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    reamping with SPDIF is super easy and works flawlessly with the Kemper and my old Focurite Saffire interface into Logic. If it isn’t working it is almost certainly a setting in the DAW or interface rather than a problem with the Kemper.

    True... and thats why it is a bit frustrating... now when im thinking about it in more detail, i did try reamping back in the day when i first bought the KPA and back then i was using Cubase before i switched to Logic... guess it needs more of a hit and trial on the DAW to get it working somehow.... thanks for getting me to think on these lines....

    anyone with any feedback.... this may just be the only reason i'd end up letting my profiler go... which i really dont want but struggling with the DI signal setup which is wasting tons of time:( Please help

    Ive got 2nd Gen so not yet moved to the SPDIF Optical... still, when i switch the input to SPDIF Input Reamp, my guitar still plays (as if the input still set to the front input), and the Reamp doesnt really send anything to the DI track that i had just recorded:(

    Welcome, Shez!

    Thank you so much for your kind comments about the forum's members' helpfulness for your situation. All that, and we didn't even have to answer a bunch of questions posted by you! 8o:D;)

    you guys had left no topic unanswered for me to create a post.... your fault to not let m post asking a question :P:P

    welcome here

    how did the KRK versus the HS7 ? can you hear any difference ?

    krk wasnt terrible or anything, but i just feel playing with high gain profiles sounded a bit muddy to me.... with hs7 so far, it sounds more defined. Ive just compared these with A7x last night and i personally feel HS7s are great for the money.

    Hiya good folks...

    Its Shez from Dubai. Just became an owner of a toaster powerhead 4-5 months ago. Discovering literally new things, tones, tricks, almost every single day with all your help. You guys in here have been a great help. To your credit, i've sold almost all of my pedals (20+ a big releif), a couple of amps (a mark v 35 and a JC120), a couple of other modelers (an fx8 and an HD500). Jumped onto Yamaha HS7 from KRK Rokit 5 (pretty recently so still exploring that). Mainly been playing it with my Mesa 2x12 for now but been reading all your posts and inclined to go FRFR (probably will be some kinda leap for me i guess). Havnt bought the remote yet as i thought id rather experiment with my FCB1010 and so far it seem to be pretty ok. Planning to try it live soon (been using my trusted IPB10 for that these days..).

    All in all... so far so good with the green frankenstein and looking forward for more to explore on it....

    Thanks again to all you great folks in here....