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    Hey man,

    Just picked up a GGS Charvel and noticed that a lot of the available profiles are extra dark/warm on it. What are some of the profiles you've really liked with it?


    If you do praise and worship, I have two tips for you:

    1) Download Brian Carl's sound presets. He hooks you up with all the essential delay presets and reverbs (almost as satisfying as a big sky).

    2) I use nothing but MBritt profiles and Tone Junkie. I have Pack 1, 2, and 3 from MBritt and the everything pack from tonejunkie. Got it at $100 from a sale.

    Brian Carl is one of the band "Passion" guitarists. He has some pretty decent profiles, but his sound sets are the best. I do find that turning down the mix/duration slightly is nice, but he has some pretty decent tone building skills and all of his tones (clean, rhythm, swells, lead) are loaded unto performances which you can save to the stomp/effect sections or just copy from one profile to another. Changes the way you do worship through a Kemper in my opinion, super simple and streamlined.

    All of the above! Each of the options you mentioned affect the quality of your pinch harmonics. Even different profiles of the same amp will react differently. I find that, to get the most powerful pinches, using a profile with high attack, maybe a little power sag, and a nice blend of reverb will make it resonate a bit more than say... a max gain Mesa rectum-frier with no mods. Tube Screamer pedal effect also helps out a bit when I try to blend the drive with the amp's profiled drive.

    So... Honestly, if you're playing ~75% super high gain stuff, I'd say stick with the AX if it just works for you. You need to like your sound in order to perform your best. If you're not getting that vibe from Kemper, then its probably not the best option for you. However, you do have an option on just selling the AX8 and buying a solid Overdrive/BB/Distortion pedal and not missing out on anything. That wouldn't necessarily ring true for the AX8 since you can't just go and buy a clean pedal. I would also note that you should be able to find at least one profile that moves you in a pool of 13k free and countless professionally made/commercial profiles that are available. I'd start with looking at Diezel's, Orange, or Trainwreck profiles galore.