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    Has anybody built a 4x12 cabinet with kones? I wanted to go 4x12 at first but just ordered 2. I have 2 celestion G12T but I doubt they would sound good in the same cab.

    I was just playing my Kemper with the bass (Fender P-Bass) for a few hours and it started crackling really bad. When I stopped playing the crackling stopped. Initially I thought it was my cable or electronics. But after messing with it a bit I couldn't recreate it by jiggling and what-not. So I started playing again and after about 5 minutes I got the same thing. I noticed that my "Output" LED was in the red range when this was happening.

    I am playing my powered Kemper head through an old Gemini PA cab (probably 70s or 80s model) with two 15" , a horn and tweeters. The Gemini is rated 8 ohms 300 watts RMS and 600 watts Program power . Have I been pushing it too hard?

    I've never experienced this while playing my guitar, and never with my bass until tonight, although I never play my bass for more than two hours maybe tops.

    You should just go to the kemper page and download the rig manager again. It will install whatever is missing and you should be able to place a shortcut on your desktop again.