Please believe me - I really do understand what you're talking about.
    And honestly, as absolutely cheesy as it sounds, the KPA has been a really good thing for my mental health. Not kidding! It has been a very good experience for me. I can think, and think, and think, and think a situation over and over and over in my head. And still not know. Somehow, this forum/the KPA itself has been kind of a stronghold. Because we all hear "the same thing" (much more than we would if we were all sold the same tube amp), but sometimes we don't like what we hear. And this forums is a great place to bounce those things off of. I love this forum, and I love the people on helpful, so engaging, it's a real pleasure to be a part of.

    It's been a huge relief coming from Fractal. I love Axe FX as well, but it's really nice to be able to load up profiles that I KNOW sound real right off the bat - a reference point that's hard to find otherwise. Neither sounds definitively better than the other, but the Axe went straight into my studio only rack as soon as I got to playing with the kemper :P . I still overtweak every possible thing, but the kemper keeps me centered. It's just so friggin easy to get awesome sounds out of!

    For the record - I reamped the same di on a modified bulb rythm patch on the axe II, and it had the same undertones - so I think it's safe to say they belong there. I think my more recent kemper rigs have just brought it out more as I focus on clarity and midrange with less gain to cover it up.

    Whoa! To be fair, stereo adds a LOT to the sound, and it seems my pickups (or playing style) puts out a lot of low end that muddy my sample up a bit in comparison. BUT listening carefully to your track I can pick out similar sounding DI undertones, so I may be just driving myself a little crazy. I've never noticed them before today, but they are there in every rig I try. Thanks for posting that!

    Hey everyone! I need a sanity check - I noticed today that my profiler seems to be mixing in a portion of the clean DI signal regardless of what patch I use. However, it's totally a possibility that I'm just overanalyzing the sound, and that it sounds exactly as it should. I am attaching 3 short samples. One is the dry DI recorded via SPDIF, and the other two are the profiles. One of them is a custom profile that I use, and the other is the untouched LL Nineties Finest rig that comes with the Kemper. In both cases, I can hear what sounds like the DI whenever longish chords are played.

    All samples recorded / reamped via SPDIF, but I have also tested going direct in with no SPDIF connected and get the same results. I've checked and rechecked my interface settings to make sure there's not an extra input or loop causing it, and I've tried changing any parameter I can on the kemper itself (the DI mix level is definitely 0 for both). I'd really appreciate a second set of ears, or if your willing, use the DI track with your factory LL 90's patch and see if there's any difference. Please excuse the random and terrible playing :) - I just wanted to paint the whole picture! Played on a C7 w/BN Juggernaut pickups in A standard.

    WARNING: They are loud @ -1dB peak and -9dB LUFS so you may wanna turn down your speakers first :)

    Custom Recto patch:

    LL Nineties Finest (factory default)

    Download DI:…Il4BjhJ-dxMqzPvrsgMFS8-7x